This is a HitsuKarin fic in which Karin in not a little helpless human girl, you have been warned. (In other words she will probably[most likely] be OP.) I will try to keep them in character as much as I can, but I know I'm not good at that so this is going to be a intelligent!powerful!Karin fic.

The start of the fic is when Ichigo goes to SS, as this is a FANfiction I've made some changes which you will probably notice, my apologies for not being super accurate about it, but i do try my best :).

Warnings: Language, morbid humor [slightly] and MAYBE lemon, I'm still thinking about that. (This goes for the whole fic).

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Chapter One

Ichigo Kurosaki turned towards the blonde man, his right foot as close to the gate as possible without actually taking a step inside. "My family…" he said with a small hitch in his voice. "What will they think happened?" He finished, ignoring the pitying glances his companions gave him.

None of them had anything to worry about. Chad and Inoue had no family to miss them while Ishida had a father that did not care. Even if he did find him missing, he was a Quincy just as his son, Ishida had nothing to hide. But for Ichigo it was different, he had a father and two younger sisters that would miss the grumpy orange haired teen.

The mysterious store owner flashed a smile that showed no teeth towards the teen before his typical fan covered his face. "Who knows?" He pondered briefly before finishing the sentence. "I guess you better be back soon before they truly start to worry."

The glint that shined inside his grey orbs should've given away the fact that Urahara Kisuke knew something, something of great value, something that Ichigo would never dream of. A small chuckle escaped him at the thought of his reaction to the fact that his father was a shinigami ex-captain. The odd looks he received were ignored by the scientist.

Just as Ichigo opened his mouth to argue with the shifty answer that was given, the fan snapped closed with a sharp click. "Best hurry now; one never knows when the gate could close." He added as a way to prevent the boy to speak.

Ishida Uryu watched the exchange with a suspicious glance. He could tell that the store owner knew something, he always did, but his words of skepticism were brought short at the small glance of a scowling face that retreated back behind the rock at his attention.

He knew that face…Where had he seen that girl before?

He frowned in concentration, but the name escaped him. Ditching the thought to the back of his mind, he turned his attention back to the present situation seconds before the human turned shinigami ran inside the portal. Never one to be left behind he raced behind the orange haired teenager.

Behind the rock that had hid her so well stood Kurosaki Karin, a sigh of relief at not being ratted out escaped her without her consent. Karin could feel the pressure of remaining hidden weighing her down, what had possibly possessed her to follow her brothers Reiatsu to the decrepit old candy store that no one visited.

Ah, her thirst for knowledge that was what. She cursed her luck now, even if she had discovered a lot about what his brother was up to. Her usually tight control on her Reiatsu tightened even more, her fear of discovery snuffing her usually reckless side. She wasn't even sure if it was still alive after watching what recklessness had done to her brother.

Karin had always known that her brother was not the brightest bulb in the shed, but she would think that he would be smart enough not to trust a shifty man such as the blonde guy implicitly. Besides she was sure that he had something more that could've helped him in his apparent quest.

"Ichi-nii, you fool!" She muttered, or rather cursed, as she trapped a lock of black hair behind her ear.

On the other side of the underground training facility that Urahara had built, said man stood and pondered on his decisions. Was it truly right to let Ichigo risk his life for the sake of the twisted game that he and Aizen had played for over a century?

With a sigh that was echoed across the grounds, he laid his mind to rest knowing that it was mostly the boys' fault for trusting him so implicitly. Funnily enough the thought was echoed by a person a few feet away from him.

The soft, almost nonexistent, murmur of word broke his melancholy and sharpened his features; no one was supposed to be down here, he had sent Tessai and Yoruichi upstairs a few minutes ago. His eyes narrowed into slits beneath the cut up hat.

With a grace that bellied his training under Yoruichi, he made his way towards the only rock formation that had not suffered from his fight with Ichigo. Just as he landed atop the rocky surface a small rock tumbled down and slammed right beside a small head of black locks.

