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Oni No Kuni (three days after Sakura arrives)

The hospital was quite, a stark contrast to her days in Konoha, when people would come in daily for the most questionable of injuries. Of course, the lack of noise was welcoming to Sakura. It allowed her time to think, a luxury not given to someone like her. 'Course, she thought. I never had a quite moment ever since I became an apprentice to Tsunade.'

Currently, she was looking at the daily report, a pencil tucked behind her ear. Nothing seemed to be out of order, though she could see that Mayumi was still recovering from her battle. 'It's amazing what these girls can do. They are genin age but they fight like jounin. Makes me jealous.' She inwardly cursed. The abilities of the girls surpassed all of the current genin in the Leaf village and all of the kunoichi of the Rookie Nine. She also had an inkling that they were on par with Naruto in terms of stamina, if what the paper in front of her was correct.

'Severe chakra exhaustion,' Sakura read in her mind. The emerald hair girl only suffered minor exhaustion. As a medic, she wanted to warn these two to tone down on the jutsus but if they were taught under Naruto, Sakura knew that her words would go in one ear and out the other. This situation was not going to be any different.

The door to her office was suddenly kicked in, startling Sakura. Standing in the doorway was Naruto, who was scratching the back of his head sheepishly. "Sorry about that Sakura, he said. I thought they made these doors stronger."

Sakura was still trying to catch her breath from the sudden appearance of Naruto. It took a minute but when she was able to, she gave Naruto a cross look. It only lasted a second before Sakura started to laugh. "Naruto, that is the lamest excuse on the face of the planet," she said.

Naruto walked into her office, carefully replacing the door. When he was finished, he turned to face Sakura. "I have to at least try, eh?" Naruto once again gave her his foxy grin.

Sakura smiled. "Just don't turn into Kakashi-sensei."

"What, u mean a pervert reading, constantly late teacher?" Naruto asked sarcastically.

"Cant believe I'm agreeing with you but yeah, don't turn into something like that." Sakura replied.

Naruto chuckled. "You don't have to worry about that. Unlike Ero-Sennin, I can keep my perverted side in check.

At the mention of Jiraya's pet name, Naruto grew sad. Jiraya's name would always make him sad because as much as he hated to admit it, Jiraya had been like a father to him. A perverted, money spending father but a father nonetheless. Naruto truly enjoyed his training trip with Jiraya, since the Toad Sage had showed him more then jutsu. Jiraya also taught him important life lessons and Naruto was sure that those lessons had done its intended job and matured Naruto. Jiraya, also of course, had tried to teach him some of his perverted ways. Naruto mostly tried to block them out but alas, it did not work.

Now Naruto was sure that those lessons will haunt them for the rest of his life. He remembered a particular incident about four months after they had begun their training trip.


As Jiraya and Naruto entered the town, Naruto could see that this town was small. There was a brothel located a ways down and about four bars scattered around the town. There was only one hotel, where Jiraya was leading the young blonde to.

Naruto had grown stronger during his time with Jiraya. Sure it had only been four months ever since he left Konoha but Jiraya's teachings had been precise. He had wanted Naruto to start working on his chakra control and his timing summoning shadow clones. He had gotten better in both, albeit a little slowly in his control but it was an improvement none the less.

Naruto was roused from his thoughts when Jiraya started to say something. "Could you repeat that, Ero-sennin?" Naruto asked.

Jiraya started over, ignoring Naruto's pet name for him. "We'll be staying here for awhile. The big open fields should be a good training ground for you."

Naruto stared at him. "So what are we doing today then?"

Jiraya had already gotten the hotel key and was walking up the stairs. Putting the key into the lock and turning the knob, Jiraya set down his pack and answered Naruto.

"We're just gonna take a look around, Jiraya answered. We also have to get small jobs so we can pay for whatever we need in the future."

"What about all the money you made from your books and your spy network?" Naruto asked incredulously.

Jiraya wagged his finger. "That money is only used on emergencies and I don't want to use them for something as trivial as your clothing."

Naruto looked down at his clothing. He was still wearing his orange and blue jumpsuit. "What is wrong with the way I dress?" Naruto asked.

"I'm sure you've heard it from other people about how the way you dress. I don't have to reiterate it."

Naruto sighed. "I guess I can get something better but it must have orange on it."

