"Niagara Brawls," Part 1

There was a longer-than-usual interval between the Swedish boat race and the next challenge; apparently they were filming an Aftermath, and they needed the extra time to fly the interns to Toronto and back. ("Isn't that a ridiculous waste of money and" "Shut up, Heather.") As a result, the Total Drama Jumbo Jet was just sitting in a Stockholm airport, waiting for a few days. It was better than having to endure more challenges, but unlike when they were stranded in Jamaica the contestants weren't even allowed to get out of the plane. ("Don't wanna risk anyone running off again, do we?" Chris said, giving Duncan a pointed look.)

Cody spent most of his time with Sierra. Against his will, obviously.

"You seem so much perkier today, Cody. Finally gotten over that nasty old temptress Gwen?"

"Um," he said vaguely.

"Great! So" she leaned across the breakfast table, batting her eyes seductively. "Any idea who else you might want to pursue? Hmm?" She giggled coyly.


Courtney, who had just gotten her tray of slop from Chef, rolled her eyes. Then she thought for a moment, turned her face into a scowl and headed over to their table.

"Ugh, Cody? Are you the one who left a huge hairball in the bathroom sink?"

Sierra instantly turned, her eyes widening. Cody merely blinked.

"Huh? No."

"Well, it looks like your hair. It's allsoft and silky-looking, and has thatadorable shade of chestnut that no other mere mortal could possibly"

"I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!" Sierra said, jumping to her feet before scurrying away.

Cody blinked again as Courtney took Sierra's seat. Then he noticed her smirk and grinned back at her.

"Heeey! Thanks, Courtney!"

"I'm surprised it worked, to be honest. I wasn't sure even she was crazy enough to want a disgusting hairball."

"Please. If anything, I'm surprised she hasn't just started chopping off my hair while I sleep."

Courtney snickered.

Cody: I admit I was going through a funk for a while, but I'm feeling a lot better now. The only problem is Sierra. She's still acting like a total lunatic around me. (sigh) But Courtney's pretty good at reeling her in. It's nice to have someone on this team who isn't evil or crazy. (Most of the time.)

"So…how have you been?" Cody asked, lifting a spoonful of gruel toward his face. "Since…you know. We talked the other night?"

Courtney looked down at her food and gave a small shrug. "I don't know. Alright, I guess."

"Yeah. Me too. But, um…if you want to talk again, I'm, you know…here. Probably being dragged around by Sierra, but still here."

She rolled her eyes, giving a wan smile. "I'll keep that in mind."

He looked away, and Courtney looked over her shoulder, in the direction of First Class. She hadn't seen Duncan since their argument that night. She should probably be happy about that, but honestly it just felt like a sword of Damocles hanging over her head; one way or another she wanted to confront him and get the whole issue over with. She just didn't know how it would go when she did.

One resident of First Class was in the dining area, however. "Greetings, friends," Alejandro said, walking over and leaning with his hands down on their tabletop. "And how you are two this fine day?"

He flashed his winningest smile, specifically at Courtney. She merely shrugged again.

"Alright, I guess. What are you doing out of First Class?"

"Oh, just stretching my legs and seeing what my Amazonian amigos are up to. I heard you and Duncan had a fight," he added, making his face into a mask of sympathy. "I do hope that you are doing alright?"

Courtney scowled. "I'm fine."

Alejandro nodded sagely. "That's good, though I hate to say that Duncan was acting quite…rude about it afterwards. I do not know the details, but I can understand being angry. Feel free to find me if you need a shoulder to cry on?"

"Thanks," she said, with an implicit but no thanks tacked on.

"You and Duncan had a fight? When?" Cody asked as Alejandro moved away.

"Right after the not-elimination. I don't want to talk about it."

Alejandro frowned thoughtfully as he went to the confessional.

Alejandro: I can't believe I'm saying this, but…I do not believe that Courtney is falling for me. Which isbizarre, honestly. I mean, she dated Duncan, so clearly... (frowns, rubbing chin) I suppose I will have to find a new strategy to deal with her.

Sierra: (sticks head up from the floor) Deal with her how?

Alejandro: Agh! What are you doing here?!

Sierra: Looking for Cody's hair that's supposed to be in the sink! Have you seen it? None of the interns will fess up to taking it!

