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Chapter Eight: King Of The Sea

Everyone wakes up and heads to the kitchen where Joan is making breakfast. Francis walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist, kissing the top of her head. "You're so domesticated now, mon amour~!" Joan blushes and looks at him annoyed. "I am not! I could easily still kick your ass." She points out and he laughs. "Of course~!"

As they continue with their playful banter Lovino stalks out of his room annoyed and notices Antonio alone in the yard. Again. He scowls and heads outside, determined to figure out just what the hell happened last night. "Oi, Antonio!" Antonio looks at him and smiles, his nervousness obvious to Lovino. "Hey, Lovi~!" The teen looks at him unamused. "Uhuh…so are you going to tell me just what the hell possessed you to KISS me last night?" Antonio coughs awkwardly and stares at the ground. "I told you…it was an accident…"

Lovino's eyes narrow at him. "It isn't an accident when you move closer slowly. You had every intention of doing it!" Antonio glares at him. "No I didn't! Why would I want to kiss someone? Just forget it!" He quickly turns and walks away from Lovino, heading to the house. "I have to go grab the stuff for the ship!" Lovino watches him leave angrily. "Figlio di puttana…" He looks at the ground sadly. "…I hate you…"

That evening:

Everyone has packed and is now ready to leave port. As they pull back out into the sea Lovino locks himself up in a room with Matthew. "So…you're NOT upset?" Matthew asks and Lovino nods angrily. "That's right! I don't care if he didn't want to kiss me! Th-that just makes him an idiot!" The blond looks at him unimpressed. "Really now…? Yeah, you obviously aren't upset. Someone who is upset would, oh say, lock themselves up in a room with their best friend and not stop talking about it for hours…Oh wait! You are!" He says sarcastically and Lovino chucks a pillow at his head.

"Vaffanculo!" The Italian hisses and Matthew sighs, moving the pillow. "No thanks, I'll pass Lovino." Lovino glares. "Since when did you become such an ass?" Matthew shrugs. "I don't know…I have been living with pirates…it isn't the most savory of things…" Lovino nods. "Yeah, but our crew is probably one of the kindest I've seen…" The blond thinks for a minute. "We've never fought…since I came aboard at least." Lovino leans against the wall. "I've fought them…they are vicious in battle." Matthew frowns. "I don't want to be involved in their battles…" Lovino looks over at him. "You wouldn't be, you're our cook. Don't worry."

Matthew sighs. "Great, now I feel useless." Lovino groans. "You would be in charge of protecting Marcello and Peter. I'm actually surprised Gilbert didn't teach you to at least use a weapon." The blond shrugs. "He did, but still…" The brunette sighs and smiles awkwardly. "Th-then you're not useless…" Matthew smirks and raises a brow. "Your smile is freaky." Lovino scowls again. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Once they get out on the ocean:

Lovino yawns and comes out of Matthew's room with the blond. "Birdie~! I missed you~! The awesome me was so bored!" Gilbert exclaims, pulling Matthew into a hug. "G-Gil-!" Matthew squeaks, blushing. Lovino rolls his eyes at the two and goes to the steering area, meeting up with Antonio. "Oh, my bad. I didn't realize you were up here…" He mumbles, turning to go back down to the main deck. "W-wait! Lovi…um…" Antonio stares at the steering wheel and Lovino walks over annoyed. "What?" The Spaniard sighs and looks at the ground. "I didn't…mean what I said before to sound how it did…"

Lovino scowls. "Yes you did. I don't care anyways. It's not like I wanted to kiss you or anything! Who would want to kiss an idiot like you? Y-you're not even GOOD at it!" Antonio sighs. "Lovi…I'm sorry…but can't you-?" "CAPTAIN! AN ENEMY SHIP IS COMING!" Francis yells from the crow's-nest and Antonio twitches. "Fuck! Who is it?" Antonio looks at him annoyed and Francis looks up at him fearfully. "…It's Ivan's crew." "SHIT!" The Spaniard runs past Lovino, who quickly follows. Gilbert passes out weapons, mostly swords except for Antonio's large battle axe. And Lovino's guns he keeps on him at all times.

Luckily Arthur and his crew are still here and they quickly anchor beside Antonio's ship, ready to help in the battle. Ivan soon comes on board Antonio's ship, stalking over to him and grabbing the collar of his shirt, smiling at him. "You have something that belongs to Natalia, da?" Antonio looks at him confused, before noticing the Russian's gaze turn to Lovino. "THAT IS MINE." The Spaniard says coldly and Ivan smirks. "Is it now? Then I will leave him."