It was turn for Jiraya to sigh. "You know ninja are supposed to wear dark clothing. Wearing any light clothing only makes you a target for other ninja."

Naruto looked at his sensei. "But this is the only thing I could get from any of the stores in Konoha. Everywhere else kicked me out when they saw me."

The mention of what happened put a frown on Jiraya's face. Shaking his head, he told Naruto "don't worry about this town. I'm sure no one will kick you out of their store." Picking up his pack, Jiraya started out the door.

Naruto asked "where are you going? Aren't you supposed to help me?"

Turning around, Jiraya answered "I'm meeting a contact of mine. We'll continue your training later tonight."

Naruto just looked at Jiraya. "Don't you mean your gonna get so drunk off your butt?"

Jiraya just laughed. "Why is it so hard to believe I'm actually meeting a contact of mine?"

"It's cause you're a womanizing pervert, Naruto answered. Though I guess I can give you the benefit of the doubt."

Jiraya patted Naruto on his back. "That's my boy. Now I hear that there's a brothel here. Maybe you would like to check it out?"

Naruto facepalmed. "What makes you think that I would actually visit that place?"

Jiraya shrugged. "Maybe you'll find something there you will enjoy. Have fun." Walking out of the hotel room, Jiraya silently closed the door behind him.

Naruto just huffed and sat cross-legged on one of the two beds. 'Tch and he says I'll enjoy my time at the brothel, he thought. Like nothing could be farther from the truth.' Shaking his head, he formed his hand into the cross seal and shouted "Kage Bushin No Jutsu."

Out of the smoke rose four other Naruto's and they to took a position on one of the two beds. All of the Naruto's started to mold their chakra. It would be a few hours later before the real Naruto emerged from the room.

As nighttime fell on the small town, Naruto was walking along one of the main roads inside the town. Jiraya had yet to come back and Naruto had wondered if he really should look for his sensei. Shrugging his shoulders, Naruto continued on his path, knowing that his pervy sensei could handle himself in all situations. Well, most if not all situations.

Naruto's wonderings eventually made him go to the front entrance of the brothel. Sighing and steeling his resolve, Naruto pushed open the doors and entered the establishment.

The inside of the brothel was white, extremely white. So much so that Naruto was blinded for a few seconds. Rubbing is eyes, Naruto looked around. The entrance area was made much like the hotel with a receptionist desk near the entrance. There was also another door further that probably led into the main hall. Naruto could only infer that from the main hall, there were two stairs, one that led to the dormitories for the women and one for the rooms where rich people could fuck their payed people. Naruto absolutely hated the system.

Naruto walked to the desk. The person there looked up from her magazine and stared at Naruto. "Aren't you a little young for this place?" she asked.

Naruto tapped his headband, signaling his affiliation and the fact that he was a ninja. The girl shrugged and asked "how may I help you?"

Naruto thought for a moment. "How much is it to get one of your girls?"

"500 ryo (I think this is 5 dollars)," the girl answered.

Naruto reached into his frog wallet and counted his money. 'Hmm, i would have a lot left over but is it truly worth enacting my plan?' he thought. Shrugging his shoulders, Naruto took out the appropriate money and gave it to the girl. The girl took it and gave him a very heavy book.

"This is the roster of our girls. Choose one and she'll be brought to one of the rooms," the receptionist told Naruto.

Naruto nodded his head and took a seat on one of the chairs. Opening the book, he scanned through the book, reading each lady and noticing what she was good at, not that Naruto was really looking in-depth at that part. As Naruto scanned the book, his mind flew to Sakura and wondered what she was doing. Last he heard, she had been training under Oba-Chan. He only hoped that she would grow up to be a powerful kunoichi.

Musing from his thoughts, Naruto finally found a girl that might help him with his plan. Bringing back the book to the girl, he pointed out the picture. When she took a look, her eyes widened and she asked "are you sure about this girl? She is a feisty one."

Naruto nodded. "I'm sure. Believe it."

The receptionist shrugged and went to make a call. After a few minutes, she put down the phone and turned to Naruto. "She is waiting for you. Go inside and take the right staircase. Your client is waiting in room 1010" (reference here. Kudos to anyone who can figure it out).

Naruto nodded again and went through the doors. The main hall was enormous, easily several meters wide. Naruto could also see two staircases, proving his earlier suspicions about this place. Walking to the right stairway, he took it up to the designated floor and walked down the hall. Stopping by the door labeled 1010; Naruto gently pushed open the door and entered.

