The name Cannonball Run is owned by Brock Yates. Since he started the race, he owns the name. I also don't own any characters in this story, excluding my own.

Chapter 1: The Rest of the Teams

In Tokyo, Japan... Go-cart racer Sousuke Esmuni aka Go-On Red of the Go-ongers Sentai team, sat at a cafe with his partner's Engine Soul inside his transformation device.

"(You're sure they're going to show up?)" Speedor said to Sousuke.

"(They have to show up.)" Sousuke said, as he took a sip of coffee.

"(So you're the one who sent us invitations to the Cannonball Run?)" said ninteenth head of the Shiba Clan, Takeru Shiba, he calls for a waiter to take his order.

"(See Speedor... Now we need the third person to arrive)" he told the anime hologram of a condor race car hybrid. The final person is Alata aka Gosei Red, the most recent Red Sentai Ranger to complete his fight with not one but four enemies. The Gosei Angel literally lands on his feet near the two. "(Right on cue and what an entrance!)"

"(Sorry I'm late!)" Alata said. "(Master Head wanted a report on the remnants of Warstar.)"

"(All is forgiven.)" Sousuke said. "(Now you all received your invitations I see, and know the risks involving the Cannonball. So this is your last chance to back out.)"

"(Not a chance.)" Takeru said. "(Samurai know what they have to do and the risks involved.)"

"(Gosei Angels take big risks protecting the planet.)" Alata said.

"(Alright let me show you the vehicle, we'll be driving the race.)" Sousuke removed Speedor's Engine Cell and put it into another device, which summoned a red 2008 Jaguar S-Type pulled up, it was controled by the device that Speedor's Engine Soul was inserted into. Making Speedor the driver...

"(A fellow Go-Onger of mine bought it for me to race in the Cannonball. It has a V8 engine with six speed semi-automatic transmission. Impressive if I do say so myself, and he called the vehicle the Socialite.)"

"(It is impressive...)" Takeru finishes his green tea as Sousuke pays the bill and they climb into the Socialite and drive to the nearst harbor, so they can catch the boat to Hawaii.


The Socialite almost runs into a 2009 Honda S2000, that was painted like the Japanese flag. Inside is drift racers Taiki Saruwatari and Megumi "Jade" Takayama. Taiki, driving, brakes hard to avoid the Socialite.

"(Lousy rich bastard!)" Taiki shouted as he avoided the Socialite. "(Thinks he owns the road!)"

"(He could be entering the Cannonball.)" Jade said. "(Because he's going in the same direction as we are going, and beside we will get our revenge in this Shogun in the race.)"

"(I hope you're right Jade.)" Taiki replied. "(I wonder how the other national Cannonballers are doing?)"


Ohio State Penitentiary, Youngstown, Ohio

Tim Clarks, a former Cannonballer from the national Cannonball Run a few years ago, was back in prison again. Once again Richard Nelson was able to replace his license plates with Tim's and once again Richard did some cyber crime that falsly accused Tim of the said crime. Once again Tim couldn't convince a jury of his peers that he was not the infamous Mr. X, and thus was sent to prison for ten years with no chance of parole.

"Mr. X... You have a visitor." a guard said at his cell door.

"I keep telling you..."

"You've told us dozen of times that you're not Mr. X, but all drivers license, and other Ids show that you are Richard Nelson. And a jury of your peers have proven you are Richard Nelson. So get the hell out of that cell Mr. X! Or else I'm going to come in there and taser your ass again!"

Tim hated the guards at the prison. They tasered him for little to no reason. Sometimes they just liked to taser inmates just to see how long they can convulse without dying. Tim was even put through some of these bets himself. He got up and was escorted to a private visiting room. Inside the man known as Mr. X stood up and told the guard to give them some privacy.

"Who are you?" Tim asked sitting down in a metal chair.

"Ironically I'm named Mr. X, and on behalf of J.J. McClure and Victor Prinsi... I'm here to offer you a proposal."

"Mr. X? Not related to the bastard that put me back in here?"

"No relation whatsoever." X said. "If he was my son, I would've whipped his ass til he was half dead from blood loss and forced him to turn himself in to the authorities, which he would take your place in this hellhole. So about my proposal..."

"What is J.J. And Victor planning?"

