Summary: A chance encounter between Vincent and Rude leads to something quite unexpected. Yaoi, lemons, language, etc.

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy, Square Enix does. Damn it!

Rating: M - language, yaoi, lemons.

Cool these engines
Calm these jets
I ask you how hot can it get
And as you wipe off beads of sweat
Slowly you say "I'm not there yet!"

Secret - Maroon 5

It had been a hellish day on assignment for the Turks; bad enough where Tseng actually insisted the group have a few rounds of drinks at Seventh Heaven, on his dime, after the day was done. They started with a round of shots; Elena quickly switched to wine, as did Tseng. Rude stuck to his usual microbrew, while Reno seemed to be on some kind of mission to drink Cloud Strife under the table. Rude smirked as it became quite apparent that the planet's hero had a higher tolerance for hard liquor than Reno had anticipated.

Rude signaled to Tifa, ordering his fifth - or was it the sixth? - bottle of stout, while he watched, in some amusement, as his partner got himself completely obliterated on whiskey. He lifted the bottle to his lips and sipped, savoring the flavor of the hops. Spotting Vincent Valentine seated in his usual spot at the end of the bar, Rude tipped his bottle in greeting to the mysterious ex-Turk. Vincent nodded silently at Rude, raising his glass of sake in a mock toast.

"Lesss try some absinthe," Cloud slurred, finally starting to feel the effects of the whiskey. "One more shot, Reno, I dare ya," he challenged, swaying on his barstool.

Never one to back away from a challenge, Reno raised a bleary eye at Cloud and nodded. "Okay. Juss one more, Cloudy. And then, I'mma gonna kiss you!" he crowed.

"No!" Cloud insisted, signaling to a stern looking Tifa that he was ready to order another drink. "You will not. S'me that's gonna do it, I'mma gonna kiss you, Renooo-" Cloud leaned a little too far, and fell off of his barstool, sending Reno into hysterics. "Hahaha!" he laughed, clutching his sides. "Parrner, you see that! Cloud's onna floor. Haaaaaa…"

"Three. Two. One," Rude murmured, counting aloud. As he reached "one," Reno keeled over and followed suit, falling off of his own stool, and onto the floor next to Cloud. "Gods, these two!" Rude muttered irritably.

"Not again!" exclaimed Tifa. "Gods, I wish Reno and Cloud would stop acting like frat boys!"

Rude chuckled as he sipped his beer. "You know how they are, Tifa. I just wish they'd admit that they like each other, instead of...this."

"Yeah," Tifa agreed, smiling. "They are getting a bit ridiculous with their drinking contests, aren't they. Still," she continued, "I can't have them lying in the middle of the floor like this, either. Rude...would you mind?"

"Don't worry, Tifa," Rude assured her, draining his beer. "I'll get them home. Might have to be one at at time...looks like Tseng and Elena have already disappeared, I can't carry two of them by myself."

"Allow me," Vincent said quietly, suddenly appearing by Rude's elbow. How does he do that? Rude wondered, staring. The man just materializes, out of nowhere...

"Uh, sure," Rude replied gratefully. "Thanks. I could use a hand...these two are dead weight. And I don't think they're going to make it easy on us, Vincent."

"Perhaps," Vincent quipped, as he gripped an unconscious Cloud underneath the arms, hoisting him up, "I should transform into Chaos...and drop these two in a field somewhere."

Rude laughed aloud. "That...would be interesting." He pulled a drunken, slurring Reno to his feet, and put his arm around his shoulders to support him. "I'd pay real gil to see that happen...the looks on their faces when they came to."

Vincent chuckled softly. "Perhaps next time. Now...where are we taking them?"

Rude frowned. Cloud's apartment was on one side of Edge, while Reno's was on the opposite end; and, being a little buzzed himself, didn't feel much like dragging two drunks all over town. Cloud's apartment was closer, Rude reasoned, so that would be the best place to dump them both. Let them sort it out in the morning, he thought, grinning.