The room was pretty much standard. Queen sized bed, a bathroom with a Jacuzzi and a mirror. However, all of this was a small thing compared to the beauty that sat on the bed. Her picture did no justice to prepare Naruto for the pure beauty of the person.

Said person had dark brown hair that reached her shoulders. She wore a midnight black kimono, with stars adorning the outfit. It looked like she had bee roused out of bed, since most of her hair was sticking up and some strands were out of place. Still though, the overall affect the girl had on him was startling to say the least. She also had a beautiful face but from what Naruto had read about her, her past life was one filled with misery. Naruto could only hope that he would break her out of her cold shell.

The girl turned and faced Naruto. "So, how do you want this done?" she asked.

Naruto did a double take. "What?"

The girl sighed. "I mean, do you want it straight, do you want anal, or are you going to make me a slave for tonight?" the girl asked.

Traveling with Jiraya had taught Naruto many sexual terms (I mean, would you be surprised if he didn't learn). As such, Naruto knew what the girl was talking about. Shaking his head, Naruto told the girl "I don't want that at all. I just want to talk."

It was now the girl's turn to do a double-take. "A talk? None of my clients have wanted to just talk."

Naruto chuckled. "Trust me. I'm not like many people that you got to "service." I just want to know who you are."

The girl just looked at Naruto. 'Is he serious about this? She thought. This kid…he knows my pain and what I went through. Maybe giving him a chance might not be too bad after all.'

So for the next hour, Naruto talked to his client. He found out that the girl was named Eri and she was a war orphan from Kirigakure. Her entire family had been killed during the first purges of Bloodline War. Luckily (or unluckily), Eri had been out with her grandmother when the purges began and her grandmother was able to get them both out of the village. Both had traveled to this village. The grandmother had died shortly after arriving, leaving Eri with little money and no job at all. She had been employed in the brothel a little over 2 years ago and has been working here ever since.

Eri stopped her story when she felt a pain in her left shoulder. Taking her right hand, she tried to lower the pain but she kept on wincing.

Naruto saw this and got behind her. "Here, I know a few things to help you out."

Eri allowed him and Naruto began his massage. Paying close attention to her shoulder and collarbone areas, Naruto's hands moved with a grace one would expect of a seasoned massager. Eri started to sigh in content and her eyes started to droop. As the massage continued, Eri was in heaven. 'This is…awesome, she thought. Whoever thought his hands were so good at this.'

Sadly, all times must come to an end. Since Naruto had paid 500 ryo, he could only see Eri for three hours at least. So with a tired sigh, he bid Eri a farewell and started toward the door.

Eri opened her eyes. "Will I ever see you again?" she asked.

Naruto turned his head toward her. "I promise you will see me again. Believe it."

And with that, Naruto walked out of the room.


As Naruto entered the hotel, he was struck by how quiet it was. 'Ero-sennin should have been back by now,' he thought. Cautiously entering the room that they were staying in, Naruto saw Jiraya scribbling something into his notepad. Jiraya looked up and smiled. "Well gaki, he started, seems you were getting busy tonight." Jiraya finished with a perverted giggle (do men giggle?)

Naruto just rolled his eyes. "It was nothing, Pervy Sage."

Jiraya giggled again. "My toads say it was nothing."

Naruto stopped. "Wait, you were spying on me?"

Jiraya stood up. "Of course gaki. You are a gold mine of good information. Now, since you have interacted with a girl, I think it's time I told you information about girls."

Hearing this, Naruto tried to bolt toward the door. Jiraya was faster, however, and had caught Naruto before he started to the door. Tying Naruto to a chair, Jiraya took out his first ever Icha Icha book and started reading from the book.

The screams of Uzumaki Naruto were heard by the entire town for the rest of the night.

Flashback End

Naruto winced. That night, he learned much more about females then he ever thought possible. Course, something good came out with that. He got to see Eri every single day. The two grew to become fast friends and Naruto had been able to find work in the brothel as a cooker. The two of them had stayed in the town for another three months before departing. Eri had given him a heartfelt goodbye, tears streaming from her eyes. Giving him a kiss to the lips and a bear hug, she waved to the pair as they continued walking down the road. Naruto looked back and saw Eri waving at him. He waved back and turned around.