"You heard of the international Cannonball Run, have you not?"


"Well your friends in the Cannonball Run International Committee has asked the President of the United States for you full pardon, that is if you help us bring down Mr. Nelson and Mr. Cruger."

"Both were once sent to prison. I made sure of that."

"Sadly the jury didn't see it that way. That's why you're back in here and they're both out there. Plus we have reason to believe their boss, Jimmy "Dr. Feelgood" DeMarco, helped them both escape justice. We can't have them on the roads during the Cannonball Run. They're a threat to the innocence of this country and a potential threat to the Cannonballers. Which should include you as well."

:Where do I sign?" Tim asked and Mr. X produces a already signed Cannonballer Pardon complete with the President's signature, all that was needed is Tim's signature.

"Sign right here my good man and I'll take you to get your stuff."

Mr. X had escorted Tim back to his cell to pack his tuff into a cardboard box. On the way to the prison's storage, where all of the inmates stuff is kept until their release, two guards stood in front of the cell block door to the storage area.

"You're not taking this prisoner out of here sir!" said the guard from before. They were both armed with "tasers" that were actually cattle prods. Mr. X produced the pardon and showed it to them.

"According to the President of the United States. I am taking him with me."

"(car horn)! It's a Cannonballer Pardon." the guard said.

"So what? We'll let them go this time, but I know Mr. Nelson will be brought back to finish his sentence."

"I told you I'm not... OOOOWWWWWW!" Tim was shocked by the prod and Mr. X punched the guard in the face.

"You ever do that to another inmate in this prison again with those cattle prods, and I'll make sure you find work as security guards!" he said. "Do I make myself crystal clear?"

"Yes sir!" the guard that shocked Tim said. The two allowed Mr. X to help Tim up and enter the storage area. Where Tim was given the clothes in came in with a couple of years ago. A nice tailored suit that he was given to make him look less like a criminal by his defense team. Of course his defense team had his full trust and they couldn't even get the truth out to the people. Even Tim's appeals were denied all the way up to the Ohio Federal Court of Appeals. To which Tim is still paying them for their losses to this day. Guess that is why lawyers are called blood sucking vampires. Because they can't win a case even if their lives depended on it, and you have to pay them till you're in debt for life.

"I also forgot to tell you, you're not going at this alone." Mr. X said as Tim signed for his stuff and walked to the chnaging area.

"Who am I racing with?" Tim asked.

"You'll see when you get out of here."

Tim and Mr. X both walked out the front doors of the prison. Tim taking in the fresh air that he didn't think he would breathe in so soon.

"Ah the sweet air of freedom." Tim declared. "I never thought I would be breathing it in so soon."

"Well if we fail to bring Cruger and Nelson to justice you won't be breathing it in again for a long while!" Ricky Walters, a former Cannonballer alongside Tim, said. Waiting inside a '71 Ford Mustang painted purple and white is Cannonballers Billy Bonney aka Billy the Kid, and Fenderbaum's eldest nephew Anthony Fenderbaum. Ricky sat on the hood and waited till Tim put his stuff inside the truck. "We're going to take you back to your parents house in Barberton, so you can pack some better clothes for the Cannonball Run. No way we're letting you wear as something as fancy as that!"

Tim climbed into the back of the Hammerhead. As Ricky climbed back into the driver's seat and drove out of the prison parking lot.


Jake Blake and his sister Jessica walked out of their house in Austin, Texas. The two good friends of Anthony Fenderbaum and Cannonballers met with fellow Cannonballer Megan Swan, a good friend of Tim Clarks. Megan was waiting inside a Lotus Elise painted green.

"What is the name of this car Megan?" Jessica said climbing into the front passenger's seat, as her brother put their luggage into the trunk and climbed into the back.

"I call it the Vortex... Now let's get going. We should get something to eat before we have to meet the boat bound for Hawaii."

The Vortex then pulled out the driveway and to the nearest harbor town on the Gulf of Mexico.


Another team of Cannonballers was about to meet. Seymour Drake aka The Drake sat in a pub with a pint of ale in front of him, his first of the evening. He checked his watch again.