"I think we should just bring them both to Cloud's apartment and leave them there. It's closer, and I don't know about you, but I don't feel like dragging their asses all over the place."

"A fine idea," Vincent murmured in agreement. "Let's go."

Vincent and Rude struggled only slightly lugging the two drunkards the two blocks over to Cloud's apartment. Vincent shifted Cloud, and tried, unsuccessfully ,to locate his apartment key in his jacket pocket. "Cloud," he said quietly, trying to get the semi-conscious blond's attention. "Where is your key?"

"Fronn panns pokkit," Cloud slurred, moaning. " head." Muttering curses and rolling his eyes, Vincent quickly found the key, and opened the apartment door.

"Hey," Reno muttered drunkenly. "Doan be feelin' up Cloud, Vinsen. He's miiiine..." Rude dragged the staggering Turk through the door, as Reno's head rolled back. It was almost comical, Rude thought. But also...highly annoying. Rude could hold his liquor, but he was starting to feel the effects of a shot followed by shotgunning six beers. He stumbled slightly as he deposited Reno in a crumpled heap on Cloud's couch. Vincent followed suit, placing Cloud next to Reno. "Should we...put them in bed?" Vincent inquired, with a slight smirk.

"Yeah, why not," Rude agreed, chuckling. "Imagine when they wake up...the looks on their faces will probably be priceless." Vincent and Rude lifted the two men once more, and dragged them down the hallway to Cloud's bedroom, gently placing each one on the bed next to each other.

"You're an evil, evil man, Rude," Vincent said, chuckling, as he threw Cloud's key ring down on the kitchen counter.

"Me?" Rude said, almost incredulously. "Was your idea, Valentine." He grinned as he followed Vincent out of the apartment, somewhat mesmerized by the crimson cloak swirling behind him. Never have seen him out of that cloak, Rude pondered randomly.

Suddenly the lights in the apartment building flickered, and went dead. Half-buzzed, Rude stumbled, and fell directly into Vincent, who had turned and come to an abrupt halt, as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. Rude's hands came to rest up on Vincent's shoulders; he felt Vincent's hands grabbing him firmly around his hips. "Sorry," Rude muttered apologetically, attempting to back away from Vincent.

Except...he couldn't back away, because Vincent wasn't letting go. "Hmm," he murmured, drawing Rude into him, and placing a soft kiss upon the Turk's lips. Gods, he is so warm, Vincent thought. He felt as if he could melt into the kiss. A stunned Rude wasn't sure how to react; the kiss was completely unexpected, but he didn't find it unpleasant. At all.

His groin answered the question his brain was posing, as he instinctively ground onto Vincent's crotch, causing a moan to escape from the mysterious former Turk's lips. Rude's hands wandered up inside the crimson cloak, trailing up the lean backside, as he slipped a hand beneath the waistband of Vincent's pants, grabbing a handful of ass. Don't overthink this, Rude told himself. Just...don't think at all.

Vincent purred with pleasure, hooking a leg around Rude's thigh, drawing him in. He ran his claw hand over Rude's broad shoulders, as he nuzzled warmly into the Turk's neck. "Want to...continue this elsewhere?"

"Yeah," Rude replied somewhat robotically, his pulse racing as he crushed Vincent to his chest in a tight embrace, kissing him fervently. "Your place...let's go. Now." Breaking apart from each other, panting, the two men attempted to collect themselves as they exited the building. Rude's libido, however, was getting the better of him. "Valentine," he growled, grabbing Vincent by the arm, pulling him back. Placing a hand on the back of Vincent's neck, Rude shoved him against a brick wall outside of the apartment building, snaking his tongue into Vincent's mouth as he kissed him passionately. "I don't know how the fuck this even started between us, Vincent," he murmured, grabbing onto Vincent's obvious erection through his pants. "But, gods, I want you...right now."

"Not here," Vincent murmured in protest, tonguing Rude's lips, purring. "Can you try to keep it in your pants for another city block?" he teased, smirking.