Only Jiraya had seen him start to cry.

"Naruto?" Sakura asked.

Naruto shook his head. His daydreaming had taken up much more time they he had realized.

"It's nothing Sakura," he replied.

"Oh, Sakura said. Well, you are doing anything tonight?"

Naruto nodded. "I have a date with Shion later tonight."

Sakura nodded. "I hope you have fun"

Naruto chuckled. "Don't worry, I will."

As Naruto turned and started toward the door, he would know later how much fun he would get that night.


As Shion smoothed out the last contours of her outfit, her mind wandered to the devious plan she had set up for both her and Naruto. A fine restaurant at the edge of the village, around a candle light, a conversation or two, food by the best known chef in all of Hi No Kuni and ending with a searing kiss to end the night.

As the thoughts ran through her head, Shion blushed and her hands traveled to her cheeks. 'At least, I hope it goes out the way I planned,' she thought.

She was interrupted when the doors of her temple started to open. 'Oh, he's here. Time to get started.'

As Naruto entered the temple, he was struck by how serene it looked at night. 'Course, maybe that's because it isn't as hectic,' Naruto thought.

Naruto shouted. "SHION?"

"Over here," came a voice.

Naruto turned his entire body toward the voice, wishing later that he didn't. Shion was leaning against her bathroom door wearing an amethyst dress that came down below her knees, allowing Naruto a gorgeous look at her legs. The dress was a v-neck, which left a LOT of cleavage showing. Not only that but Naruto could tell that the dress was just a little bit tight, accenting Shion's curves. Now Naruto was truly rendered speechless when Shion took the clip holding up her hair out, allowing her long hair to flow freely. Shion was also wearing two inch purple heels.

Shion giggled. "Well, anything to say, Naruto?"

Naruto shook his head. Naruto's brain was still trying to process what was standing right in front of him. 'I honestly thought that Shion could not turn out more beautiful,' Naruto thought.

Shion giggled again and smoothed out her dress. "Well, shall we go?"

Naruto nodded his head dumbly. Shion rolled her eyes, walked up to Naruto and took his hand, and departed from her room.

The night was young for these two and it was time to get it started.


Shion was walking back with Naruto, a stuffed animal being held by her right am, her left hand was clasping Naruto's right hand. The date had been spectacular, one of epic proportions. There had been a festival in town, a large on at that. After getting some snacks at a vendor, Naruto had proceeded to win Shion some prizes. One of course was the huge stuffed animal but he had also won her a gold bracelet, a gold necklace and a pair of earrings. The necklace had a small pendent with an amethyst jewel in the middle. The bracelet had small writing going around it. It said Subete no seimei no tame no 1tsu,-ai no tame ni wa (Japanese: "For one, For all, For love, For life).

As the two continued to walk back, Naruto's hand went from Shion's hand to around her waist. Shion laid her head on Naruto's shoulder, enjoying the cool air and the bathing light from the moon. Passerby watched the scene with an interest, since their leader had never taken to a man before. But Naruto was unlike any man that Shion had ever met. Loyal to a fault, quick acting but smart in his own right and a hell of a good boyfriend. This was all rolled up into one package that made up Uzumaki Naruto.

By the time her thoughts had ended, Naruto and Shion had reached the doors to her palace/home. As Naruto kissed her forehead and waved a goodbye, Shion initiated her plan. Grabbing the collar of Naruto's shirt, Shion brought him back into a heart stopping kiss. Shion didn't stop there, slipping her tongue into Naruto's mouth and explored everything.

Naruto, for a lack of better words, was astonished. He went with his instincts, wrapping both arms around Shion's waist and pulled her closer. He too used his tongue and both of them started to wage a tongue war. Naruto eventually won and slipped his tongue into her mouth, earning a small moan from Shion. Naruto tasted sushi but he absolutely enjoyed this kind.

Shion was in bliss. This was far better then what she could ever imagine or even try to figure. Not one to be outdone, she was able to slip her tongue back into Naruto's mouth, loving the ramen taste that he had. She wanted more, way more.

Unfortunately, both had to separate for air. But then Shion pulled him into the palace and locked the doors via a switch on her wall.

Naruto looked at Shion. "You sure you want to do this, Shion?" he asked.

Shion smiled and pulled him closer. "I've never been surer of anything".