The frightened yelp and the slight jump to the other side indicated that the infiltrator was a girl, his grey eyes watched in disappointment as her gaze failed to travel upwards in search of a threat. If he had wanted her dead, she would be on the ground by now.

What he did not know was that the young girl beneath him had sensed him the second he had started moving her way. With a practiced motion, Karin unwound her tense shoulders and pretended not to notice the man above her. She did not need to use her eyes to 'see' where he was.

It came as a surprise to realize that even with her vehement denial that ghosts existed, or perhaps because of it, the presence that she came to know as herself had been subconsciously suppressed, which gave the raven haired girl almost perfect control over her aura.

Right now she had reined it to its limit, hoping that he would not sense her ability to see ghosts. As the blonde observed her, Karin's heart raced. Her acting skill put to the test; she took a few steps towards the ladder that was directly in front of her. Trusting in her ability to sense other auras, she bid her time.

Per her calculations, the best time to make a break for it would be when the man jumped from the rock. Her logic said that if he was falling through the air, he would not be able to change his course and pursue her until he had landed which would give her a window space of five seconds to bail out of the basement and enter the shop above ground.

Closing her eyes and counting inside her mind, she smiled as she 'saw' him jump. Without a second to lose she sprinted towards the ladder, the muscles of her legs straining against the sudden effort. Urahara's grey eyes widened in surprise and disbelief as gravity took its sweet time in bringing him to the ground. Before his mind could process the fact that his feet were on the ground he was chasing after the girl, who was halfway through the stairs.

The fact that she had fooled him magnificently and managed to go through with the plan made his yellow eyebrows rise in astonishment. She was but a child! The shop owner spent a couple of seconds thinking about what he should do, let her escape or shunpo to the top and wait for her to arrive.

Choosing the second option, he took a flash step that would make his lover proud. Arriving at the top with seconds to spare he snapped his fan open and used it to cover his lower face in his trademark way. Yoruichi, seeing the commotion, made her way towards the man she loved. Sitting by his side he watched as a head of black hair popped out of the basement.

The surprise in the small face would've been funny if not for the fact that they did not know who she was. Karin could not believe what her eyes were telling her. The man she had 'sensed' was standing before her in all his hat-and-clogs glory with a black cat at his feet. The impassive yellow eyes watched her with more intelligence than a housecat should have.

Her gaze drifted from the top floor towards the barren basement, the height almost making her dizzy. She shook her head again and looked at the man who was clearly amused with her confusion. She fumed silently.

"Hello, my name is Urahara Kisuke and I'm just a normal shop owner. Who might you be?" He said as he bent at his waist in her direction.

The small girl scowled at him and lightning quick snatched the stupid, annoying fan from his hand. In less than a second the damned thing was flying through the air and downwards to the basement. He gaped at her in disbelief once more, but now there was horror in the mix too. Oddly enough, the cat seemed to be gaping too, but in shocked amusement. Karin brushed it off before growling at the man.

"It's none of you damn business." She snarled. The man leaned away from her with a small pout, she had killed his fan. He lost his hat AND his fan in the same afternoon, today was not a good day for Urahara Kisuke. Unfortunately, he did not know that it was about to get much worse.

Unable to resist, Yoruichi snorted and laughed out loud. Dark grey eyes widened in bewilderment before her grip on the ladder slipped and she tumbled down the way she had just climbed. Her last thought as she watched the two horrified faces shrink as she fell was that karma truly was a bitch.

Kurosaki Karin awoke to the sound of a whispered discussion. Her body ached all over, it was difficult to breath and her headache was the size of Ichigo's ego. In summary she was not in the mood to be conscious and the murmurs that had woken her only increased in volume. To say that Karin had little patience when annoyed would be an understatement.

"Would you shut up?" She grumbled angrily before even opening her eyes. "My head hurts more than dying did." She added, the silence that followed allowed her mind to catch up with her mind, which caused her to snap her eyes open.