The next morning (in whatever time zone they were in) saw the interns hard at work setting up the next challenge. Which meant they were dragging unconscious bodies around the plane, because of course that's what Chris wanted them to do.

"Ow! Ow…"

"Man, you still sore from that Beth girl beating you up?"

"Yeah…" Billy said, dropping one of Owen's ankles so he could rub his bruised side. "That little girl packs a wallop. Still…can you believe they're making Blaineley join the show instead? Blaineley?"

They went back to dragging Owen across the floor as Nelson shook his head. "What I can't believe is that they flew us all the way from Sweden to Toronto, then back, when our next stop is just back in Canada again! Wouldn't it just be cheaper to hire some new interns for the Aftermath?"

"I'm pretty sure we're the only ones stupid enough to take this job."

"True. Okay, we're here."

They dragged Owen into the middle of the Cargo Hold, where the other contestants were already sleeping. Two swan boats were placed nearby. Nelson sighed, wiping his brow. "Any idea why Chris wants the kids in here anyway?"

"No. Let's just be glad none of them woke up."

"Think Mr. Hatchet drugged their food again?"

"I don't know; do you think any of them eat it? Aside from this one," Billy added, prodding Owen with his foot.

A crackling sound came from Billy's pocket. "Hey, Guy, we're almost at our destination! Are you and Redshirt done moving the victims yet?"

Billy took the walkie-talkie out, scowling. "This is Billy, sir. Nelson and I have moved all the contestants as you requested."

"Good, finally. Hey, Chef! Do the thing!"

Nelson frowned at Billy. "What 'thing?'" he asked. Billy shrugged.

Suddenly the floor of the Cargo Hold opened like a massive trap door, sending the seven teenagers and the two swan boats falling hundreds of feet through the air.

Billy and Nelson's jaws dropped. After a long minute Billy mumbled, "The hell?"


"Calm down, Nelson! It's not that big a deal! I mean, working on this show has already made us accessories to all sorts of other atrocities, right?!"

Considering she was still stuck in Economy Class with a team that mostly hated her, Courtney had been sleeping surprisingly well since her talk with Cody. Which is why it was extra annoying when she woke up to the sound of Owen practically screaming in her ear.

Then she opened her eyes and noticed she was plummeting out of the plane toward the ground and decided to let that frustration slide for now.

"AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!" she screamed, along with Owen, Cody, Sierra, Alejandro, Heather and Duncan.

"HEY KIDS!" she heard Chris yell from far above them. "You better get into your paddle boats!"

Courtney looked up and noticed a large, swan-shaped ship falling right beside her. Choosing not to question it, she grabbed onto its neck and pulled herself herself in along with Owen and Sierra. Glancing over she noticed Cody, Heather, Duncan and Alejandro grab onto another vessel.

She looked over the side of the boat just in time to see it collide with a river.


A huge wave from the impact flooded their vessel, drenching Courtney from head to toe. She groaned in anger as she and the others slowly climbed to their feet.

Sierra glanced up at the plane high above them. "I'm starting to question my mom's crush on Chris, just a little."

Courtney was about to respondshe had about five sarcastic barbs to choose fromwhen Owen suddenly flung his arm around her shoulder. "Wawawater!"

"Yes, Owen. We know we're in the water."


"WATERFALL!" Alejandro screamed, and Courtney's eyes widened as she glanced over and saw it for herself. "Quick, paddle!"

Courtney and Sierra quickly got their feet onto the peddles as Owen screamed in terror. As she rowed, Courtney put her hands together and looked up toward the sky.

"If You let us live, I will tutor any brain-dead person who requires it. Even Duncan!"

"If we live, I'll forget she ever said that!"

"If we live, I promise to kill Alejandro!" Heather said.

Despite his fear, Alejandro grinned. "Why, senorita, Iwait, did you say 'kiss' or 'kill?'"

"I don't know, which do you think the Big Guy wants more?!"


Cody's boat mates were so shocked that they forgot to paddle as they turned to him. "What?" he said, motioning to the approaching cataract. "Like we're gonna make it!"

But over in the other boat, Sierra let out a strangled gasp. "IwantmyKISS!" she screamed, jumping to her feet and punching the air.

Courtney only had a second to look up before Sierra had found a rope, tied it around Owen and, with impossible strength, lifted him over her head and threw her over to the boat with Cody and the others. Owen grabbed onto its neck as Sierra put the other end of the rope in her mouth and began paddling with all her might. Courtney was so shocked she forgot to help, but it turned out that wasn't necessary.