Lemon Scene Begin

Shion pulled him into another kiss, slipping her tongue back into Naruto's mouth. She tasted him again and she knew that she would never get tired of it.

Naruto, who had to dip his head to catch Shion's lips, allowed her tongue into his mouth. For now, he would let her be the dominant one. For now. Meanwhile, his hands wrapped around the middle of her back and started moving down, beyond her spine and her hips, reaching her luscious rear. He cupped one of the cheeks, earning a gasp/moan from Shion. Naruto took the initiative and thrust his tongue into her mouth, again tasting sushi.

All the while, both of them had started moving closer to the bed. The temperature in the room felt like it was going up and it would only go higher. Shion tugged at Naruto's shirt. She wanted it off.

Naruto smiled and took a step back. Reaching for the buttons, Naruto unhinged them one at time and when the shirt was off, Shion got a full view of his well-muscled chest and abs. her hands reached out and felt his six pack. She shuddered, knowing that the coming night would be one of pain and of pleasure.

Naruto suddenly wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her closer. His mouth was right next to her ear, his hot breath teasing her, making her even hotter.

"It's not right that I undress and you're still standing there," he said his voice nothing higher then a whisper.

Shion nodded. Naruto started to kiss her neck, leaving warm imprints. Shion gasped as the warm sensation filled her. Spikes of pleasure ran up and down. All Shion could see was a hazy blond. She felt the zipper on the back of her dress start to loosen. Moments later, the dress came off and Naruto was introduced to a site that would be imprinted into his mind.

Shion herself had pale, milky white skin, with not a single blemish anywhere. Her amethyst eyes regarded Naruto as his gaze slipped lower and lower. Unlike the guess he made on her breast several weeks ago, Shion had mid D-cup sized knockers. The nipples were pink and were aroused. Naruto's gaze slipped further downward, catching her lean stomach and her luscious thighs. Her womanhood was covered by a white thong but he could see that she was practically gushing. All in all, only one word came to Naruto's mind about the bombshell that was in front of him.

"Breathtaking," Naruto said.

Shion blushed. But she also felt self-conscious and folder her arms across her chest. 'Does he think their too big, she thought? Or maybe their not big enough.'

Seeing the action, Naruto reached out and grabbed both of her arms. He shook his head. He leaned down and start6ed kissing her neck again. He heard another moan erupt from her throat. His hands also started to travel downward and cupped both of the mounds. Shion gasped when she felt Naruto's hands on her breasts which turned into moaning when he started to knead them. Her moans started to increase in pitch when he licked her left nipple and played with her right. Naruto then switched, licking her right nipple while his hand massaged her left.

Naruto's other hand traveled downward and slipped into her panties, massaging Shion's folds. Shion moaned louder this time. Smiling like a fox, Naruto inserted one of his fingers into her folds and started to pump. The lessons by his late sensei Jiraya were starting to show and take effect.

Shion, to her credit, could not form any sort of coherent words. All she was reduced to was long moans or short gasps. When Naruto's finger entered her folds, she gave a very loud moan. Her legs felt like jelly and it only got worse when Naruto started to pump his finger back and forth.

"N...aruto, she breathed out. I can't…"

Naruto got the message because he took his finger out of her pussy, stopped playing with her breast and carried her over to the bed. Setting her down gently, he took off her thong and started to lick and lap at her folds. Long moans erupted from his girlfriend. His eyes then spotted the bundle of nerves. Giving him trademark grin, he went back to licking her folds and around it, paying close attention, trying to find out where Shion's sweet spots were.

"N-Narutoooo, Shion breathed out again. I-I'm so…"

Naruto knew how close she was to her end. He could see how much fluids were gushing out of her folds. Wanting to speed up the process, he closed his mouth over the nub and started to lick and suck at them.

Ever since Naruto began his foreplay, a knot had been building and getting tighter inside Shion's stomach. When he started to lick her folds, she knew that she wouldn't last long. When he attacked her clit, that was the end.

Shion screamed, unable to comprehend the vast emotions running through her. She felt almost lightweight and breathless. She rode her orgasm for a good minute or so. The high seemed never-ending. When it all ended, Shion was breathing heavily, sweat running down her body. She felt spikes of pleasure coming from her nether regions. She cracked an eye and saw Naruto lapping up her juices.

Naruto looked up and saw Shion look at him with dark eyes. "You like that didn't you?" he asked.