Everyone looks at him confused and Antonio tightens his grip on his battle axe. "At what cost?" He asks and Ivan's face grows darker. "You know me so well, Antonio. He can stay here and I won't interfere, as I said, but I need to teach you a lesson for messing with someone associated with me." One of Ivan's men come up and roughly grab Antonio as Ivan pulls out his sword. "I'll leave a mark on you, to forever remind you of your mistake." He readies his sword and lunges forward to slash Antonio's chest when Lovino runs in front of him and turns his back to Ivan so the man leaves a scar on his back. "LOVINO!" Antonio gasps as the boy falls into his arms.

Ivan looks at them surprised for a second before smiling darkly. "Well, I guess this works as well." Antonio looks at him with violent rage. "I WILL KILL YOU!" He hisses and grabs his axe, cradling Lovino in his other arm. "Antonio! Don't!" Francis calls and the Spaniard ignores him, slicing the man's right arm off. "You think I should be apologizing to you? You don't own the sea! I OWN THE SEA! The only reason I was going to allow you to do something to me was to avoid any of my men getting hurt! Yet you hurt Lovino! MY FUCKING LOVINO! You're lucky I don't kill you!" He looks over to Gilbert and Francis, still angry. "GET THESE VERMIN OFF MY SHIP!" The two men nod as Antonio carries Lovino downstairs.

Arthur comes up, his sword drawn. "You will all leave now, unless you'd all like to be short an arm." The man who held Antonio looks at him and draws a gun and gets ready to shoot Arthur. Quickly Alfred notices and pulls out his gun, shooting the offender between the eyes. Arthur watches the body fall before smirking at the rest of the men. "Any other takers?" He asks and they all quickly, but gracefully, run back to their ship.

Once they leave, Arthur smiles at Alfred and slaps him on the back. "Good job, Alfred." The taller blonde smirks and puts away his gun before capturing his captain's chin. "Then I want a reward, captain." Arthur blushes brightly and goes to push him away but quickly gets stopped by Alfred's lips crashing on his own.

Antonio's room:

Matthew looks Lovino over and sighs as Antonio paces the room. "Why did you do this, idiot?" The blonde asks and Lovino groans. "H-he would have killed him if he hit Antonio's chest with such force…we can't lose our captain…" Antonio stops pacing and looks over at him annoyed. "You idiot! The only reason there was so much force was because you got in his way when he was running! YOU could have been killed!" Lovino looks over at him weakly "You're supposed to be willing to die for your captain…shouldn't you be proud?"

Antonio quickly walks over to him, Matthew getting out of the way, and grabs Lovino's face. "The thought of you dying…erases any shred of pride I can feel for your devotion." Lovino blushes and tries to turn away but is prevented by Antonio's strong hands. "Lovino, look at me." The boy whines in protest. "I'm in pain! Leave me alone!" Antonio frowns and leans down, bringing his face inches from Lovino's. "I won't leave you alone. I'm commanding you to never do that again, understand?" Lovino tries to shrink away from the closeness but nods meekly. "Good. I don't want to lose you, Lovi." Antonio mumbles before lightly kissing him. "Go to sleep now, Lovi." Lovino stares at him wide eyed and nods a little before the Spaniard leaves the room.

"Here Lovi, take some medicine and go to sleep." Matthew hands him the spoon full of liquid and Lovino does as he's told.

A week later:

"Antonio, you need to go see Lovino! Everyone else has! Hell, even Ludwig has!" Francis exclaims and Marcello nods, both seated at a table in Antonio's office. Joan and Peter being busy with cooking dinner with Matthew and Feliciano. "He risked his life for you, it's only fair to acknowledge him." Antonio groans and buries his face in his hands. "I know, but I don't know what to say to him…it seems like every time I see him now I end up kissing him…" The other two roll their eyes. "It should be a crime to be so stupid." Francis mumbles and Marcello sighs. "I feel so bad for fratello, he must be so confused."

Antonio pouts. "What about me? I'm confused too!" Joan rolls her eyes. "Yeeaahhh, but you're not a cute little boy. You're just a stupid old man who refuses to acknowledge he's in love." Antonio blushes and stares at the table. "I...I know I'm in love…but Lovi is just so…confusing…I'm not sure if he likes me back in that way…" Francis and Marcello groans loudly, both banging their heads on the table in frustration. "You're going to break my fratello's heart...it's so obvious he loves you! He was crying that night he thought he wouldn't see you anymore! The only other time he has cried was when he was forced to leave us!" Marcello yells before standing up and grabbing Antonio's arm, pulling him off the chair. "Now get up! Go into that room! And confess!"

Antonio looks at Marcello surprised. "He…cried…? I mean…I thought I saw him tearing up that day but…" "Not that day, Antonio. The night before. He cried, sobs and all, when he thought we were all asleep. And…he was crying your name…" Marcello mumbles and Antonio blushes. "H-he did…?" A serious look comes over Antonio's face. "Excuse me you two." Marcello and Francis watch him leave in relief. "…Did he really cry out his name?" Francis asks and Marcello shrugs. "How would I know? I was asleep." The blonde smirks. "You're a sneaky little boy." Marcello looks at him. "Your point?" "I like it." Francis says and Marcello smirks.