"Almost time for them to arrive..." he said as he took another sip of ale. Soon two red headed women with blue eyes and wearing glasses walked in. One had on a black t-shirt that said "Heather Burnside on the front" with "She's a total bitch" on the back. The other wore more appropriate clothes but had on a t-shirt that only said Scotland Yard on the front. They find Drake sitting at the bar and sit on either side of him.

"Right on time... Heather Burnside and Inspector Ginger "Gin" Clarkson of Scotland Yard. So nice of you two lovely ladies to join me."

"Your reputation in the American Cannonball is what made us want to join you on the Cannonball Run Mr. Drake." Gin said.

"Plus my cousin Amanda is entering the Cannonball with a different team." Heather said. "So I don't want to be left out."

"Quite... Drake paid for finished his ale and paid for it, then led the two British women outside to his entry for the international Cannonball, a 2011 silver BMW M3 two door convertible. "This is the Nelson..."

"A BMW?" Gin asked. "I'm more of a Vauxhall girl myself.

"Well I'm a beemer man. You don't like it, then you can stay behind." Drake said.

"I guess I have to make do..."

"Excellent, shall we get going ladies?" Drake climbs into the driver's seat. "We do have a long trip on the plane to Hawaii after all."

Heather and Gin climbed into the Nelson, as it's started up and drives off to Heathrow Airport.


U,S, Marshal agent Luke Hobbs enters the briefing room in Hawaii. Sitting inside in the chairs is Duane "Dog" Chapman and his team of bounty hunters.

"Listen up! We're going to stop the Cannonball Run!" he told them. "I've just received word that two teams entering this Cannonball are dangerous fugitives and must be apprehended as fast as we can catch them."

Luke hands out mug shots of the Cannonballers. One of them is Tim Clarks. "That last one is the infamous Mr. X... Don't be fooled by that mug shot, that is the real Richard Nelson aka Mr. X, not tha Cannonballer who caught him years ago in the national Cannonball Run."

"Uhhh... You do realize that Mr. X is a computer hacker and is able to fool law enforcement into thinking someone else is the real Mr. X right?" Dog hands Luke the mug shot of Tim back. Then pulls the real mugshot of Richard Nelson out. "THIS is the real mugshot, taken after he was arrested a sceond time to finish his sentence for an unrelated criminal charge. It's been added to every law enforcement database in the entire world. Yet Mr. Nelson hacked into every database and confused law enforcement a second time. With that mug shot you have..."

"Impossible!" Luke takes the picture away and calls his superiors in Washington, DC. "This is Luke, can you send the real mug shot of Richard Nelson to my phone? Thank you..."

Luke hangs up and sure enough the mugshot that Dog had was the real one. "Son of a bitch only hacked into the Ohio Inmate Database! That's why they arrested and convicted the wrong guy! But I don't understand why nobody even believed that Mr. Clarks wasn't the real Nelson."

"I'm thinking maybe Dr. Feelgood had a hand in it."

"Well we still have the other three. So let's concentrate on catching them and catch ourselves a Cannonballer or two while we're at it."

"Do we get vehicles?"

"Yes we all get vehicles. Dog, me and you drive the 1986 Ford LTD called the VCPD Cruiser. I got it straight from the Vice City Police Deparment scrap yard, where all retired police vehicles go to die. Leland, Justin and Tim, you take the 2005 Acura NSX-R called the Infernus. Let's take good care of the vehicles gentlemen. Because they're the only cars we're getting to stop these Cannonballers."


Brian O'Conner, his friend Dominic Toretto and Dom's sister Mia, were waiting by a supercharged 1970 Dodge Charger called the Indestructible. Just as a 1976 Chevy Impala stopped beside the Indestructible, in the next parking spot. Roman Pearce climbed out.

"Long time no see Brian." Roman said. "So this must be the team I'm riding with and this must be the Indestructible."

"Indeed we are and indeed it is." Brian replied. "We can talk more on the way to the plane. So we have to leave right now. If you don't mind."

"No I don't mind." Roman climbs into the front seat next to Brian, who is driving. "Let's get this show on the road."


The band known as Dethklok climbed into a supercharged hearse.

"So this our Cannonball Run entry?" William Murderface asked. "How long did you say it took to modify it?"

"It took our mechanics about a month of work." Pickles the Drummer said. "Then again our mechanics had other projects to do, like your demolition derbies."

"True..." Murderface said. "Well what is this piece of supercharged junk called?"