Just as they were about to go over the falls the two vessels began rocketing through the water like motorboats, sending Courtney flying against the back of her swan. Within seconds they had crashed onto the river bed, sending most of the contestants flying onto the sand. Courtney hung on for dear life and barely managed to stay in her ship.

Cody was just opening his eyes as Sierra's shadow fell over him. He looked more terrified than he had when they were about to go over the falls.

"Don't worry, CodyI will restore your breathing and save your life!"

"My breathing is just f"

He tried to push Sierra off of him as she clamped onto his mouth, but to no avail.

Cody: (vomits onto the floor, then wipes his mouth on his sleeve, looking into the camera) Her mouth tastes like my deodorant! And what's worse, somehow that doesn't even surprise me!

The contestants climbed to their feet, squeegeeing their clothes and trying to wipe away sand. Courtney caught sight of Duncan clambering out of the other swan boat. He noticed and glared, walking right past her. She winced and instinctively glared back, crossing her arms before climbing out of her own boat. For a moment she considered storming right up to him and yelling at him, but she had no idea what she could say. (At least, excluding things that she had said before.)

"What are we supposed to do now?" Heather grumbled, looking around the beach.

"Mmm!" Sierra was finally climbing off of Cody, who rolled onto his hands and knees, retching onto the sand. "Wait for Chris," she said brightly, wiping the drool from her mouth. "This was obviously part of a challenge, so he'll have to show up eventually."

Sure enough he was walking down the beach toward them, grinning cheerfully.

"So, Niagara Falls is pretty awesome, eh?"

"It almost killed us!"

"Like I saidawe-some."

He immediately turned toward the river; following his gaze, Cody saw one of the interns (Willy) standing in the shallows with his pant legs rolled up, holding a camera. "The Falls is the jewel in Canada's crown, and one of the top-ten natural wonders in the world."

"So we're back in Canada again?" Heather scowled. "For a 'world tour,' we seem to spend a lot of time right back where we started."

"Yeah. We've already done the Yukon and Newfoundland. Shouldn't we be somewhere more…exotic?" Cody wondered.

Chris scowled. "Niagara Falls is very exotic."

"No it's not! My school takes a field trip here every other year!"

"This is still even Ontario, couldn't we have visited Nunavut or something?"

"We're like, half an hour from my house…"

"Okay, everybody quiet!" Chris snapped. He took a deep breath and then, in a more pleasant tone, added "Besides, half of it is in the United States."

Heather rolled her eyes. "The U.S. is just Canada with less snow! And anyway, we've been there twice, so"

"Niagara Falls is also known for its fabulous casino, where we'll be headed for the first part of the challenge!" Chris said loudly, drowning the teenagers out.

That got everyone's attetion. "Oh man, seriously?" Duncan said.

"Is it a blackjack tournament, perhaps?" Alejandro, of course, was a master of card games.

"Or slots?" Cody suggested.

"Buffet?!" Owen, of course.

Heather's eyes narrowed. "Wait…none of those things are life-threatening. This is too good to be true, isn't it?"

"I knew it was too good to be true."

"Since you're all underage, we had to move the challenge from the gambling floor to the far-less-exciting casino concert hall."

"Are we at least having some sort of singing competition?" Courtney asked.


"So this challenge is basically going to suck?"

"Ooh! Maybe somebody else is performing?" Owen suggested.

"You're in luck, Owen my man. Last time on the Aftermath show, they had a Second-Chance Challenge, where one of the losers could score a spot back in the game. And we're about to enjoy a little number from the winner."

Cody paused, thinking about who could be coming back. Noah, maybe? Or Ezekiel, if they had fixed whatever…weird green problem he had back at the London challenge? Or

"Is it Gwen? That wouldn't suck," Duncan said.

Courtney turned to him, glaring. "Yes. It would."

Heather and Sierra seemed to share Courtney's opinion, while Cody just stiffened, looking alarmed. To his own surprise, he didn't want Gwen to come backat least, not exactly. He had just gotten over heror at least, he told himself he had. He wasn't sure if that would hold up if she actually reappeared. And he hadn't really even thought of what to say to her—he wanted them to remain friends, but she would still be with Duncan, and while he had decided to accept that he wasn't quite ready to see them sucking each other's faces again so soon

Chris had taken an envelope out of his shirt pocket and opened it up to read. "She's two hundred pounds of sassy in a ninety-pound package, and she's wearing twelve pounds of mascara. Iiiiiit's" His jaw suddenly dropped. "Blaineley?!"




