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Chapter One: Taking In The Enemy

On the ocean there is a pirate known by everyone. He is from Spain and his name is Antonio Carriedo. He is as ruthless as he is handsome and all other pirates fear him, and want to beat him. His crew is also known far and wide. A strong albino Prussian named Gilbert as his first mate, who was known for his violent streak and strangely level-minded tactics. Then there was Francis, his handsome quarter master who was given the role due to his ability to maintain order and be overly fair-as long as it's something unrelated to sex. His gunner is a German man, and Gilbert's younger brother, Ludwig who is known for his rigidly serious attitude.

They make up the main crew, other men coming and going would fill whatever roles needed to be filled while they're there. Despite this shaky-seeming foundation for a crew, they are the richest and most feared men on the sea.

Then there is the young teen Lovino Vargas from Italy. He is fifteen years of age and is also a pirate. However, this was not by choice. When he was a young boy, around eight years old, his parents sold him off to a young woman to pay off their debt. The woman was around sixteen at the time and already a pirate on a ship exclusively filled with female pirates. She accepted him, needing a male on board their ship for physical labor. Her name is Elizaveta and she is like a surrogate mother to the boy.

Then there is their captain, Natalia, who is not as kind. She is from Belarus and is obsessed with a man from Russia named Ivan. Her whole world revolves around him. She is determined to help him become the best pirate in the world. Natalia also hates EVERY other man on earth. Boys, men, grandpas, it doesn't matter. She hates them all. Due to this hatred she has always been hard on Lovino. Beating him when she could, even though the other ladies try to stop it.

The rest of the women are kind, though, and since his first few years on the ship he has learned where to hide from Natalia, and how to get to the other women before Natalia could get to him. Lovino has two brothers at home. A fourteen year old brother named Feliciano and a thirteen year old brother named Marcello. Every day he dreams of getting off the ship and finding a way back home so he can save his brothers.

Antonio's ship:

A tall man with dark curly hair stares out beyond his large ship to the ocean. His green eyes suddenly fall upon another ship closing in on his. "Mierda!" He curses and turns to yell to his men. "ANOTHER SHIP IS COMING! BE PREPARED!" An albino man grins and runs down the stairs before returning with a bunch of weapons and passing them out to the crew. Soon afterwards the other ship throws a large board to connect their ships and a hoard of female pirates comes rushing over.

Antonio is then confronted with a small brunette boy with a large sword and violent hazel eyes. "Are you the captain?" The boy asks and Antonio laughs weakly. "Y-yep, I sure am. Sexy, aren't I?" The Spaniard teases and the boy blushes. "Wh-what? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?" Antonio looks at the boy confused. He's used that line millions of times to throw an enemy off and has only ever received a disgusted reaction, an attack, or someone trying (and failing for the record) to jump his bones right then and there, but never has he made someone flustered before. A smirk comes to his lips; this boy is officially worth his time.

As they both stare each other down, a woman with long platinum blond hair glares over at the teen. "LOVINO! YOU SON OF A BITCH! KILL HIM!" Antonio's eyes light up. "Lovino, huh? What a beautiful name." Lovino blushes again. "D-don't say my name! You have no right to!" The woman yells again. "KILL HIM OR I'LL KILL BOTH OF YOU LOVINO!" Lovino stiffens up and looks confused, like he didn't hear her the first time. "R-right Natalia…" He raises his sword and looks around at everyone else battling before locking eyes with Antonio. Making sure he has the man's attention he mouths 'beat me' to the man. Antonio stares at him in confusion for a moment before Lovino lunges at him.

He easily blocks the boy's sword and grabs his wrist, turning so his back is up against Antonio's chest. "WOMEN!" Antonio hollers and everyone looks over to see him pressing his sword against the surprised teen's neck. "You will leave now or I will kill him!" Lovino begins to tremble in Antonio's grasp and a woman with short blond hair glares at him. "Give him back and we'll leave!" A dark look comes over Antonio's face and he draws blood from the boy's neck with the sword. "Leave or I'll kill him." A brunette woman runs over to Bella. "Please! We must go! I don't want Lovino to be killed!" Bella frowns at Antonio and then Lovino before Natalia scoffs.

"Fine! We will go!" She walks past the two of them and locks eyes with Lovino. "Celebrate while you can. This man is far worse than I could ever be." Lovino tenses a little and the women finally leave, their ship heading off the other way. "Y-you can let me go now!" The teen says and Antonio snickers. "Fusososo…you're my prisoner. I caught you fair and square…Lovino." Lovino twitches. "I LET YOU CATCH ME!" Antonio tightens his grasp on the boy's wrist. "I could catch you in my sleep, boy."

The boy goes slightly pale and Francis comes over, pulling him away from Antonio and into a gentle hug. "Ahh~! Don't worry, mon Ami! Tonio is merely messing with you~!" Lovino twitches and pushes the blonde away. "D-don't touch me!" He hisses, receiving confused looks from Antonio and Francis. "Have we found ourselves a prude, Tonio?" Francis asks and Antonio laughs. "I believe we have, Francis!" Lovino rolls his eyes and glares at them. "Is it really so shocking someone doesn't want your dirty hands on them?" The older men nod. "Well…kinda…" Antonio says and Francis sighs. "I have to fight people off my beautiful body~!"