"It's uh called the Reaper." Nathan Explosion said. "Now we have a flight to Hawaii to catch. So let's go."

All five climbed into the Reaper and Nathan drove first, the Reaper was loaded into the band's personal airship, that lifted off and flew to Hawaii.


Johnny Knoxville stood with his group of Jackasses, beside a mail delivery truck called the Newman.

"Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville and welcome to Jackass!" he said to the camera. "Today we're here to tell you that we've signed up two teams for this international Cannonball Run. We're still waiting on Bam's team."

Johnny points the camera over to Grumman cargo truck named the Delivery Truck. "That is the other team's vehicle. We used majority of a fourth film's budget to buy these vehicles, fix them up and add modifications to them for the Cannonball. Oh wait here they come now."

The camera points to a hill, where Bam and his team are stuffed into a shopping cart, that is soaring down the said street hill. However Brandon DiCamillo is unable to stop the cart, as he falls off the back and lets go. The fast moving crashes into the Delivery Truck and all occupants slam into the side of their own vehicle. Johnny and his team being laughing hysterically, as Brandon catches up.

"Are you alright Bam?" Wee Man asked, as they rolled on the ground in pain.

"No dumbass!" Bam replied. "I think we all broke our spinal cords!"

Once Bam's team recovered, they climbed into the Delivery Truck, and both vehicles left for the airport to catch their flight for Hawaii, which they were taking special Air Force owned C-130s to carry their vehicles.

"I hope the Air Force has good food and an in flight movie for us." Steve-O said.

"I doubt it Steve!" Chris Pontius said.


Back in Japan, mortal Soul Reaver Ichigo Kurosaki stopped at a red light, about several yards away from the boat waiting for them at the harbor. Ichigo was driving a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, painted black with white streaks to make the appearance of human souls. Once the light turns green, the Voxel pulls into the harbor, just as the Shogun was being loaded onto the boat.

"Hey you're the last team and you arrived right on time!" the American naval captain said. "Hurry up and get onboard. Don't worry about your luggage, my sailors can handle them. It's a two day trip to Hawaii."

Ichigo, Rukia Kuchiki, Orihime Inoue and Yasutora "Chad" Sado walked onto the United States naval vessal, as the Voxel was being loaded into the cargo hold.

"(So we're not the only ones going to America.)" Taiki told Alata. "(This is great, as we've got some friendly competition from more of our fellow countrymen.)"

Ankh and Eiji Hono looked at their fellow Cannonballers.

"(They don't seem that tough to me.)" Ankh said as he leaned against his noodle delivery Vespa motorscooter called the Noodleboy B. Eiji was eating raman noodles while sitting on his Noodleboy A.

Team Ninja, standing nearby a Chrysler 300C named the Justice, also watched as Team Soul Reaver were being shown their rooms for the trip.

"They look like trouble." Naruto Uzumaki said.


In the valley known as Blood Gulch (the Halo: Reach Blood Gulch) Red army leader Sarge was putting the final touches of both teams Cannonball entry, a public transportation bus. On one side, it's painted red with an image of Sarge saying "First stop glorious victory! After that the mall!" and the other side painted blue with Private Caboose saying "Welcome aboard! Check under your seat for free gum!"

"Well it's almost ready except that I need a missing part from the Blue Team's tank!" Sarge said, he got his wish as orange armor wearing Red soldier, Grif and maroon wearing Red soldier Simmons return from Blue Base with the missing part. They were riding prototype jetpacks and landed right next to the bus.

"We got you the missing part for you Sarge." Simmon said as Grif handed the part over to Sarge.

"Excellent! Now the Cheetah is ready! Go tell Blue Team that we're leaving right away!" Sarge said. He gets off the ground and goes into Red Base to tell pink armor wearing Red soldier Donut that they were ready to leave. Once everyone was assembled, they climbed into the Cheetah and Sarge drove the Cheetah to a modified Pelican drop ship.

"Why is this stupid thing called the Cheetah?" Church asked. "This should've been called the Tur... WHOA!"

The Cheetah goes full speed at two hundred miles per hour. Sarge slams on the brakes and everybody flew to the front of the bus.

"Shut up and find a seat. Be sure to fasten your safety belts, that I had installed for your safety. Because we're going now!"