Antonio and Lovino's room:

Lovino lays on the bed in a slight haze. The blood loss had made him weak for the past few days and all he's done is lay in bed in pain. Antonio even stayed out of the room, from guilt Lovino assumed. Of course it isn't Antonio's fault, he couldn't save him without getting hurt himself. And as much as Lovino hates to admit it, even to himself, he would die inside if Antonio got hurt in the manor he did-just to keep someone such as himself. He loves Antonio after all. Even though he REALLY doesn't want to, and even though he KNOWS Antonio will never feel the same. He didn't even want to kiss him...

Lovino continues to pout as he lays on his stomach and stares at the wall, until the door opens. "L-Lovi…Matthew said you were doing better today…" Antonio mumbles and Lovino blushes, looking over to him. "Y-yeah…" The Spaniard looks at him as if he's about to cry and quickly walks over to the bed, sitting next to him. "I'm so sorry Lovi, it's all my-!" "SHUT UP YOU IDIOT! IT IS NOT!" Lovino hisses and Antonio looks at him surprised. "L-Lovi…do you really mean that?" He asks quietly and Lovino nods in embarrassment.

"O-oh god Lovi…" Antonio breathes out as he leans forward and kisses the back of the boy's head. "A-Antonio?" Lovino gasps and Antonio ignores him, lifting his shirt up. "It's such a bad scar…" The Spaniard mutters and Lovino blushes, burying his face in his pillow. "I-it isn't that bad…" The taller brunette smirks at the boy's reaction before leaning down and placing a soft kiss on the tip of his wound. "Does that hurt?" Lovino goes bright red, his blush even reaching his ears where Antonio can see it. "N-no…it doesn't…."

Antonio grins and kisses further down the wound. "That…?" "N-no…" Lovino mumbles and Antonio kisses another area. "Still no…?" "S-still no…" The Italian whispers and Antonio kisses the rest of the way down before licking up the length of the wound, earning a shaky gasp from the teen. "What about that?" Antonio asks, his lips up against the boy's ear. "N-no!" Lovino squeaks out and Antonio chuckles. "Lovi…Lovino…what are you doing to me…?" The Spaniard mumbles into the boy's hair before gently kissing the back of his head.

"I-I'm not doing a damn thing! You're the one doing weird stuff!" Lovino hisses and Antonio frowns. "It's your fault…you've ruined me." "I DIDN'T-!" Antonio cuts him off annoyed. "You made me fall in love with you! Th-that isn't what I wanted! It goes against my rules and it's even something you don't care for!" He buries his face into the back of Lovino's neck. "How can you be so cruel…?" Lovino squeaks and tenses up. "Y-you…you love…me…?"

Antonio groans into the back of his neck, his hot breath meeting Lovino's sensitive skin. "I do love you." Lovino blushes and turns his head as much as he can to see Antonio. "I love you too…" Antonio looks at him surprised for a minute before leaning down and pressing a needy kiss to the boy's lips. He licks the boy's bottom lip, quickly gaining entrance. Lovino turns on his side, held there by Antonio's hand on his lower back, pressing the boy against him. They lay there for awhile, mapping out every inch of the other's body and mouths.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SEX AHEAD! RUN! RUUNNNNN!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Finally, out of need for air, they pull back. "Ah…Lovino…I love you so much…" Antonio whispers between gasps and kisses the boy's forehead. "I...I love you, too…" Lovino mumbles and frowns. "B-but…I need to lay back on my stomach…" Antonio frowns and sits up as the boy rolls back over. "Oh…alright…I will stop then." Lovino blushes. "Y-you don't have to…" The Spaniard smirks. "Oh...alright. I won't stop then." He crawls behind Lovino and leans forward, kissing up the boy's back. "A-aahh…." Lovino moans and Antonio smirks against his skin, running his hands under the boy to rub his chest. "Mmmm Lovi…"

Antonio goes to nip on his ear and gets his curl instead, making the boy arch up and moan. "Antonio~!" The Spaniard looks at him surprised for a second before flipping the boy over and pulling him into his lap. "That was so cute, I wish I could've seen your face~!" He coos and Lovino looks at him flustered. "I-I'm not cute!" Antonio buries his face in the boy's neck. "We'll just have to agree to disagree, mi querido." He gently nips the sensitive skin and begins to rub up against the teen. "O-oh! Antonio…!" Lovino gasps as Antonio kisses him on the cheek.

