"Ahhh!" Sakura Haruno's cries of fear could be heard throughout the house as she ran for her life around the kitchen table. She was only seven years old and already her life was flashing before her eyes.

"Get back here!" she screamed louder when she felt Kiba Inuzuka come closer behind her. Currently he was chasing her around the kitchen of his grandparent's house and none of them were coming to inspect why all the screaming was happening.

Sakura and Kiba's family had met through work and they introduced their kids to each other when they were both only four years old. Sakura had been happy to meet a new friend that was her age; they lived very far out in the country side so many of the people there were very old. She had believed she would get a best friend out of this meeting; instead she got a boy that liked ordering her around and bullying her. Her parents worked a lot so they sent her over Kiba's grandparent's house after school and everyday Kiba was with her and making her run in fear.

"No!" she cried out when he was right behind her, his puppy was running along side him and they were trying to corner her. Sakura knew she had to act fast or else she would be tackled and drooled on like the other times she did something that Kiba didn't like. Being always chased by a scary seven year made Sakura's mind developed faster than most kids because she needed to think in order to survive. So using her brain power she ran into the living room, Kiba following her the whole way and she made it like she was going to jump on the couch but she jumped back at the last second and threw a pillow at Kiba's head. The impact made the boy and dog fall to the ground and she took this time to run into the hallway and hide inside the closet.

She put her hands over her mouth to try and hide the sound of her heavy breathing. She had been chased by Kiba before but today he was really angry and he chased her as fast as his legs could take him. "Sakura," she jumped when she heard his angry little voice calling for her. She closed her eyes and hide behind a suitcase that was in the closet, she was scared he was going to find her and bully her again. "Come out right now!" he was always telling her what to do but she wouldn't listen to him. Not anymore!

"I just have to wait for mommy to come get me and than I'll be free from him bullying me." She told herself, hands going off her mouth and she leaned against the suitcase to rest her tired body.

"Sakura," her hands flew back up to her mouth when the closet door was open violently and Kiba was looking for her. "Where is that little brat?" he was really angry and by the slam of the door said she was in a lot of trouble. She listened to his and Akamaru's footsteps, they were moving away from the closet door and towards the stairs in the back of the hall. She could hear them both go up the stairs, probably towards his grandparent's room, she had hidden in there before. When she was sure he was at the very top of the stairs she ran out of the closet and headed for the front door. "No, you don't!" she gasped when she felt her body get tackled to the floor and was pinned down.

He was only a little taller than her, at least maybe two inches but it was enough to pin her down and keep her there. "I'm sorry, Kiba. Please don't drool on me!" she watched his mouth in fear, waiting for the tongue to come out and start drooling on her. She hated it and found it disgusting and it made her want to cry.

"Forget about that," he was yelling at her, his eyes staring into her frightened green ones. "What did you say before?" she hadn't expected his voice to drop so suddenly.

"Huh?" she didn't understand what he was talking about. Did he mean when she was running away?

"What did you say when you came over?" he was yelling now and…was he crying? He was biting his lip and his eyes looked shiny.

Sakura gulped and told him what she had told him again what she had said before. "I'm moving." Her parents were no longer living together, her mommy said it was because they weren't in love anymore and they didn't want their daughter to suffer. So her mom got a different job in another city and Sakura was going with her.

"No," Kiba took his hands off her wrists and put them on her cheeks. "You aren't allowed to move away. You can't leave!" he seemed desperate. Like her leaving was the worst thing that could happen but Sakura knew better. She's seen him act like this before and in the end it always ended with her getting drooled on.

"No way, I'm letting him trick me again." She told herself with as much courage a seven year old could have. "Well I am. My mommy and I are leaving today and I only came over here to say goodbye." She needed to end this now. Her mother was waiting for her outside.

"No," Just as she was about to get up he pushed her back down. "I'm not going to let you leave. I don't want you to move away." He said to her and for once he sounded like he was telling her the truth. Kiba lied, a lot. She had been the only one so far to be able to tell when he was lying and that was when the bullying started.

"But my mommy is waiting for me!" she cried, hoping someone would hear her and rescues her.