Mad Dog, former Cannonballer, and his former Cannonballing friends Batman, Betty and Chuck Prescott sat at a cafe in Honolulu, Hawaii. Their Cannonball Run entry, a grizzly bear design painted AMC Pacer with a bumber sticker that says "If you're going to be a bear, be a grizzly" on the front and back bumbers, called the Slingshot was parked in the parking lot.

"A grizzly bear?" Chuck asked. "Seriously?"

"Hey it sounded like a good idea on paper." Mad Dog said, as he took another bite of his Hawaiian fruit salad.

"I wonder what J.J. And Victor would think if they saw it." Chuck took another bite of his Hawaiian Spam Burger.


Nearby the restaurant that had the Prescotts, Mad Dog and Batman. Was a garage housing Sora and his friends Riku and Kairi. They looked at the finished product of a Dodge 600. Painted midnight blue with various constellations all over it.

"What should we call this thing?" Riku asked.

"How about the Destiny, you know after our homeworld." Sora replied.

"That sounds like a nice name." Kairi said. "Well let's get to the Cannonball Run starting line for registration."

They climbed into the Destiny and drove out of the garage. Sora finall broke the peace. "You know it was nice the garage we rented had a small apartment above it. I don't think we would've survived without any civilization for the last three days.

"I don't know how we survived on Hawaiian pizza and raman noodles." Riku said. "But you do have to admit that pineapple and ham on a pizza was really good and addicting."


A ambulence, ironically named the Ambulence, was arriving at the Hawaiian Hilton, location for the international running of the Cannonballers. Driving is John "J.D." Dorian, his fellow co-workers Dr. Elliot Reed, Dr. Christopher Turk and Dr. Robert Kelso sat in th back as J.D. drove into the parking lot.

"We're here!" J.D. said. "Everybody out!"


Roadie Eddie Riggs and his girlfriend Ophelia drove down the road in the hot rod named the Deuce. As they come to a stop, a demon named Fletus, stopped next to them.

"Hey Fletus!" Eddie said lighting a cigarette. "Ready to take your honor bound revenge against me?"

"Oh yes I am, I'm entering the Squealer into the Cannonball Run. Which I heard you are entering your hot rod in as well?"

"You betcha!" Eddie replied. "We'll see you at the starting line. Be ready to get your ass kicked!"

The Deuce sped off with the Squealer, a modified '68 Chevy Camaro, chased after the Deuce.


Len and his friend Kit Taylor, Kamen Riders in the mirror world Ventara, climbed onto their sports motorcycles. Len's was a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14, while Kit's was a experimental sports touring bike.

"You sure we should enter two different bikes under one team?" Kit asked Len.

"I'm sure Kit." Len replied. "Besides, two separate racers is better than two racers in the same vehicle."

"So true."

They start their motorcycles and put on their helmets. Len's helmet is blue with a bat design on it. Kit's is red with a Chinese dragon design on it. Len's Mitsumi 1000R left first, followed by Kit's Kaneda.


A '77 Pontiac Firebird painted in the colors of a flame, pulled up to an apartment building in a bad neighborhood. Members of the District of Columbia Crips are hanging out nearby the steps near the entrance. The driver, a male with fiery stawberry blonde hair and sunglasses honks the horn. His passneger is a Hispanic female wearing the same kind of sunglasses as the male.

"So Eva, you think our odds of winning are good?" Adam asked.

"I think so..." Eva said, as eighteen year old S.T.A.R.S. agent and former professional wrestler, Shayla Walker leaves her apartment. The gang bangers all whistle at her, and she merely gives them the finger. Eva gets out to let Shayla climb into the backseat.

"Thanks for inviting me to the Cannonball." Shayla said.

"It was nothing." Adam said. "Besides my brother Albert assigned you to our team for this case. He feels that there is some trouble brewing for the Cannonballers. So we have to provide protection as racers."

"What is the name of this vehicle?"

"Simple, we agreed that due to the model and since I'm team leader, Eva and I agreed on the name Phoenix."

"Cool." Shayla said.


Former FBI agent Fox Mulder waited on a strech of desert road in the Neveda desert. He checks his watch again, as a military owned Humvee stops in front of him. The driver's side window was rolled down to reveal MiB agent K, and in the front passenger's seat is Agent J.