"C-can I lay you down, Lovi…?" Antonio whispers into his ear before nibbling it. "M-mm…yes…" Lovino mumbles and Antonio gently lays him on his back. "Your back ok…?" Antonio asks and Lovino pouts. "S-stop asking embarrassing things! Of course it is!" The boy whines and Antonio chuckles, leaning down and sucking on Lovino's curl. "S-stooop thhaaat~!" "No~! Not with that face you're making~!" Antonio pulls down his pants, making Lovino gasp and try to push him away. "D-don't touch there!" The boy cries and Antonio snickers, leaning down and licking the tip. "A-aahhnn~! Antonio~!" Lovino moans, arching his back.

"Dios mio you're so cute…" Antonio mumbles against the boy's member before taking it into his mouth. "M-mmnnn Antonio~!" Lovino whimpers and Antonio sits up, rubbing Lovino's inner thigh. "Hmm Lovi, you feel so good. Lovi's skin is so soft…" "S-stop talking like that!" The teen whines and Antonio smirks, leaning down and licking the inside of his thigh. "A-Antonio!" Lovino gasps as Antonio works his way up to the boy's chest. "Ohh Lovi you taste so good~!" Antonio coos and Lovino covers his face in embarrassment. "I-idiot!" The Spaniard smirks and sits up, taking off his own shirt and pants before leaning down and kissing Lovino. "Mmm…Antonio…please…h-hurry up and…a-and…"

Antonio chuckles and Lovino pouts. "A-Antonio stop laughing and just fuck me!" The Spaniard looks down at him a little surprised and Lovino looks away embarrassed. "Dios mio Lovi, it should be illegal to be so fucking cute." He leans down and begins kissing him hungrily as he grabs some lotion and prepares his entrance. Lovino whimpers and gasps in pain until Antonio reaches the sensitive bundle of nerves, making him moan. "O-oohh~! A-Antonio-! M-more…!"

Antonio removes his fingers and smirks down at him, licking his curl teasingly before slowly entering him. "N-nnnn~! Antonio~!" Lovino whimpers in pleasure, thrusting up towards him after he gets used to it. "A-aahh Lovino…!" Antonio moans, grabbing the boy's hips and thrusting into him. "O-ohh…! Lovi! Y-you feel so good…!" He gasps out, thrusting harder into him and muffling the boy's moans with a passionate kiss.

Pulling back for air Antonio notices the glazed look in Lovino's eyes as the boy wraps his legs around his waist and thrusts up toward him. "O-oh~! Antonio~! S-si! Si…!" Lovino gasps and Antonio smirks, nipping on his ear. "Mmm Lovi, you're so hot when you speak Spanish." Antonio whispers and Lovino shudders. "F-faster! A-Antonio-! More-! M-mio dio…!" Lovino moans, making Antonio grab his hips tightly and slam into him harder. "H-hhnnn! Lovi...! T-te amo…!" Antonio gasps and leans forward to suck on his curl. "N-nnnooo…! S-stop! A-Antonio~!" Lovino moans and Antonio smirks against his curl.

They continue their movements, fast and passionate, until they reach their limits. Both moan the other's name before collapsing onto the bed in exhaustion.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*cough* You may return…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A few weeks later:

Lovino, now fully healed, has a permanent scar on his back. "Oi~! Looovvviiiii~!" Antonio coos, running up to the boy. "What is it?" "I got a message from Arthur's crew!" Lovino looks at him confused. "WHAT? HOW?" The Spaniard smiles and holds up a seagull. "This~!" Lovino twitches a little. "I'm not even going to ask…" "Don't knock it, Lovi. Some day birds being used to pass messages between people will become popular! Anyways, it says that Ivan has retreated to land and given up his ship! Arthur and mine's worst enemy has left!" Antonio exclaims, hugging Lovino tightly. "Of course he's left…you cut off his fucking arm. How is he supposed to keep going as a pirate with one arm?" Lovino asks and Antonio shrugs.

"I always figured he's just cut off one of his men's and try to use it." The teen shivers a little. "Th-that's just gross!" Antonio shrugs. "Lots of pirates have tried it." "You're all fucking gross! Just for that, we're not having sex tonight!" Lovino exclaims and Antonio looks at him horrified. "EEEEHHHHHH? LOVVIII! DON'T SAY THAT!" the Italian ignores him and heads down to spend time with his brothers and Matthew. "L-LOVIIII! I WOULD NEVER DO IT! COME ON! LOVII!" Antonio whines, unaware of Gilbert and Francis coming up to him. "Kesesese!" "Ohonhonhonhon! Mon Ami, do not worry~! It will all work out!" Francis coos and Antonio looks at him. "Really?" Francis and Gilbert nod. "Yeah!" "How do you know?" Antonio asks and the two men smirk, exclaiming in unison. "Because we're still getting laid tonight!"

The Spaniard twitches a little. "I hate you guys so fucking much right now." "Kesesesese!" "Ohonhonhonhon!"

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