Shion did not answer him but instead flipped him onto his back. Naruto was still shocked when Shion started to kiss downward, starting from his neck and ending just above the line of his pants. Giving Naruto a sensual smile, Shion unbuttoned his pants and slid them down. She rubbed her hand over Naruto's erection through his boxers, getting a moan from the blonde male. She then took the waistband of the boxers and pulled them down too, only to receive the shock of her life.

Naruto's cock was 9 inches and so wide that one of her hands couldn't fit around it. It felt like it was pulsing, alive even. She reached out, grabbed his cock and started to pump, paying close attention to the head of his stick. When she felt a small intake of air, Shion knew she had hit a spot that was sensitive to her doings. She also fondled his sack, earning another moan from the ninja. Remembering what one of the nobles had done to her husband; Shion bent down and licked the underside of his cock, from the very bottom to the very head.

Naruto gave a hearty groan, his hands closed around the sheets. That feeling! It was erotic and sexual in every sense of the word. He nearly blew his load right there but he had to hold on. He wanted to last the night, for both him and Shion.

Shion licked his shaft was once again but then closed her mouth around his cock head. She then lowered her head until she could feel his cock hit the back of her throat. She measured how far she went. Only halfway but better then she thought. She then bobbed her head, so slowly and so strongly that Naruto got a pained expression on his face. Her cheeks were caved in as she sucked on his stick, her tongue sometimes swirling around his head.

Naruto was close, too close. "Shion, he breathed. I'm really…"

Shion nodded her head and moved back so that only the tip was in her mouth. She then wrapped both hands around his cock and started to pump. Naruto's cock throbbed again and Shion tasted his seed. It was gushing now and she tried her best to swallow all of it. She got through three spurts before the next one overfilled her and some of his cum escaped and went on her chest. It was about several seconds after that Shion felt his cock stop twitching and her mouth left his cock. She swallowed what was left then licked her lips to catch any remnants. She spotted the cum that managed to get on her breasts and started to swirl them until they disappeared. Her gaze turned to Naruto, who had caught her doing that and his cock had risen to full mast again.

Naruto watched as Shion sat up and approached his meat. She grabbed it and positioned it at her entrance. Giving him a smile, she lowered herself and saw the tip enter her folds. As inch by inch started to disappear, Shion felt a slight discomfort from his cock entering and her.

Naruto felt the tip hit a barrier. He spoke to her "you know you can stop here."

Shion shook her head. With that action, she slid further down his cock, pas her hymen. Naruto moved his hands to her hips to prevent her from taking all of him in. Shion started to cry. The immense pain was nothing she ever felt before.

Naruto, seeing the tears, sat up and kissed Shion. He also used his hands and kneaded both of her breasts. Anything he did lessened the pain that Shion was feeling. Nothing too big but just enough to help her with the pain.

After a minute, Shion nodded, indicating she was ready. Naruto got the message and started to move his hips slowly. He could see that Shion winced a little every time. He was also trying not to cum too early. Shion's pussy was clamping onto his cock like a vice, her walls massaging him. He hoped to make Shion feel what he was feeling, the pleasure that she was unwillingly giving him.

After another few minutes, Shion's face had gone from pain to one of growing pleasure. Naruto could hear small moans coming from Shion that rose in pitch and volume the more they went at it.

"Faster Naruto-kun," Shion said, barely able to form words.

He nodded and started to pump in and out, faster and faster. Her moans started to get louder and louder, enticing Naruto and making him go even faster. Her pussy was flowing fluids, which only slickened and made it easier for Naruto's cock to piston in and out of her folds.

All too soon, Naruto could feel his impending release. Fearing that he would get Shion pregnant, he tried to pull out and cum somewhere else. Shion, however, clamped her legs, preventing Naruto from moving. She leaned and spoke into his ear. "It's okay, I want your hot cum inside my pussy. Please."

The begging tone was all Naruto needed to continue. Pumping his cock into her wet folds, Naruto loved the way Shion screamed every time he hit her G-Spot. Faster and faster he went until he felt his balls churning. He buried all of his cock into Shion, releasing his seed into her womb.

Shion moaned loudly, as another orgasm tore through her body. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as his hot seed made its way through her body. Shion felt so full, fuller then when Naruto's cock entered her. She collapsed as Naruto pulled the sheets over both of their bodies, blissful sleep entering their minds.

Lemon End

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