Title: Kiss Me

Author: LuxKen27

Universe: Canon/canon continuation

Genre: Romance

Summary: Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss…and sometimes it means so much more. Seven pivotal moments that defined Stacy's life and shaped her perceptions of love. A Valentine's Day ficlet serial.

Author's Note: Based on prompts chosen from challenge set one at the LJ community 7snogs. Each ficlet can stand alone as well as be read into the context of a larger story.

DISCLAIMER: The Kids Incorporated concept, storyline, and characters are © 1984 – 1993 Thomas Lynch/Gary Biller/MGM Television/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment/Disney Channel. Any resemblance to any person currently living or deceased is unintended (aka, I am writing about the characters, not the actors who portray them). No money is being made from the creation of this material. No copyright infringement is intended.

Prompt #1: Absurd

Word Count: 500

Universe: Season 3, Episode 3, 'Crush on You'


All it took was one look at Renee, and Stacy determined that she was never going to fall for all that ooey-gooey mushy love stuff.

For weeks, her older sister's entire universe had orbited around her crush, a classmate of hers named Jules. Renee had turned into a total space cadet, walking around with a dreamy smile and a faraway look in her eyes. After every afternoon set with the band, she was inseparable from her precious private journal, sighing and swooning and doodling away, hearts and flowers and – most disgustingly of all – her first name intertwined with his last. At home, all Stacy could ever get out of her was a wistful "yeah, okay," no matter what the question had been.

Their mother had called it "adolescence" with a wry smile and a knowing look; Ryan had called it an illness – and he should know, having suffered through it more times than any of the rest of their friends thus far. Whatever it was, Stacy was bound and determined she'd never go through it, losing herself so much in such icky feelings for a boy that she'd make a total fool out of herself whenever he was around.

Besides, what was so hard about being around boys? Mickey and Ryan and the Kid were boys, and they weren't hard to talk to…

Still, Stacy had to admit, it was interesting and a little intriguing to watch her sister go through all this (even if she herself never would). Renee had finally worked up the nerve to talk to Jules one afternoon at the P*lace, but only after some serious confidence bolstering from Gloria. She approached him hesitantly, clasping her hands nervously behind her back, and looking visibly relieved when he invited her to sit down. Gloria, Ryan, and Riley had celebrated this innocuous invite with a level of excitement that only served to mystify Stacy and the Kid. They exchanged glances and shrugged, unsure of what the big deal was.

Renee relaxed as she was drawn into conversation with Jules, and Stacy felt some of the tension ease from her own body. It was hard having someone as tightly-wound as Renee had become around all the time, sensitive to even the tiniest bit of teasing; besides, she wanted nothing more than for her sister to be happy – and if having a boyfriend would make her happy, then Stacy was all for it, even if she didn't quite understand the appeal.

As their conversation dwindled down, Renee stood up – only to have Jules follow, grabbing her hand impulsively and pressing a kiss to her cheek. Renee flushed, surprised and pleased, her eyes flying up to her friends all the way across the room.

"Way to go, Renee," Ryan chuckled, slapping a high-five with Riley.

"They are so cute together," Gloria remarked with a happy sigh.

"Oh, gross," the Kid muttered, his features twisting with exaggerated disgust.

Stacy's expression mirrored her best friend's. "I'm with you," she agreed with a shudder.