The last thing she remembered was watching the faces that were above her right now, except that the sadness that she could see in their eyes now was replaced by horror as….she fell. Her dark grey eyes widened in disbelief as she watched the blonde psycho who had attacked her brother with a sword until he fought back, but the woman who stared at her with yellow eyes caught her attention.

Her dark skin contrasted beautifully with her yellow eyes and her purple hair was loose over her front, covering her nudity. The longer the young girl stared at her, the longer she seemed familiar, but it was impossible to have seen such an exotic woman and have forgotten about her. 'She's the cat…', Karin thought as her mind connected the yellow eyes.

"I'm dead..." She stated, forgetting about the woman now that she knew why she seemed familiar. "I'm dead." She repeated as her hands clutched the Chain of Fate that lay in the middle of her flat chest.

The yellow eyes narrowed in sorrow and guilt. "I'm sorry." Came the choked whisper.

Karin focused on the woman with no confusion in her eyes. "It's okay, but Ichi-nii is going to kill you when he finds out." She brushed off the apology with a weak smile on her lips.

Her attempt to lighten the mood somewhat backfired as both Shinigami exiles paled. "Oh god," Yoruichi muttered, "you are Ichigo's little sister?"

Confusion marred Karin's face as her gaze traveled between the two adults. "You didn't know?" She asked softly.

"No, we didn't." said Urahara softly, before clearing his throat. "I didn't know who you were. That was why I was following you." He added in a stronger voice as he cursed inside his mind. He had killed two Kurosaki's in one week. "He's going to kill us." He whispered with dread in his eyes.

"I don't think Ichi-nii would actually kill you even if he tried." Karin put her two cents in with a small shrug.

"I'm not talking about Ichigo." He said to himself. Karin's eyes narrowed in suspicion as she heard his words. Insert fake Urahara smile.

Letting it drop, Karin's gaze travelled to the stairs and scrunched her face in disgust. "I am NOT cleaning that up." She said in her best boys-have-cooties voice, not that she believed in that anyways. "You should make cat-lady do it, she killed me after all." Eyebrows rose in surprise at her words.

"How did you know that she was the cat, her voice is male in that form." Urahara demanded.

Karin stared at him impassively. "Her eyes."

Urahara hummed in understanding, feeling out of pace and unnerved by her easy acceptance of her death. "Are you feeling any heaviness? Any pain breathing?" He asked, almost desperately in his attempt to change the conversation.

Yoruichi was staring at the mess that had once been Kurosaki Karin with a resigned light in her eyes. With her attention on the corpse, she almost missed the answer to the very important question.

"At the beginning I did, now I feel pretty light actually. Lighter than when I was a human." She answered as she sat up and stretched her arms to chest level.

Urahara smiled in true delight for the first time in the whole night. "Then how would you like to become a shinigami? To aid your brother in his quest?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

Karin thought it over; she knew that her brother had not thought things through in his haste to leave, but she knew better than to trust this man unreservedly. Her dark eyes clouded over as she thought and Urahara turned to look at his lover.

Her yellow eyes were narrowed in suspicion at his plan. He could see that she wished to speak, but now was not the time to voice her opinions so she kept quiet.

"Do you even have to ask?" Karin finally muttered, hoping that she was not doing something reckless. She had learned her lesson on recklessness as she watched Ichigo go through with the plan this man had without questioning his motive.

No one did anything for free, and she highly doubted that Urahara would give him his shinigami powers without something in exchange. "But what is the catch?" she added before the blonde could open his mouth.

"Well…" He answered with a sly smile. "Aren't you a sharp one?"

"Why don't we move this upstairs? It seems to be a better place for this conversation." Yoruichi interrupted the upcoming comeback that was sure to come from the small Kurosaki girl.

Urahara nodded as if seeing her wisdom before standing from his crouched position beside the soul. Yoruichi followed his lead and stood as well before offering a hand for Karin to take. She stared at the dark hand before her face in curiosity before letting herself up.

"I don't need any help." She muttered angrily as she jumped over a puddle of her own blood and started climbing the stairs.

The two adult shinigami watched her with surprise once more. She was sure to be a handful.

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