Bad Reputation


Imagine a new school, new people, new surroundings, practically new everything. Imagine having to move to a different town because of you're parents' job. Now, imagine a really cute guy at your new school. I mean insanely cute! But, he has a girlfriend. Except I'm not talking about him, well, mostly not talking about him. Imagine his brown eyes that you could get lost in, now imagine him running his fingers through his amazing brown locks. That's Stefan Salvatore, I'm talking about. But, the person I like is his brother, or his better looking older brother. He has blue eyes that seem like you're gazing into an ocean and black locks that you just want to run you're hand through. I'm talking about Damon Salvatore. Too bad everytime I talk to him, he mysteriously disappears. And, that Bonnie & Caroline & Elena are all telling me to stay away from him… I wonder why that is?