Chapter 8

The Return.

In the early hours of the morning, a light could be seen shining through the darkness. The symmetrical building it was giving an opening to was none other than the tenth of the Shinigami Divisions and inside the hauntingly silent edifice a certain white haired captain continued his work. The dread filling his chest had him too unsettled to rest and given the absence of people, his brow furrowed. Expressing his troubled mind, his frown deepened at the sight of the dwindling stack of paperwork.

When the last form tingled under his fingertips, he knew he could not keep his thoughts distracted any longer. Remembering his last encounter with his childhood friend, he felt a wrenching stab of betrayal. Her desperate attack against him for the sake of her dead captain had left him numb for a long while, but when it broke the pain made him turn towards distraction. Now it was time to accept it.

Yet…the whole business with Ichimaru-taicho had his mind working overtime.

Was it really the ryoka who killed Aizen? Hitsugaya did not know what to believe anymore. He seemed to deflate as his breath left him in a great heaving sigh, dropping his head onto his hands and massaging his temples served as a futile attempt at dissipating his migraine.

It was at that moment that he felt the familiar reiatsu spike. Normally it wouldn't be something he would pay attention to, but when it belonged to the lieutenant of the fifth, the same person that was supposed to be in the hospital and under psych evaluation, it called his attention like a moth to flame.

Hoping against hope that he had somehow, miraculously, mistaken it, the Captain of the Tenth stood from his seat inside his empty office and took to the reiatsu like a bloodhound with a scent. Hinamori was not supposed to be roaming around when she portrayed a threat to Seiretei, she was especially NOT supposed to be trekking her way to the chambers of Central 46. The rays of a new day started to peak over the hill where the execution was to take place, a proud glint of metallic sheen could be seen from the distance as the sun marked the position of the Sokyoku.

The barrier around Urahara's shop had dropped a few hours after dawn, exactly two weeks after it had been placed. The giant man that had powered and maintained the constant energy for the spell to work dropped to his knees in exhaustion at the massive drain it had taken to keep it up.

Jinta and Ururu watched him in worry, but they had been warned this would happen. The children were waiting impatiently for the five people that had gone in two weeks ago to come back out, they refused to believe that they would come out looking physically older.

The redhead watched with a smirk on his face, as if at any moment the doors would open and he would prove the other vizards wrong, but when the door was pried open his attention sharpened into the delicate hand that he had caught a glimpse of. The face at appeared first was that of Urahara. He looked the same as he always did, the only exception was the well rested look he carried around him. The blonde's usual dark bags were all but gone. Jinta could see a peek of Yoruichi, but she too had changed little over the course of the three years.

The next person his eyes caught sight of was Hachigen, but again the only visible difference lay in his longer mustache. This proved nothing, if anything it proved him right and just as he was about to call them out as fools and liars the unrepeatable evidence came to light in the shape of Hiyori.

Her hair was still parted into two ponytails, but the ends now reached the middle of her thighs. Her snarl was gone, substituted with a bored expression which Jinta was sure he had seen somewhere else. But the biggest shock was that, at almost the same height as Yoruichi, her hips had widened considerably giving her a perfect pear shaped body.

Next was Mashiro, whose hair had also grown long, but apart from that she looked the same as well. Well into shock, Jinta could feel his cheeks blazing as the vizards parted to show the last person of the group.

Karin stood against the sun, her dark long hair waving with the small breeze that greeted their first breath of fresh air in years. Or at least she thought it was years. Was she technically 12 or did her age count as 15 now? Shaking her head in a amusing display of unconscious adorableness, Jinta noticed the white shell that lay nestled between her locks, a red feather resting against it.

Her body was slim, yet her figure was a perfect hourglass. Her chest had blossomed, not yet enough to match Yoruichi's, but despite her young age she was almost the same height as the dark skinned woman.

The unexpected and radical change made his jaw finally drop and as it did Karin's lips twisted into a relieved smile. Feeling real sunlight caress her face brought surreal emotions that threatened to choke her and her pale skin seemed to relish in the rays as she positively glowed.

Yoruichi, ever the blackmailed, slithered her way to the young redhead and poked him in the temple. He turned towards the cat lady and watched in mortification as she wiggled her purple eyebrows. "Quite the eye-catcher, wouldn't you say?" Jinta huffed before crossing his arms, knowing that denying it would get him nowhere fast yet at the same time never agreeing with her words. Her grin widened at the none response.

"We have company." Karin said as her left hand strayed closer to the zanpakutou that she was most accustomed to. Her dark eyes were focused on the building that usually hid the shop from prying eyes.

At her words, the intruders jumped down before them. The group if five was lead by a man with straight blonde hair and a slightly creepy smile that left Karin with the suspicion that he knew the fact and indeed enjoyed the reactions he received.

The mischievous grin vanished as the brown eyes came to rest on Hiyori's filled out form. "Hiyori?" He half asked in confused amazement before noting the light blush that danced across the freckled cheeks at the sound of his voice. His smile came back full force. "Meh, even with three more years of puberty you couldn't grow breasts." He teased before averting his eyes to the side.

He stood in silence, but when the blow didn't come, his wide eyes landed back on the other blonde. Her hand was resting over her hip as she leaned into it. The position made her wide hips and formed behind stand out.

Shinji wondered when his preferences changed to that of pear shaped women, but his brain left the thought for later as his eyes shamelessly roamed her body. His smirk growing by the second.

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