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Dark clouds covered the sky. Thunder rumbled, lighting flashed and rain drops were hitting the ground at astonishing speeds. All in all, this wasn't the weather to be walking in. yet for one spiky, blond haired person, this was what Uzumaki Naruto was doing. As he walked, his mind wandered back to what happened two weeks ago, on that faithful day where all his dreams shattered in one heartfelt moment.


Naruto entered the newly built Konohagakure no Sato council chamber. All of the councilors were present, along with Tsunade and her elders, Mitokado Homura and Utatane Koharu. It had been four weeks ever since the battle versus Pein and his bodies. Naruto looked at everyone present, dread filling every fiber of his bones. He had been called to discuss a matter with the council and all of Konoha. By looking at his adopted grandmother's face, he knew he was in for a world of hurt.

"Uzumaki Naruto, so glad of you to join us, started Homura. Please take a seat."

Naruto took his seat right next to Tsunade, who couldn't look at her adopted son's face.

"Naruto, do you know why you have been called today, questioned Homura."

Deciding to actually be nice and respectful for once, Naruto answered, "No Elder Mitokado, I do not."

Koharu picked up from where Homura left off. "It has come to our attention that you nearly unleashed the Kyubi during your recent fight."

Naruto finally understood where this was going and he knew he wasn't going to like the outcome. Once again deciding to play dumb, he replied "and what does that have to do with anything? I was able to defeat Pein." However, only Naruto knew that he really did not defeat Pein. Only he knew that he had convinced Pein to finally end the bloodshed and allow himself to go into the afterlife.

"You are correct in that you were able to beat Pein, stated Homura. However, the council has decided that you're too much of a liability to this village and the people. Therefore, for the last week or so, we have debated and have come to the conclusion that you have to leave." (This is all putting it nicely, by the way).

Immediately, Naruto stood up from his seat, despite the cry of the elders to sit his butt back down. "Are you serious, he shouted, anger clearly etched on his face. Have u guys gone incredibly insane? What would make you even think I would deliberately hurt the people of Konoha?"

"Regardless of if you want to hurt the people or it was all by accident, the decision has already been made. By tonight, you are banished from this village. You are hereby stripped of you rank. If you come close to Konoha, we will issue a Kill on Site order on you."

Later, in Naruto's apartment

Naruto looked at what he was bringing. His basic orange and black shirt and pants (several pairs of such clothing), several Ramen cups for his journey, his kunai and shuriken, and his reverse summoning scroll, which was tied to his back. He was also bringing his father's special kunai, which Naruto found while scrounging through the Hokage's basement.

But now another problem had arisen. Where was he supposed to go? As the many destinations ran through mind, Naruto found he couldn't go to too much places. Sunagakure was his first option, but then that would only complicate the current situation. Even though him and Gaara were best friends, Gaara was Kazekage and the Sand council could alert the Konoha council of him being there, since the two were allies.

The next destination was Yuki No Kuni/Haru No Kuni, but that was too far away. It would take him more then what had he packed to head to there. Even though he was aching to see Princess Koyuki, he simply didn't have the supplies to go see her.

Up next was Nami No Kuni. Tazuna and his family would welcome him with open arms, but last he heard, Kirigakure was still in midst of a civil war and Naruto did not want to put Tazuna and his family in danger if Kiri went for them and the Land of Waves.

As the list went on and on, Naruto started becoming saddened. Suddenly, he had remembered one of the promises he made to someone. As the memory came back, a smile seemed to split his face. He had finally had an idea where he would go.

Priestess Shion and Oni No Kuni.

As Naruto though about this place, he couldn't find any fault about going there. The people loved him for saving Shion. Shion herself loved Naruto and even though he didn't know it back then, the promise he made was to father more priestesses for Shion. The land was far away enough to not put anyone he loved in danger, but close enough that it did not take months to get there. The land was not allied with any known elemental nation, so no one knew that he would be there for a long time.

With his destination set in mind, Naruto got ready and packed all of his remaining gear and supplies. It was time to pay Shion a long awaited visit.

End Flashback

It took two weeks, filled with some detours to replenish his supply of ramen, for Uzumaki Naruto to get to Oni Ku Ni. As the view of the semi-large gate appeared right before his eyes, Naruto breathed a sigh of relief.

"Finally, I'm here, he said."

There were two guards posted as duty. One of them stepped forward and declared, "Halt! State your name and reason for coming to Oni Ku Ni."

Naruto immediately got confused. 'When did this happen' he wondered? Deciding that was a question in the near future, he replied. "The name is Uzumaki Naruto and I have come to fulfill a promise I made some time ago."

The guards immediately bowed to Naruto. "Uzumaki-sama, it is great to see you again. The Priestess will be happy to know that you have come to visit her again."