"You're Fox Mulder?" K asked. "We're the ones who sent that invitation to you."

"You guys are the Men in Black I've heard so much about. The ones who aren't trying to help aliens colonize the Earth?" Mulder asked.

"No..." J said. "We hate those guys. Nothing but losers and jerks if you ask me."

"Hurry up and get in Mr. Mulder." K said, and Mulder climbs into the back.

"As long as you don't erase my memories. We should get along just fine."

We wouldn't even dream of it. Besides we've been using memory erasing less and less. We just blame it all on simple excuses and let the crazies go ahead with their conspiracy theories. Crazies like you..."

"Great I feel so loved..." Mulder said, as a Audi Q7 named the Quasar pulls up to their vehicle called the Patriot. In the driver's seat of the Quasar is CIA agent Stan Smith. In the front passenger's seat is his alien companion that he saved from nearby Area 51.

"Roger? What are you doing out of Area... ACK!" J was hit with a water balloon that broke and drenched him. Stan and Roger laugh hysterically as they drove away. "What the hell was THAT all about?"

Inside the Quasar...

"Oh that was too much fun, getting back at them for the crap they've put us through." Roger said.

"Yeah that'll teach them to reject me from the MiB for being a family man!" Stan said. "Now let's get to Los Angeles. We have a boat to catch."


Members of the infamous Pokemon stealing Team Rocket climb into a 1969 Mercury Marauder, painted white with the team's insignia, called the Vegas.

"So the boss wants us to win the first ever international Cannonball Run?" Meowth said. "Is he out of his freaking mind!"

"Oh he's not crazy Meowth." Jesse said. "In fact the boss wants the prize money for something, maybe give it to charity."

"Well he better give us our share!" Butch said. "Because I don't want to be working for $7.50 and hour!"

James starts up the engine and drives the Vegas out of the garage. Where the leader of Team Rocket watches them leave, while petting his Persian pokemon.


Near the city of Angel Grove, California... Members of a known clan of samurai, known to the world as Power Rangers Samurai, climb into Audi A6 station wagon called the Kimodo. The Kimodo is painted like a kimodo dragon.

"Alright let's get going." Jaydan the Red Samurai Ranger said. He drove the Kimodo out of the Ranger compound.


Dante, the son of demon hero Sparda, finished waxing a 1949 Mercury Eight. Just as a Nissan Altima pulled into the Devil may Cry parking lot. It's occupants Mega Man, Ryu Hoshi and Chris Redfield climb out.

"Nice of you guys to show up!" Dante said. "Capcom would've had a fit if I was to race the Cannonball by myself."

"Yeah we know..." Chris said. "So what did you name this thing?"

"Well seeing as I'm a gunslinger. I call her the Gunslinger." Dante replied. "Now get inside and we'll get going. I'm already done with the waxing of this car."


Inside a former Umbrella Coporation facility, John Cena and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin enter and search for somebody. Like anybody would be inside this abandoned facility.

"You do realize that the Umbrella Corporation has long since been closed down, right Austin?" John said. "It's Tri Cell that's taking up Umbrella's old habits."

"I know that son." Austin said. "But we were given strict instructions on finding their most dangerous and last weapon ever created in this facility."

"Who gave us these invitations anyway?"

"Don't know but we'll find ou eventually. Here we are..." Austin pointed his flashlight at the sign that said: NEMESIS PROJECT! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK YOU STUPID BASTARD!

They enter and find the sole cryostasis tanks inside with their third teammate, Nemesis. Austin drained the tank and woke the tall tank of a monster up. It opened it's eye and roars.

"Rise and shine Sunshine." Austin said. "We need your help on the Cannonball Run. So were you told about it and are you ready?"

Nemesis gave a two thumbs up.

"Good let's go." Austin, Nemesis and John left the facility and climb into a Austin 3:16 skull design painted 2005 Chevy S-10 Blazer, called the Olympic.

"Here we go!" Austin put the car in reverse and left the facility parking lot.


Tony Stark, CEO of Stark Enterprises, looks at a gold and hot rod red painted 2011 Chevy Corvette (C6). He had the car painted the same colors as his Iron Man suit. Actually he's already packed the portable Iron Man suit.