Cody looked at the stage as a massive series of platforms rose up out of nowhere, topped withsome woman? For the briefest second he thought it was Bridgette or Lindsay in a red dress, but no, this wassomeone else. He couldn't tell who.

"Blaine-Blaine-Blaine-Blaine-Blainerific is my name,
Dishing dirt is my game,
Invading your TV with my Blainerific fame!"

"Buh-Blainerific!" Owen suddenly called, earning a confused look from Cody. "Suh-Suh-So terrific!"

The woman descended the platforms, posing like a runway model. "I'm fuh-fuh-famous! Famous!"

Courtney turned to Cody, looking irate. "This is SO against the rules! Do they think we're a bunch of fools?!"

Both of them jumped as Chef suddenly got right up in Courtney's face. "Rules?! This ain't no Sunday school!"

"Miss Thang up there's a 'ratings jewel,'" Billy muttered from the sidelines, making air quotations.


"Muh-Muh-Makes me si-ick!" Heather retorted.

The woman was now sauntering on the stage, still singing about herself, while Owen looked star-struck and the rest of the contestants looked (and sang) annoyed. Whoever this lady was, she certainly provoked a strong reaction in people. At least people who knew who she was.

Cody scrunched up his face. She lookedkind of familiar. But "blonde," "attractive" and "apparently famous" had a lot of overlap.

He finally turned away from the show and elbowed Courtney. "Who's that girl again?"

Courtney opened her mouth to answer, when Mystery Woman interrupted with a roar of fury.


She was instantly right in front of Cody, who drew back in terror. "Who am I? Who am I?! WHO ARE YOU?! I'm the host of The Puppy Bachelorette! I was nominated for a Gemmie Award! I interviewed you for Celebrity Manhunt!"

By this point Cody was hiding behind Courtney, who looked outraged at the both of them.

"Yeah, okay, we all know who you are!" she snapped.

"Um, actually"

"The question is, why are you here?"

"That's a good question," Chris growled, and Cody was startled to see how angry he looked as he approached the woman. "The producers hired you to help with the Aftermaths, but this is my show! I'm the only star we need around here!"

Blaineley put one hand on her hip. "Sorry, Chris,but I have no choice. I accidentally won that little contest, and according to my contract, that means the two of us are stuck with each other."

"How could you win?! It was a Second-Chance Challenge! You were never on the show to begin with!"

"Huh. I've never known you to contest a loophole."

"I'm calling the producers!"

He took out his cell phone and stormed backstage, passing the interns. They looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

"Did nobody tell him that she was coming?"

"I guess not."

"Wow. That's…kind of hilarious."

Blaineley crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, glancing over at the other contestants. Sierra was talking a mile per minute, telling Cody everything there was to know about their new player.

"I mean, how could you not remember her? Celebrity Manhunt was among your top ten best interviews of all time!"

"Well, I had a lot of them after the band and I released our first album, I can't really keep track…"

Heather and Alejandro were both staring at Blaineley, the first angry, the latter thoughtful. After a moment she turned and noticed Chef watching her too, eyebrow raised slightly.

She winked at him. He blinked and looked away.

Chris came back, looking annoyed. "Well, great. Looks like I'm stuck with you."

"Told you." Blaineley motioned to the teenage contestants. "So which one of these lame teams am I on anyway?"

Chris took a deep breath, trying to get back into 'suave host' mode. "You're on your own. Because as of right now, there are no more teams."

"No teams?" Courtney repeated. "Yes!" This was what she'd been waiting for! No more being stuck with Heather and Sierra! No more threat of instant elimination! She had a chance now!

She glanced over at the former members of Team Chris, who were shaking hands. A second later Duncan turned and met her gaze. His eyes narrowed, but his mouth turned up into a nasty smirk.

She instantly scowled, crossing her arms. Well, this was a mixed bag, really. With the teams disbanded, Duncan was now upgraded from her enemy to an outright threatand with Heather and Sierra that equaled three possible votes against her. In terms of possible allies she had Owen, Alejandro, Blaineley and Cody, but she would need two on her side to even equal the combined force against her.