Lovino and Antonio look at the blond annoyed. "I doubt it…" "Don't lie to the kid, Francis…" Antonio adds and Francis pouts. "It's not a lie…" "Kesesese! So who is this kid?" Gilbert asks and the other two men fall silent, looking over to Lovino. "Um…his name is Lovino…?" Antonio says and Gilbert rolls his eyes. "WHY did you keep him if you don't know him?" "H-he…asked me to…" The brunette says and Gilbert shrugs and smirks at him. "If you got us into any extra trouble, I'll just blame you." Antonio snickers. "I'm the captain, Gil, I can't get in trouble~!" Gilbert laughs. "I meant with Ludwig." Antonio twitches a little and looks over to Lovino, as if checking him over to see if he's worth it. "Hm…I'll risk it." Lovino blushes and glares at him. "Don't fucking look at me like that."

"Who is this boy…?" A muscular man with slicked back blonde hair asks, with a small Italian attached to his arm. "Vee~! I can't see over Toni and the others, Ludwig~!" They look over to see the other two and Lovino pales a little. "F-Feliciano…?" He asks and the other Italian perks up. "I know that voice! Fratello~!" Feliciano exclaims, letting go of Ludwig and running over, hugging Lovino tightly. "FRATELLO~! I MISSED YOU~!" The smaller Italian cries out and Lovino just stares at him in shock. "Feli…ciano…why are you out here?"

Feliciano smiles at Lovino. "I left home a few weeks ago~! These men came to our home town and I met Ludwig and decided I wanted to stay with him!" Lovino glares darkly at Ludwig, who gulps nervously. "And Marcello…?" Feliciano frowns. "He's…I don't know what happened to him. One day I woke up and he was gone…" Lovino tenses up. "H…he…" The Italian twitches and let's go of Feliciano, walking to another end of the ship. "Ve…Fratello…"

Gilbert looks over at Antonio. "He's your problem. Go fix it." Antonio looks at him confused. "Fix it…? B-but…his brother is right there…he can fix it…" The Spaniard argues and Feliciano frowns. "Fratello is mad at me…" Antonio groans and looks to Francis and Gilbert, who quickly look away. "You guys are awful." He walks over to Lovino and pats the boy on the shoulder. "Are you ok, Lovino?" Lovino tenses up. "D-d-d-don't touch me! I don't even know you!" The boy hisses and pushes him away. "I'm going to end up getting killed for this…but…we can look for him, if you want." Antonio mumbles and Lovino stares at him in shock.

"Y-you can't do that…you're a pirate…" The Italian says and Antonio laughs. "Fusosososo! I can do that BECAUSE I'm a pirate, Lovi~!" Lovino twitches. "Lovi…? WHAT THE FUCK IS A LOVI?" Antonio smiles darkly. "You. You have a problem with that…?" "N-NO!" Lovino says quickly and Antonio grins. "Great! Now you get the joy of telling the crew that this is what we're doing~!" The Italian twitches. "And why do I get this joy…?" "Because I don't want to get yelled at anymore today~!" Antonio coos before running down the stairs. "Wh-? You-! WHAT KIND OF PIRATE CAPTAIN RUNS AWAY?" Lovino yells after the man, receiving stares from everyone else. "CAN'T HERE YOU DOWN HERE LOOOVVIIII~!" The Spaniard calls out and Lovino fumes. "THEN DON'T FUCKING TALK!"

That night:

After everyone else is informed of Antonio's new plan, and finally accepted it, they all gather for dinner. "Yay~! Feli and Lovi made dinner~! I love Italian cuisine!" Antonio coos and one of the other men groans. "That's not the only Italian thing you love…" The Spaniard snickers. "I love everything Italian~!" Feliciano laughs and Lovino stares at his food annoyed. "This ship is full of idiots…" "So…are you going to do everything this brat wants now, captain?" The man asks and Antonio looks over at him with a dark smile. "I don't know Vince…are you going to keep acting like a jealous ass?"

Everyone at the table falls into an awkward silence. "I think it's awesome what Tonio is doing!" Gilbert exclaims and everyone looks at him. "Helping two brothers find their baby brother! Just because we're pirates doesn't mean we have to be heartless, right?" Everyone but Vince agrees and toast to their captain. "…This really is a boat of idiots…" Lovino mumbles and Antonio smiles at him. "This boat of idiots is going to get you to your little brother. So you just behave~!" The Spaniard coos and pinches Lovino's cheek.

Lovino blushes and tries to swat the man's hand away. "D-don't pinch my cheeks you bastard! I'm a man!" Antonio chuckles and begins to squeeze and rub both of the boy's cheeks. "Fusososo~! So soofffft~!" "STOP IT!" Lovino yells and Antonio smirks at him. "Make me, Lovi~!" The teen fumes. "You bastard…" Antonio laughs and squeezes the boy's cheeks one more time before letting go. "This 'bastard' is your new bunkmate, Lovi." Lovino cringes. "Wh-what…?"

The Spaniard nods and smirks at the boy. "We don't have an empty room. I was not expecting new recruits." Lovino looks around scared. "Wh-wh-why can't I sleep with Feliciano? I-I want to sleep with him if I have to sleep with someone!" Feliciano looks at him bright eyed. "Really~?" Antonio laughs a little and pats him on the head. "Sorry Lovi, he shares a room with Ludwig." Lovino fumes and glares daggers at the now nervous Ludwig. "Yooouuuu figlio di puttana! YOU'RE SLEEPING WITH MY BABY BROTHER?" Ludwig back away when Lovino lunges at him over the table.

"C-calm down, Lovi!" Antonio commands and Lovino ignores him, running after Ludwig across the ship. "Oh god…what did you get us into, captain?" A man asks and Gilbert and Francis laugh. "I think this makes things far more interesting. Kesesese!" Francis nods. "Oui~! We need more cute little boys on board! Ohonhonhon!" Antonio looks at Francis. "No touching Lovi. And Gil is right, this is far more fun, no?" The Spaniard asks with a grin before standing up from the table to prevent Lovino from killing Ludwig.

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