"Hey Rhodes over here!" Tony said. His friend in the military, James Rhodes aka War Machine, walks over with a portable version of his War Machine suit. Which is a Iron Man suit painted silver and given more weapons. All Hammertech weapons were replaced with Stark Enterprises weaponry.

"Glad you can make it." Tony said. "Ready?"

"As I'l ever be..." Rhodes said. "I can't believe you talked me into this Tony."

"Well I need a partner for the Cannonball. I won't survive driving for months without sleep."

"What is this car named? You have a codename for it, right?"

"Rhodes... I call her the Venom."


Homer Simpson puts the finishing touches on the 2011 Hyundai Accent painted black with orange, red and yellow. His wife Marge walks out into the garage.

"I really think we shouldn't enter this Cannonball Run." Marge said.

"It's okay Marge. I'll make sure nothing bad happens to this family." Homer replied. "Besides the Go will ensure a safe ride and a victory worthy of the prize money."

Minutes later the entire Simpson family climbed into the Go and Homer drove out of the garage, before using the garage remote to close and lock the garage. He even got out to ensure the doors were locked.

"Hey Ned!" Homer called out to his neighbor. "Make sure nobody breaks into our house while we're gone!"

"Sure thing neighbor!" Ned Flanders said. Homer got back into the Go and sped off for the airport.


"Hey Peter!" Cleveland Brown, Peter Griffin's old neighbor said. Cleveland's family were riding in a Chevy Astro van called the Voyage. The Griffins quickly climbed into Winnebago RV called the Buffalo.

"Ready for the Cannonball Run Cleveland?" Peter asked.

"Yes we are Peter." Cleveland said. "Now let's get to the airport before our flight leaves without us!"


Liquid Snake oversaw the finishing touches on Team Konami's vehicle, a LAV-25 personnel carrier called the Negotiator.

"We're not letting Capcom have all of the fun now are we?" he asked his team.

"Well the Negotiator is ready." Hal "Otacon" Emmerich said. "We've lightened the thing so it will go faster, somehow we managed to hook up a nitrous oxide booster, and we've equipped some handy weapons and gadgets. So all in all it looks like the Negotiator is ready for the Cannonball."

"Good everybody inside." Liquid ordered and Team Konami climbed inside the Negotiator.


Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Lola Bunny, the cat Sylvester and Tweety Bird climb into a Volkwagen Beetle 1960s model. Right out of Wile E. Coyote's garage.

"Well hopefully this Ant can do all that Wile said it could." Bugs said as the Ant sped off.


Harry Potter and his friends landed a '57 Chevrolet Bel Air painted in Gryffindor's colors of scarlet and gold. As they drove towards the location of Cannonball Run registration. A 2005 Acura NSX painted gold with the Omega symbol on the hood, stopped right next to the Bel Air.

"Hey Potter!" said demigod son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson. "Do you think that piece of junk will even cross the finishline?"

"I know the Hollywood can beat your piece of junk!" Harry said.

"Junk! The Infernus is NOT junk! And I'll prove it!" Percy said.

"Okay let's see who crosses the finishline first." With that declaration of a duel, the Hollywood and Infernus drove towards the registration desk, only to be directed to the hotel that is going to serve as the actual registration.


In Vice City, Tommy Vercetti walked out to greet his three guests from Liberty City Niko Bellic, Luiz Fernandaz, and former biker gang leader Johnny Klebitz.

"Hey great to see you guys!" Tommy said. "Great to have the latest of Liberty City's criminal underworld come to my mansion for the Cannonball Run. The car's over here guys."

Tommy showed them a 2011 Lincoln MKS painted black. "I call her the Scarface, after Al Capone and the fact this car was built by Ford in the Ford factory in Chicago, Illinois."

"So you get a car from the windy city and name it after a infamous gangster from the same city as the car?" Niko asked. "Sounds very impressive."

"Oh it is... I've had some modifications done to it, so it's now a sports car. So let's get inside and get to Hawaii."


At the Nintendo of America headquarters, Mario was waiting for his guests to arrive. He checked his watch again as he saw a limo pull up and Sonic the Hedgehog, along with Knuckles and Tails climb out of the back of the limo.

"Nice of you to make it!" Mario said.

"Glad to be here." Sonic said. "Now where is the car?"