"CODY! We made it all the way to the merger! Isn't this wonderful?!"

"Aghlet me go!"

Courtney glanced over. "Sierra, get off of him. I don't think he can breathe."

Sierra shot her an angry look, but before she could respond they were distracted by the sounds of wheels. Chef was up on stage in a pink evening dress (complete with gloves and pink chef's hat), pushing out what looked like an oversized slot machine.

"What's that?" Cody asked, just as he managed to pull himself away from Sierra.

"Since we are in the honeymoon capital of the world, I thought it'd be cool to drop some arranged marriages on you," Chris chuckled.

"Arranged marriages?"

Cody heard deep breathing. He eyed Sierra, who looked like a starving dog with a steak dangling in front of her face. She gave off a high-pitched squeal that made his spine tingle.

Chef pulled the slot machine's lever; the reels spun around, eventually stopping on three pictures of Cody. "Each girl pulls the lever to win a husband you'll team up with for today's challenge," Chris explained. "Cha-ching!"

Sierra: (breaths frantically into paper bag) HusbandCodyforever! (falls over)

The next thing the boys knew, they were grabbed by Chef and shoved unceremoniously through a trapdoor in the top of the slot machine. Along with a bear.

There was no point to the bear. Chris was just feeling dickish(er than usual) that day.

As the four boys screamed, Chris spread his arms for the girls. "Let the games begin! Sierra, you're up."

The crazy girl had rushed over to the machine faster than the cameraman (Nelson) could follow her. "Mama needs a new pair of Cody!" she cried, pulling the lever with all of her might.

The reels spun around and landed onDuncan.

Sierra gasped as her prize began to slide out of the slot. She immediately rushed forward and slammed it shut on his arm. "OW!" Duncan screamed. "The hell?!"

"Sierra! You've won"

Chris suddenly found the crazy girl shaking him. "This isn't happening. This isn't happening! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING!"

"Umsorry, 'fraid it is," he said, prying her fingers from his shirt. "If it's any consolation, I regret my first wife too, but what can I say, I still have the alimony payments."


Billy reopened the slot and helped Duncan out, while Willy took Sierra by the shoulders and steered her over to his side. She was sobbing into her hands. Duncan looked about as happy to be paired up with her.

Courtney was grinning like a Cheshire cat. This day was just getting better and better for her. Though now that Duncan was out of the running, she stopped to consider which guy she did want to partner with. Her first thought was Cody, since he was already the closest thing she had to an ally, but Alejandro would probably be good at any challenge they were given, and even Owen would be a chance to recruit a new ally…

"Blaineley…you're next," Chris said, not quite keeping the bitterness from his tone.

Blaineley pulled the lever and got Alejandro, who flew out of the slot with an "¡Ay caramba!"

"Hmm…well, I could do worse. Marrying an audience favorite could be a positive boost for my image."

Sierra finally lifted her face from her hands and sniffled. "Alejandro's an audience favorite?" she croaked. "Do youdo you know if I'm popular with the fan base? Like the shippers?"

Blaineley opened her mouth to answer, but Chris cut her off. "Compare poll results on your own time. Courtney, you're up."

Courtney approached the slot machine, walking past Heatherwhom, she noticed, was glaring daggers at Blaineley. Alejandro smirked and puckered his lips at her, as if blowing a kiss. Courtney bit her tongue to keep from giggling.

She pulled the lever. The resultthree bears heads.

Courtneywho had assumed the bear was only put in here to torture the guysblanched. "I should have known my good luck wasn't going to laAGH!"

She ran backstage, chased by her ursine husband.

"And again I'm reminded of my first wife," Chris quipped, ignoring her screams. "Heather?"

She crossed her arms as she approached the machine. "Because my remaining options are so great."

She spun and got Owen, who slid out on his stomach and looked up at her in confusion. "Oh, hey, Heather. Are you and I married now?"

"Shut up!" she snapped as he climbed to his feet.

"Umyes, dear."

They went to go stand with the other couples just as Courtney, panting, reappeared from backstage; she was followed a moment later by the bear, held on a chain by Chef.

"Are Courtney and the bear in Splitsville already? Ha-ha."

"Ha-ha." She turned from the bear to Chris, then looked over her shoulder at Duncan. "Well, at least the bear didn't go chasing after other girls, unlike some people I could mention!"