"No promises," Rude said gruffly, jerking Vincent away from the wall, as they fell in step together, walking towards Vincent's street. "But I'll try to contain myself." Rude chuckled softly, as his thoughts raced. What the fuck am I doing...are we doing? No...just don't think, he reminded himself.

Vincent was as silent as Rude was; Rude began to wonder if Vincent was having similar thoughts. He decided to say nothing for the moment, however, and let things play out however they would.

"We're nearly there," Vincent observed, nodding at Rude. "Think you can make it another half a block without pushing me up against the wall again?" he asked. Rude swore he could hear a smile in Vincent's voice.

"Mm hmm," Rude grunted in reply, nodding. He impulsively grabbed a lock of Vincent's hair, and sniffed it. It darkness. Like midnight, Rude thought. What a ridiculous thought that is, he observed, bemused. He inhaled the heady aroma again, enjoying the silken feel of Vincent's hair against his lips - then just as quickly, released the lock of hair.

"Yeah," Rude murmured, moving closer to Vincent, as they continued walking. Rude slid a hand underneath the cloak, and groped Vincent's ass, shoving the flat end of his hand between his cheeks. Vincent hissed at the sudden intrusion, and moaned in pleasure as Rude began to rub his hand back and forth. The two were nearly at a standstill walking; not surprising, given Rude's roving hands.

"Stop it," Vincent protested weakly. "Can we just...look, that's my building, right there," he gasped, as Rude's other hand wandered around to Vincent's crotch; Rude was stroking him, front and back, in unison. "Gods," Vincent muttered. "You really are living up to your name, aren't you."

Rude chuckled. "You love it, Vincent, I know," he replied, smirking. "Don't tell me you didn't enjoy that."

Vincent cast a red eyed glare at Rude. "I won't deny it," he retorted, "but...I think I'd like to continue this somewhere a little less public."

"Right," Rude replied, withdrawing his hand. "Sorry."

"No need to apologize," Vincent replied, grinning, as he approached the front door of the apartment building, and unlocked it. Holding the door open for Rude, he murmured, "After you. Second floor landing, apartment 2B."

"No," Vincent continued, as he and Rude made their way up the stairs. "No need for apologies. You were right. I...did rather enjoy it." Chuckling softly, he opened the door to his apartment, and ushered Rude inside. Vincent's apartment was just as Rude pictured it; sleek, modern, decorated tastefully in monochrome shades of black, white and gray. A perfect bachelor pad.

"Nice…place, Vincent," Rude murmured appreciatively; he entered through the door, as Vincent held it open for him.

"Thank you," Vincent said quietly, as he hung his keys up on a wall peg in the kitchen. "Anything…to drink?" he inquired. "I'm having wine," he said, as he grabbed a bottle of merlot from a countertop wine refrigerator.

"I'm good for now," Rude replied. "Thank you." He stood back, watching as Vincent poured himself a glass of wine and took a sip. Rude felt his heart start to pound as he stared intently at Vincent; he slowly advanced towards him, removing the glass of wine from Vincent's hand, and placing it gently on the counter. Without uttering a word, Rude then cupped Vincent's chin, and licked a stray drop of wine from the corner of his mouth.

The action caused Vincent to emit a guttural growl. "Yes," he hissed, snaking his hand in between Rude's legs, and smiling knowingly once he felt the hardness there. "Hmm," Vincent hummed, as if in appreciation. He began lightly stroking Rude through his pants; the Turk moaned, and backed Vincent against the refrigerator, clutching a handful of raven hair as he kissed him.

"Bedroom," Rude muttered, trying his damnedest not to come in his pants, despite Vincent's relentless stroking. "Where is it?" he demanded.

"This way," Vincent replied, whispering. He took Rude by the hand, and led him down the hallway to the master bedroom. He flipped on a small light on top of the dresser; it lit the room dimly, just enough where they could see to move around. Vincent's bedroom was done in shades of burgundy and black; the bed itself was a massive, oversized king, in ebony wood. Burgundy silk sheets covered the bed; sinking onto the mattress, Vincent pulled Rude down on top of him, in a heated embrace.