As they walked into the building, Mario explained the whole situation to the Sega mascots.

"You see, I bought two vehicles, as I thought we should do better in two teams." Mario shows the Sega employees two BMW 533i cars. Both are painted in a Nintendo Wii design. One of them had color changing ground effect lights. "The ordinary BMW is the Sentinel, while the one with ground effects is the Sentinel XS. I figure you and I take the Sentinel Sonic, Tails and Knuckles shall take the XS."

"Mario... You the man!" Sonic said.


"Alright you two..." said a Los Angeles motorcycle police officer, as he and his partner placed two well known criminals named Marcus and Regis onto their respective motorcycles. "Stay here while we call for a squad car to take you downtown for booking."

The two were caught trying to break into a mansion owned by a certain hotel heiress. However as the two officers walked back inside while one talks into his radio. The radio on the motorcycles came to life.

"Attention all units." said the dispatcher. "The international Cannonball Run is beginning in a couple of days. Please be advised that there will be racers breaking the speed limit all across the nation."

"Maybe we should enter this Cannonball Run." Regis said.

"Well the pigs are gone, and we're not handcuffed or anything. Plus they left the keys in the ignition." Marcus thinks for a few seconds. "Okay let's do it."

The two brothers start up the motorcycles and sped away from the mansion. With the two officers running back out to see their vehicles speed away.

"Shouldn't have left the keys in the ignition!" Marcus shouted as he sped out of the front gate. He turns to Regis. "What should we name these bikes?"

"Oh easy..." Regis said. "Let's name them the Estrada, after ChiPs star Eric Estrada."


Jay and Silent Bob stood in front of the Quick Stop, as they always do every day. Jay was singing and cursing at the same time. Actually he was singing a song he thought up with majority of the lyrics being the f-bomb. Silent Bob just remained silent as always. They noticed the Quick Stop and neighboring video store were close, but didn't really care. They had a schedule to keep.

Then a white 1960s model Volkswagen Beetle with a number and red and blue racing stripes, drove into the parking lot. Dante, the clerk of the Quick Stop, climbed out of the Beetle.

"Hey guys you made it!" he said. "Hurry up and get in here before Herbie here takes off without you!"

Jay and Silent Bob looked at each other before climbing into the back. Randell the video store clerk was in the front passenger's seat.

"You said this was Herbie?" Jay asked. "Are you referring to Herbie THE Love Bug?"

"That's right." Dante put his hands behind his head. "Say hello Herbie."

Herbie honked it's horn happily.

"We're entering this Cannonball Run International thing, and thought it would be nice to invite you two." Randell said.

"You've aquired a famous car with a mind of it's own, and you're entering it in the international Cannonball Run?" Jay asked. "Sign us up! This is going to be (Berbie honks it's horn) awesome!"


In Las Vegas, Neveda two famous Las Vegas defense lawyers walk out to a 2009 Cadillac XLR, painted gold pearlscent. Pete Kaczmarek sat in the passneger's seat, while his friend Nick Morelli got into the driver's seat.

"Are you ready Pete?" Nick asked. "A few months of not defending our clients. This is a well deserved vacation."

"And we got this car for getting Donnie out of jail?" Pete asked. "If I recall the judges in Carson City threw out the conviction because the state failed to test the new evidence we found, and the judge in the trial refused to allow the new evidence into question."

"I know... Now that bastard Cahill is finally going to prison. Besides we have friends who will defend our clients while we're in the Cannonball Run."

"We're entering the international Cannonball Run! Nick we'll be defending ourselves when we're arrested."

"The United Nations and the President of the United States have already signed the bills regarding Cannonballers Pete. We get arrested and we're given a pardon by the U.N. to continue the race. So let's show the world what the Attorney can do."

Just as they were pulling out, a black 1967 Chevy Impala sped past them.

"Watch it buddy!" Nick yelled.

The Impala is another Cannonball Run vehicle. Driving it is Sam Winchester, navigating is his brother Dean. In the back seat is Castiel and Bobby Singer.

"So what do you think of the Metallicar?" Sam asked. "Pretty neat or what?"

"The fact that you modified a lowrider into a racing vehicle is intriguing." Castiel said. "Can we really win with this?"

"Yes we're going to win." Sam replied. "We are going to win big."