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Death Note does not belong to me. But I want L!

Why am I here?

Chapter 1 - Bastard...

"You bastard!"

A hand shot out of a small shinigami's arm towards the black blur. When the sharp claws were close to slashing him he jumped into the human realm. The black shinigami laughed loudly and wickedly, and then silence.

"Damn you Lo!"

He smashed his fist to the ground in fury.

"I will get it back…and I will take your life…!"

He jumped inside the human realm releasing his wings. Gag, fell down into the human realm with no regrets following him.

'Where did he go!'

Gag flew around the city for hours on end, unsuccessful; he sat on a building sulking as he watches the moon and the stars moving slowly. Gag decided to rest to look again tomorrow until a piece of paper fell onto his bandaged head. Gag grabbed the paper and began to read:


You already know that I took your Death Note from your small little hands,

Anger began to boil his body up as he clenched the paper tightly.

But to find me you need to pass my obstacles first. You must find a human to own your Life and the newer Death Note you already got from the Death God of course,

'Damn him.'

He hated to be easily predicted by others, especially him.

You have to keep one man alive, his name is L, but the human must know him. That's why I sent you to another dimension where I'm not in.

Every sentence made Gag more and more furious feeling insulted inside.

One more thing, once you find the human, both of you shall get sent to the other dimension that where I really am. You have ten days to get find a human before you parish into dust.

Gag looked at his hand. His fingertips were already fading away.

'You fucker, I'll get you for this…and for everything else…'

Good Luck,


Gag crumbled it up into a ball and threw out of the Earth's atmosphere. Lo was surely going to pay for stealing his Death Note, convincing the shinigami king that he was no use, and also to have pissed him off this bad Lo must have known what was coming.

'Great, now I have to find a human companion…'

Gag's wings burst out of his back. He fluttered his wings to begin lift off.

'I will find you Lo, and I will pay you back for what you did…all of it.'

School sucks.

That's all I have to say of think about since school already started.

School sucks.

I needed to think of something else as I was walking down the street. When I came past the same old abandoned house I used to use to scare off people during Halloween. Ah, the memories…

I decided to go inside since there wasn't anything else to do besides homework, eat, and sleep. My steps felt like I was going to break the floor the minute I make contact.

"Still looks the same."

Spinning around to take a better look around I suddenly bumped into what felt like books. I quickly turned around to see nothing behind me. Weird. I swear I thought that-.

"Evera Vines."

My head turned around seeing a small shinigami looking, although very short than I expected. It had bandages all over its face except for its blood shot yellow eye. The Shinigami had sewed clothing almost crumbling to pieces and it had sharp fingers and toes.


I said sternly keeping my cool as much as I can. What's a shinigami doing here? Is it going to seal my soul, oh god! I have to-!

"I shall give you two options, one is to go into the other human world, as you call the "Death Note world", or two, I'll erase your memory and you'll go back into your usual life."

"Why are you sending me to the Death Note world?"

Why ask me? I wanted to say but nothing came out of my mouth.

"There's someone there… that I want to beat the crap out of… And I needed a human to help me."

He tightened his fists tightly in fury. I already like his attitude.

"Alright deal, but will I be able to go back to my home and remember what happened?"

"I cannot be sure myself."

He seemed slightly depressed about this, I don't like this. What if he ends up sending me to his stomach... gross…

"Here take it."

He threw the white notebook that read, "Life Note" in black letters and the famous Death Note carelessly. I was able to catch them out of luck.

The floor began to crack and bend shining a bright light through it until it broke when I fell down with Gag nearby. I began to scream in surprise with Gag irritated and annoyed that he hit me to unconsciousness…some friend he is…

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