Well Irish Knight here. I know this seems far off from my usual fanfics but after some begging from my sister who is an iCarly fan I decided to do one for her so she can get off my back…AND she told me to make it Seddie…well hobey ho here we go….done in Freddie's pov, and rated t because I'm edgy like that. Yeah I'm the Rated R Writer.


This is exactly how I pictured spending my summer. My junior year ended yesterday and I had 3 months of relaxation. Even better I had the apartment to myself! My mom won a trip to the Bahamas and decided I was old enough to spend the summer by myself! Well the fact the Shay's are right across the hall helped. Actually now that I think about it….I hope that Low Jack chip in my head doesn't work that far….Oh well, no use worrying about it.

I looked over at my clock as it read 9:00 am. Now I know, why would I get up early during the summer? Getting up early allowed me to do more things…okay I lied. My mom called me forgetting the time zone differences. So I decided to start my day anyways. I got up, grabbed some clothes and heading into the bathroom to take a shower.

After about 30 minutes I got out and started to get changed. After I put my pants on I looked in the fogged mirror at my shirtless self. Now I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I really beefed up…Okay, I lied again. I love tooting my own horn. But still, I really did bulk up over the years. Half of it was for fencing, which I still do, the other half was to make myself look better looking for the girls. Well, at least it helped with fencing…High school wasn't all that different from middle school. I was still picked on for being the nerdy tech guy, but I wasn't a complete loser either. I even went out with a few girls, nothing really happened with those.

Just then a knock came at the door. I opened the bathroom door to hear another knock.

Who wants to see me at 9 in the morning during the summer?

I grabbed my wife beater t-shirt and threw it on as I headed for the door. Whoever it was, was impatient and was banging on my door.

"I'm coming! Don't have a freakin aneurysm!" I yelled as I opened the door. "Can I help you…."

I was very confused. Standing at my door, with several large suitcases, was Sam Puckett, and she looked even more pissed off than usual.

"Hey Freduccine." She said simply. (A/n: Freduccine is a play on Fettuccine an Italian Pasta. The more you know.)

"Uh hi Sam. Not to be rude….but…what the hell are you doing here at 9 in the morning with 1…2…3…5 suitcases?" I asked with a really confused look on my face.

"I moved out of my mom's house." Sam said, venom slowly dripping into her voice.

"What happened?" I asked, leaning against the door frame.

"My mom was ranting at me at how I'm lazy, selfish, violent and stuff. Then she compared me to Melanie so I just packed and left." Sam said "I am so done with that place.

I listened and nodded to Sam's story.

I'm surprised she lasted 17 years there.

"Okay Sam. I understand why you have the suitcases. But why are you at my door and not Carly's?" I asked.

"Cause Carly is half way to New York right now." Sam spat at me.

"Carly left for New York already?" I asked looking at my watch.

"She left at like 5 in the morning Frednub. So since Carly is gone and I'm not going back to my house, I am staying with you! Now help me with my bags." She said taking the smallest one leaving me with the rest.

There was no point in trying to argue with Sam. Besides, it could be fun. I mean with Carly in New York that really left me with nothing to do. I mean I wasn't planning my whole summer around her, but still put a damper on things.

As I started carrying in Sam's bags, I must've had a sad look on my face cause Sam laughed.

"Does wittle Freddie miss Carly?" She asked in a mocking baby voice.

To tell you the truth, it wasn't full about missing Carly. I've gotten over that crush I had on her when we started high school. What annoyed me was that I missed seeing her off.

"So. two things. First, what are we having for breakfast? Second where is Momma gonna sleep?" Sam asked patting her stomach.

"Well I can make something for breakfast. As for the sleeping arrangements…we'll figure that out when it matters most." I said running my fingers through my hair.

"Where's your mom?" Sam asked plopping down onto the couch like she owned it.

"In the Bahamas for three months." I said as I started making some breakfast.

"She left you by yourself? I'm impressed Fredwardo." Sam said, putting her feet up on the coffee table.

"Uh-huh" Was all I said as I continued to make breakfast. It was silent for a few minutes, the sizzling sound of the skillet being the only source of noise. After It was all done I called to Sam.

"Hey Sam Breakfast is….WAH!" I yelled as I turned around. For some reason Sam was standing extremely close to me, staring at me. I stared at her blue eyes for a second then started looking around because of the awkwardness. "Can I help you?"

"Something is different about you…..but I can't put my finger on it." Sam said simply. She tapped her chin with her index finger, thinking.

"Uh…..the food is ready." I said trying to make her stop. She stared at me silently for a few more seconds then shrugged and took a seat. I blinked a few times confused. I shrugged as well and placed a plate of Bacon, ham, sausage, hash browns, and eggs in front of Sam.

"Wow, this looks good Fredfurdor." Sam said almost inhaling her breakfast. I laughed and ate my breakfast at my own pace. When I finished I sat back with my arm on the back of the chair and stared at Sam.