"Kiba, let her go," Kiba's mother, Tsume Inuzuka came in and tried pulling her son off of Sakura. His sister Hana and Sakura's mother was right behind her. "She needs to go." Tsume pulled at her son but he slapped her hand away and held on tight to Sakura.

"No, she can't go." He held onto Sakura and completely trapped her. She couldn't break free from his grip.

"Kiba, honey," Sakura's mother bent down to their eye level and tried talking to the angry child. "I know you want her to stay but I'll be really lonely if she doesn't come with me."

"You can call everyday and we're learning to write next week at school so you can do letters too." Kiba kicked away from the other pink haired girl in the room. He didn't like that her pink hair was so long, it always got in his nose when he had to hug her. He liked Sakura's pink hair better. It was short so it didn't make his nose itch when he was near it.

"Kiba," Sakura finally pushed the boy off her, she didn't want to hurt him but she couldn't leave her mommy all alone. She wanted to be her mother too. "I need to go with my mom. I don't want her to be lonely."

"What about me? You don't seem to have a problem leaving me." He barked at her and Sakura thought she saw tears but he looked away to fast for her to tell.

"What if I promise to call and write letters everyday and visit whenever I can?" she tried, hoping it would convince the boy. Even though he did bully and scare her constantly she knew he didn't like being alone and she didn't want to hurt him.

Kiba was silent for a minute, thinking over everything she had just said. "You promise?" she nodded, "You'll come back and visit and call me all the time?" she nodded again. "You swear you won't forget me?" this time he looked at her and right in the eyes. He wanted proof that she was telling the truth.

"I promise." She smiled at him. Although he did pick on her Kiba was in a strange way her friend. Possibly best friend since they usually spend everyday together.

"Okay," they finally got the Inuzuka boy to agree and Sakura walked out to her car with him, hand and hand as they said their final goodbyes. "If you forget I'm never going to forgive you."

"I told you I won't forget." She was to smart to forget something like that. He was her friend but he still scared her and she didn't want to face his anger.

"I'm serious," he put a finger to her forehead, it was bigger than most and she got made fun of a lot because of it. Strangely Kiba never called her names or made fun of her because of it, he had other ways to bother her. "If you ever forget I won't forgive you until you do something big to make up for it."

"Like what?" Although she was scared she was also curious. It just came with being smart. She wanted to know a lot of things even if they frightened her.

Kiba looked away for a moment before looking back at her, his cheeks matching her hair color. "This!" he leaned in and kissed her, not on the cheek or forehead or nose but on her mouth. His small lips only pressing against hers and for a minute her mind was screaming, "Boy Cooties!"

"I'll kiss you and make you mine!" he screamed at her and Sakura suddenly felt dizzy. Now she wished he would let go of her hand. "My first kiss!" she couldn't believe this happened or that her mother and the rest of the grownups were laughing at her. "What does that mean?"

Kiba only shrugged. "I don't know. I heard my dad say it once." His answered caused Tsume to mutter bad things under her breath. Bad words that Sakura knew she wasn't supposed to know or say at this age.

"I feel kind of bad now for leaving." Sakura felt fear take over when her mother said those words. She believed that her mother would leave her with Kiba and that thought seemed to reach the boy in front of her as well. "Yeah, Sakura can stay with me. You have so much to carry and deal with that it'll be better if Sakura stays with me so you wouldn't have to worry so much." His logic was scary sometimes.

Sakura's wide eyes pleaded with her mother to take her away before she was back on the ground beneath Kiba and he and his dog Akamaru were both drooling on her. "I'm sorry but Sakura still has to come with me." With an unnoticed sigh Sakura took her mother's hand and went to sit in the back seat of their little car that was filled with their luggage. Sakura was a little sad to leave, she had grown up here and leaving the place she had known all her life was really sad. However nothing was a sad as the face Kiba wore as he watched her go; his eyes that were usually glaring at her or taunting her or just staring at her were now being overflowed with tears he was trying to stop. He ran after the moving car, calling to her but Sakura couldn't hear a word he said. Finally the car gained more speed and Kiba's figure was getting smaller and smaller until Sakura could no longer see any signs of brown hair or red birthmarks on his cheeks.

"Bye-Bye, Kiba." She whispered out to the empty road that was behind her. If she tried real hard she could still see a small form of Kiba's grandparent's house. She regretted not saying goodbye to him.