The group started to walk into the town, where Naruto saw many happiness and tranquility. Men were lounging around or were walking around. Women were walking with their loved ones or laughing with their best friends. Children were running around and just enjoying their youthful lives. All in all, it was the best picture that Naruto could paint.

However, despite the beautiful scene that was right in front of his eyes, Naruto also noticed the increased security around the town. There were more guards posted several yards away from the gate and when they got to the palace, Naruto also saw more guards posted, at least three times more then what he saw the last time he was here.

Deciding that he was missing something, he turned to the guard and asked him the question that was on his mind.

"Excuse me, but why so many guards? Last time I was here, there was not that much."

The guard immediately got a sad look. "Uzumaki-sama, the priestess has not told you in her letters?"

"What letters, Naruto asked. I have not received any letters ever since I last saw Shion."

The guard got an angry look. "You are saying that you have not received any letters from the priestess." The guard wanted to make sure that he had heard Naruto correctly.

"That is what I am aware of", replied Naruto. "Was I supposed to receive letters?"

"Yes, the priestess takes time out of ruling to write you letters and when you never replied back, she got both angry and sad, replied the guard. It tore us up, not to mention the many assassinations on her life." The guard thought he had said this low enough, but Naruto still heard him and he became mad.

"Who has been trying to kill her?" Naruto wanted answers and damnit, he was going to get them.

The guard took note of Naruto's rising voice and decided to stop there. "Uzumaki-sama, Priestess Shion will fill you in when we get to her. Now I know it took you awhile to get here, so would you like to rest for the rest of the day? I can have one of the inns get you a room for now and you can visit the priestess later."

Knowing that is was best to wait for Shion, Naruto decided to take the guard's offer and was offered a room in one of the inns near the palace.

It was hard to be a priestess. It was even harder to be a priestess that could tell who would die and when. Sadly, that was what Shion was. Still, someone had to rule Oni No Kuni and she had been selected to be its next ruler.

Setting down another marriage proposal, she was brought back into the real world when a messenger came running into her chamber.

"Yes", she replied tersely. She really didn't want to be disturbed.

The messenger took some time to catch his breath and then started.

"Ma'am, we have received a letter from Kumogakure."

Shion sighed. This was the fifth letter in the last ten days. She really wished the Raikage would stop asking her for her hand in an arranged marriage. Her heart was for one man and one man only.

"What are the contents of this letter", she asked, already dreading the answer.

"The letter has asked you to either accept the marriage proposal", the messenger began.

Shion stopped him there. "Please return the letter just like I did the last several times."

"But ma'am, the letter says to either accept the proposal or he would declare war on us."

This made Shion stop. 'Is the Raikage serious about this marriage thing' she wondered. 'I know that he would not declare full war on us if he does not want to face the other villages. But it still raises the question of why he is going to such extremes.'

Before she could ask the messenger another question, someone else came running into the chamber.

The person bowed right before the priestess and reported in. "Guard Goro, reporting in." Goro then stood at attention.

Shion nodded her head. "At ease, she ordered. What is the news from the border patrol?"

Goro then produced a scroll and read out loud. "Guard towers have reported only one sighting of another human. This person was asked to provide his name and reasoning for his visitation. The man claims to be one Uzumaki Naruto and has…"

Goro stopped when Shion gasped. "My lady, is something wrong", the concerned guard asked.

Shion did not hear him. She had her hands on her mouth and she was trying really hard not to bolt out of the chamber and search for her beloved.

Making sure that this was no joke, Shion asked the guard. "Please state that name again."

"Uzumaki Naruto." "Guard Haruko has sent him to the inn right next to the palace…:"

Goro never got to finish what he was saying, before Shion bolted right past him.

He blinked and then thought, 'that is one starstruck woman.' Shrugging his shoulders, he turned to the messenger and asked, "So what is the recent letter about?"

Naruto was currently lying down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. His mind had wandered to the guard's cryptic meaning. He was also thinking about Shion and he wandered how much she had grown.

'Last time I saw her, I would have defined her as beautiful.' 'She had a great face, beautiful eyes and a grand body'. 'If I had to guess, she had at least a C cup, probably even a D cup.' 'What I wouldn't do to put my hands on those…'

He immediately sat up. 'God I'm turning into Ero-sennin.' He put his hands on his face and ran them down. 'Alright calm down.' It's perfectly normal to be thinking of Shion in that way.' 'With her fine legs, beautiful amethyst eyes, and a personality to kill for.' 'Not to mention those wonderful melons on her chest…'

He was put out of his thoughts when the door to his room was being knocked on. Shacking his head to eliminate any lingering thoughts about Shion's assets, he walked to the door and opened it, only to find that the person knocking was the very person that he just though about.

"Shion-chan", Naruto said.

"Naruto-kun", started Shion.

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Oni No Kuni-Land of Demons

Nani No Kuni-Land of Waves

Yuki No Kuni/Haru No Kuni-Land of Snow/Land of Spring