"So. We need something to do today." I said leaning my chair back. That was when I felt something push my chair. I fell backwards and slammed my head onto the floor hard. "Ow…son of a…!" I said rubbing my head. I looked at Sam who had an unnatural innocent look on her face.

"What? I didn't do it!" She said smiling evilly. I rolled my eyes and got up, still rubbing my head. I looked at my hand to see if that was any blood and thankfully there wasn't.

"So anyways. What do you wanna do?" I asked as I continued to rub the bump I had on my head.

"Do you wanna watch some tv?" Sam asked.

"Sure." I said heading over to the couch.

I sat down as Sam jumped over the back and landed next to me.

"Can you not do that? I wanna make this couch last till summer ends." I said turning the tv on. As I flipped channels I kept rubbing the back of my head as Sam looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"Come here." Sam said getting up on her knees. She turned my head so I was facing the opposite wall as I felt her fingers touch the back of my head. Just then a small electrical shock went through my body.

What the hell was that?

"It's just a small bump. Quit being a baby." Sam said turning her attention back to the tv.

I turned back to the tv as well, still wondering about that feeling that went through my body when Sam touched my head. After a few more mind numbing hours of tv I looked at my watch and saw it read 5pm.

"We can't keep watching TV all day. Wanna get a smoothie?" I asked Sam.

"Sure, you're buying." Sam said getting up.

I laughed as I got up. I was about to leave when I realized I still was in my undershirt. I grabbed a t-shirt and put it on as the two of us left. When we got to the Groovie Smoothie I order our smoothies as we sat down and drank them in silence. It was an awkward silence. It reminded me of that silence after Sam and I had that kiss….

Why am I thinking about that now? Granted I did think about it a lot over the years but still….

Just then T-bo walked over.

"Hey either of you wanna buy a corndog?" He asked holding up a stick of corn dogs.

"Uh….T-bo…..Why are the corn dogs on a stick….when they are already on a stick?" I asked, pointing to the small sticks in the corn dogs.

"Ah man…" T-bo said walking off.

I looked at Sam confused as she just laughed.

"That man ain't right." Sam said in between snickers.

We finished our smoothies laughing about the corn dog incident. When we were done we left the Groovie Smoothie and headed back to my apartment. We walked in and remember Sam still had her suitcases everywhere.

"We need to figure out the sleeping arrangements." I said after I tripped over one of the bigger suitcases.

"Sure. What did you have in mind?" Sam asked.

"You can take my bed and I'll take the couch." I said pulling myself to my feet. I looked at Sam and she seemed unsure.

"Are you sure about that? Don't you have a guest room?" She asked.

"No, we don't. And it's okay. Come on." I grabbed her suitcases and brought them into my room.

Before I would never let Sam see my room. It would just become ammo for her insults. But now over the years I have slowly de-dorkified it. I still had my tech stuff everywhere but I got rid of my Galaxy War sheets and finally hung up posters of bands I like.

"Jeez Bensonium. Once again you have impressed me. When did you get less dorky?" She asked looking around the room.

"I'm still dorky. Just now I'm cool dorky." I said laughing, putting Sam's suitcases on the floor. "If you want to take a shower, bathroom is in the hall way first door to the left." I added heading out of the room. I headed over to the Kitchen and decided to start making dinner. Out of the corner of my hearing, I heard Sam heading into the bathroom. He heard the water being turned on. After about 35 minutes the water turned off and Sam walked out her blonde curly hair still damped. She was wearing a t-shirt and some panjama shorts. It was a kind of refreshing look for Sam.

I finished making dinner and put a plate in front of Sam. I sat down and started eating. Sam was uncharacteristically quiet.

"Everything okay Sam?" I asked taking a drink from my Peppy Cola.

"Did I do the right thing? Leaving my mom just like that?" Sam asked.

I wasn't sure how to answer that. I put my can down and thought about it.

"Well it isn't about what I think. It's about what you think? Do you think it was the right choice?" I asked looking at her blue eyes trying to read what she was thinking.

After a few seconds of silence, Sam gave me a smile.

"Thanks." She said. I wasn't sure why she was thanking but I wasn't complaining. A thanks from Sam comes once in a blue moon. "Now seconds Fredpolo loco." She demanded. The old Sam was back. I smiled and got her seconds.

After dinner we sat back down on the couch and watched some more tv. After a while I felt something hit my shoulder. I looked down and saw Sam resting her head against my shoulder, her eye's half closed. After about 5 minutes Sam was out of it. I smiled as I watched her sleep.

She had a long day. She deserves a good night sleep.

I got up, picked up Sam, and carried her to my room. I placed her on my bed and headed out the door. But before I did I could have sworn I heard Sam mumble my name. I just shrugged it off and flipped the switch turning the lights off. I headed back over to the couch and turned the tv off. I took my shirt and wife beater off and laid down on the couch. What I forgot about the couch when I made the sleeping arrangements earlier was that the couch was a loveseat…and my legs leaned over the side.

"This is gonna be a rough night." I said as I turned to find a comfortable spot.

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