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The next few nights as the lurking storm continued to rain down, similar "dreams" returned to Roderich's state of sleep- always waking him 15 minutes before four A.M.; the same lingering tune quietly carrying on from another part of the house. Not once though had the Austrian gone to look for the source, slowly growing used to the calmness that the music had brought him despite its bewildering appearance. Roderich had, after the first night, gone to examine the music room, but after looking over his beloved piano found that it had not been touched at all. Granted there were other pianos amongst the manor, but he had been sure that the music had come from this specific instrument. What puzzled the Austrian the most, however, was that neither of his two house guests had been woken by the song even once. Ludwig had asked if he was feeling well when Roderich told him about the incident and even offered to take him to a specialist. Gilbert merely laughed at him and called him an over worked princess... It was moments like that one where Roderich missed Elizaveta's frying pan. The Prussian was just lucky that Roderich needed him to help run their business otherwise he would have been tossed out of the mansion along ago. "If only that lout would go and find some unlucky sap to fall in love with so that he'd be out of my hair… Like Ludwig with that odd Italian, Feliciano." Roderich thought as he lazily twirled the tea in his cup. Ever since the brother's left in the morning the manor had been fairly silent, the ticking and chiming of an old grandfather clock the only sounds Roderich hadn't himself been making that echoed throughout the house. Outside, the rain storm passing somewhere amongst the morning hours, the sun had begun to set fire to the horizon as it set into the depths of the Earth, not a single cloud insight. The sunset was the only indication that Ludwig and Gilbert would not be returning home that night, more than likely staying the night at Feliciano's place in town.

Hours passed into the night and only when the grandfather clock from the front hall echoed throughout the manor the time of ten-o'clock did Roderick head for his bed.

"It's cold here… But I have never really minded the cold, remember? You used to say that I must've been a creature of the arctic in a past life for how much time I'd spend outside in the winter season. Though now… Snow is but a distant memory of a time I'd much rather you'd left me in. If only my deadened fingers could reach out to you once more… I'd grab onto your throat and never let go…"

Roderick awoke to cold sweat and fear trembling down through his bones, heavy breaths leaving his chest aching. Bringing his hands up to his neck, the Austrian felt the swollen hand prints that had begun to rise and throb. Gently rubbing the tender, abused flesh he looked at his clock, a bright green 3:45 A.M. gracing his tired eyes. Taking a moment to calm himself Roderich listened carefully for the calming music he was sure would follow the nightmare. The recurring melody was not what chanted to him this time. Clearly the piano that he's grown accustomed too had been replaced with a violin and haunting female vocals. As beautiful as the violin played the voice that accompanied its song outshined it in every way. Ignoring all thoughts of why this phenomenon's existence, Roderick threw is robe on and practically flew through the halls to each of his music rooms.

He found nothing in each...

In case you didn't guess, the song I posted at the opening to this was the song that Roderick was hearing.

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