I have forgotten the words you spun into my head… They've grown into hardly even a whisper amongst the cobwebs of my imprisoned thoughts… Even the reasons that you gave for locking me away in this dark and dismal place have spiraled into the shadows that creates insanity… What this jail cell of mine even is, I still do not know… I have been here so many years that I can't even remember when I stopped counting… I can feel life continuing on around me while I stay in my prison between awake and sleep… The birds sing their songs to me during the daylight hours, though I cannot see the sun's rays, while at night the wind whistles a lullaby as though to help me fall into dreamless slumber… Will I ever be free from this place you have left me? That, I fear, is an impossible task…

Roderich woke from his sleep in a cold sweat, panting heavily. "Another dream...? No, this one was more like a memory- a memory that doesn't belong to me…" Rubbing his temples gently, the Austrian stole a glance at the nearby digital clock he'd received from Ludwig the last time he had awoken late for a business meeting. 3:45 A.M. was the time that greeted him. With a sigh he forced himself out of the tangled mauve sheets that spread out across his mattress. "Some tea will help me relax… It is much too early…" The hallways were cold and dark with a dampness floating around the air from the growing summer rainstorm that pattered against the outer shell of the manor. Pausing at one of the large windows Roderich gazed at his reflection, placing a soft touch to the dark circles under his eyes. "How much sleep have I lost these past few months since Elizaveta stormed out? I'm beginning to think I'll never properly sleep again…" The glass was cool against his forehead as he leaned in to the window, watching as the droplets of rain slithered down on the other side. Just as he was about to pull away, words formed in front of his eyes out of the rainwater:

"The rain has grown to be my only comfort as I lay here silent… Its soft melody reminds me of you and the songs you once sang for me… I wonder, wherever you are, can you still hear the sound of my accompaniment?"

Roderich's breath caught in his throat as he read the words before him again and again until they began to vanish the same way the mysteriously formed. For a moment, a second reflection seemed to have joined next to his- one with similarly sad violet eyes, but when Roderich turned to look there was no one around. "What was that; a ghost? It couldn't be; there is no such thing." The sound of a lone piano quietly made its way to the Austrian's ears from further in the house. "Who could be playing my instruments at this hour? Certainly not Gilbert or Ludwig…" He let his thoughts drift back to the words that had appeared on the window, causing a violent shiver to cascade down his spine. A mental struggle had rooted its way into Roderich's mind as he debated on quickly retreating back to the warmth of his sheets and forget all about the tea he had originally set out for, or cautiously make his way towards the kitchen and the music room just on the other side to find out who was making this haunting piece of music. Fear bested his judgment this time around however, and the Austrian quickly found himself back in his bedroom under the safety of his sheets, pausing only to lock his down behind him. Closing him eyes tightly at first, Roderich soon found that the same melody that had sent him spiriting back to his chambers was also the same one that lulled him into a peaceful sleep.

When he awoke in the morning, his fatigue that he'd mused upon hours prior had virtually vanished and for once he'd woken before his alarm...

Okay, so... Yeah... It's not one of the stories that I should be updating... It's something new... Again... *fails*

Anyway, I have no idea where this came from. I mean it could have come from anything ranging from my unhappy love life to living next to a graveyard my whole life to sitting in the dark of twilight listening to "Rain" by Dax Johnson over and over again. Anything is possible here.

Also, yeah, I know it's sort. This was kind of a spur of the moment thing. There is more to this but it's late and the other part I was working on isn't finished yet; basically- I need sleep. Well... More like I crave sleep. I never really need sleep since all I seem to do is sleep, even when I am awake anymore is seems. I guess I kinda feel like Austria does in the beginning of this after the dream sequence, if you know what I mean. Anyway read & review, let me know what mistakes I've made (I may or may not listen) and let me know if you have any questions.

Note: The song that Roderich heard is "Rain" by Dax Johnson, look it up on youtube and listen to it if you haven't already.