Chris chuckled and said, "Courtney, now that you're on the rebound, let's pull the lever again for lucky husband #2!"

"As if I didn't know who I was going to get."

Sierra watched with wide eyes as Courtney spun and for some reason gasped when, sure enough, the reels landed on three Cody heads. He came out, looked up, and blinked in confusion.

"Courtney?" he said slowly. "You're not Sierra. HA! YOU'RE NOT SIERRA!"

He leapt to her feet and hugged his startled spouse. Duncan rolled his eyes as Sierra let out a wail and sobbed into her hands once again.

Sierra:This isn't fair! Why should Courtney be allowed to marry Cody, huh?! Does she have a blog dedicated to chronicling her and Cody's years of wedded bliss? I've had our whole wedding planned since halfway through season one! I'M ALREADY REGISTERED AT THREE DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT STORES!

Sierra, still sniffling, glared hatefully at Courtney while Chef and the interns took out the slot machine, then set up an obstacle course that ended with four mannequins wearing wedding dresses. However, before they could finish, all four girls were approached from behind and blindfolded, then spun around in circles as they tried to protest. The boys, meanwhile, were given megaphones and instructed to stand on raised platforms opposite the gowns.

"We've already humiliated the grooms, so now it's the brides' turn for a little fun," Chris said. "Because a good marriage is based on trust and the ability to argue louder than your spouse, each groom will use a megaphone to guide his blindfolded bride safely to her gown. Only couples with a dress can continue. GO!"

"Cody?" Courtney called, as she made her way into the obstacle course with her arms out. "Make sure that you direct me to a tasteful dress. Nothing that Heather would wear, got it?"


Cody brought the megaphone to his mouth. "Umokay. Keep going straight. Wait! You're right next to a pool, now go"

"LEFT!" Duncan shouted, so loud it made Cody jump.


On pure instinct Courtney had turned left and fallen into the kiddie pool full of gross, watery pudding. She stood up, dripping and disgusting.

"HEY!" Cody yelled, turning to glare at Duncan.

He chortled. "Sorry, Pipsqueak!" he called into the megaphone. He ignored the fact that Sierra had just walked into a wedding cake, having also heard his instruction and assumed it was for her.

Heather, meanwhile, was wandering across the field with a scowl. "OWEN! I could use some help out here!"

"What? Oh, sorry. Go that way!"

"Which way? Ugh!"

"Be careful, Heather, you're about to walk into a pool!" Alejandro called, causing her to freeze in place. "Blaineley, take five steps forward and you'll reach the dresses."

"Thanks, but it'd be nice if you didn't help the opposition!" Blaineley snapped, reaching the first gown.

Courtney had managed to climb out of the pool. "Okay, now go a few steps forward and then right!" Cody called.

Courtney followed his instructions, going around the pool, but at the same moment Sierra also glanced toward him. "Did you say right, my precious Codykins?"

"What?! Sierra, I wasn't talking"


She fell off the stage. Cody facepalmed.

"Cody? What's going on?"

He sighed. "Nothing. Go"

"Right!" Duncan once again butted in. "Right!"

Cody blinked in confusion as Courtney scoffed. "As if I'd believe anything your lying lips say. Agh!"

Duncan cracked up again as Courtney walked into another kiddie poolthe one that she could have actually avoided by going right. Cody snarled at Duncan, then yelled into his megaphone.

"Courtney, ignore Duncan! Just listen to me! Walk a little to the left, and then forward! Then go l"


"—LEFT and you'll be standing right next to the wedding dress! There! Now a foot more and you've got it!"

Courtney walked into a wedding dress and took off her blindfold just in time to see Heather reach the gown beside her. "I got it!" she said, looking back over her shoulder at the guys. "Thank goodness there's at least one gentleman here!"

"Ah man. There goes my fun," Duncan said, rolling his eyes.

Alejandro gave him a pointed look from the next column. Putting down his microphone he hissed "We must consider strategy before feelings. I need you to remain in the game with me."

Duncan glanced over lazily. "So?"

"So did you forget that you actually have a bride of your own?"

He motioned over to Sierra, who had managed to climb back on stage and was now walking into a wedding bell. She stumbled backwards and crashed into the last mannequin, ending up in a heap on the floor.

"I GOT IT! Ow, my head..."

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