"Off," Rude commanded, tugging at Vincent's cloak. "Take it off…I want to see you." Rude blanched slightly after hearing his own words, realizing he was about to see a lot more of Vincent Valentine, than most people had ever seen. He grinned at the thought; Vincent noticed the smile, and raised an eyebrow curiously at Rude, smirking.

"What amuses you, Rude?" he inquired, running his clawed hand over the Turk's bald head. Rude shivered uncontrollably at the cold touch.

"Nothing," Rude replied huskily, as he pressed himself down against Vincent. "Just…looking forward to seeing what you've been hiding under that cloak," he murmured, smiling.

"Ha!" Vincent chuckled. "I'd like to see a little more of you…as well. Take these off," he ordered, touching Rude's ever-present sunglasses. "I've never seen you without those," he murmured. The Turk obediently removed the sunglasses, and placed them on a nearby table; then, turned his attentions back to Vincent. He freed the cloak from Vincent, and pulling it out from underneath him, tossed it on the floor. Hands fumbled and groped, as the two undressed each other hastily, almost desperate with need. "Gods, Vincent," Rude groaned, as he felt the cold metal of Vincent's claw graze along his back. Rude felt himself grow even harder at the sight of Vincent, nude, splayed out on the silk sheets, raven hair fanned about his head; Rude ran his hands underneath Vincent's body, cupping his ass, as he ground into his pelvis, their erections now rubbing against each other.

"Lube?" Rude inquired, cocking an eyebrow at Vincent, who replied with a single nod. "In the top drawer…bedside table." They went for it at the same time, chuckling as their heads connected, bumping against each other. "Here it is," Vincent murmured, as he retrieved the tube, and handed it to Rude. The Turk quickly prepared himself, slicking the crown of his cock with the substance. He let out a slow breath as he eased a finger into Vincent's ass. Spreading his legs out to allow Rude greater access, Vincent moaned uncontrollably, and much more loudly as Rude added a second finger, then a third.

"Yesss," Rude hissed, licking the length of Vincent's neck. "I love hearing that. I want to hear you make more of those noises, Vincent." Removing his fingers, Rude positioned himself near Vincent's entrance, and slowly worked his way in.

Dear Gaia, Vincent thought, groaning as he wrapped his legs around Rude's hips. That man is…gifted. Rude was well-endowed indeed, so he wanted to enter Vincent slowly; rushing things would not make for a pleasant experience for either one of them. Vincent moaned and gasped as he felt Rude slowly fill him.

"Oh, fuck," Vincent muttered, groaning and panting. He wrapped his arms around Rude's broad shoulders, and bit down on Rude's left shoulder, as the Turk began thrusting in and out of Vincent. Rude growled in response. "You…doing okay, Vincent?" he asked, breathless.

"Yes," Vincent replied, panting and bucking his hips upward; his hair was now in disarray, clinging to his sweat-soaked body, as well as Rude's "Gods, Rude, harder! I'm almost there!" Vincent bellowed, throwing his head back into the pillows. He began fisting his cock at a furious pace, stroking it feverishly.

"You asked for it, Valentine," Rude muttered, pounding into Vincent. "Fuck," he moaned, his body tensing as he felt himself come. "Unh," he grunted, as he finally reached orgasm, Vincent following suit just moments later. They both lay there together for a moment, speechless, Rude still inside Vincent. Finally, as he felt himself growing slack, Rude pulled out, and lay next to Vincent, kissing his shoulder.

"So," Rude murmured, easing an arm around Vincent's waist, and smiling as he tenderly kissed him on the cheek.

"So," Vincent replied, in a bemused tone, ghosting his claw hand over Rude's bald head. "I think I should like to do that again."

Rude nodded silently in agreement, and gasped as Vincent swiftly and suddenly flipped him on his back, pinning his arms over his head. "What the-" he began.

"This time, though," Vincent murmured, kissing Rude on the lips. "I'll be on top."

Rude simply lay back on the silk-covered pillows, grinning. He wasn't about to argue, particularly with a former Turk.