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Why am I here?

Chapter 2~

"Gag, remember I told you that I agreed about how I would help you…"


Gag said plainly with his usual disgusted face.


Eve was hanging by a rope that was tied to a metal pole.

"That's for you to deal with."

Gag then flew away from the angry, freak girl.


Eve then heard a door open.


"Excuse me! Can you help me!"

She couldn't see the person but saw the silhouette of the person looking around.

"Down here!"

The figure came closer until the mystery person was revealed.

"What are you doing down there?"

L asked looking over the ledge of the building. The pole that Eve was hanging from was only a few feet from the ledge and looking at him was like a dream come true for a fan girl like her.


"Well, uh, can you just help me?"

Eve, struggling to hide her blushing she was already red from the blood flowing to her brain.

L stared at for a moment before responding.

"You stay there while I'll go get help."

'Phew! Thank God I'm going to be saved.'

She was so relieved that she would be rescued, especially by L, her favorite character in her favorite anime.

"I'm so lucky!"

"Where are you stupid piece of s-"

Gag was looking around a high school of humans. He looked through a wall seeing the stupid humans doing worthless things that doesn't make any sence when he spotted a familiar shinigami next to a human.

"I have not time for him."

Gag left Ryuk be and kept on looking for the skeleton, pain in the neck shinigami.

"Oh, god…!"

Eve, after getting help from L and the police force felt a sickness washing over her. She ran to the corner from everyone else and threw up on the roof.

"A-are you alright?"

I turned to Matsuda patting my back. How generous.

"Yes I'm better now thanks."

I smiled at him while the rest of the police force and L walked towards us.

"Why were you hanging by a pole Miss…?"

"Oh, my name is Evera Vines. But call me Eve if you want."

This was so awesome. Meeting the hottest and smartest detective ever! What a dream come true!

"Nice to meet you Miss Vines, my name Ryuuzaki."

Of course he'll use his alias on a stranger.

"I'm Matsuda."

Matsuda said everyone else introduced each other to each other. I felt like laughing. If only they knew.

"Nice to meet you all."

Hehehehe… suckers…

"The question still stands on why you were hanging on a pole?"

"Oh, I, uh…I don't remember…"

Well half of what I said was true. Although my heart is still racing when I had regained consciousness when I woke up…



"So, the mutt is alive."

I slowly cracked one eye open. It was too blurry with just my one eye open, I opened the other eye looking at Gag looking at me like I'm dirt.

"W-what happened?"

He said nothing. I realized that I was upside down I looked down to see that I was hanging from a piece of rope tied to a pole.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh I'M GOING TO DIE! I'M GOING TO D-"

Gag hit me again but he didn't knock me out this time. I was swinging from left to right, my heart was pounding like crazy when I held onto the rope that held my foot.

"Shut up you stupid rodent I have no time for your screeching voice."

How nice of you to worry.

"Can't you at least GET ME DOWN!"

Gag paused for a minute, probably thinking about helping out his companion or just ignoring her the whole time.


I cussed at him as he flew away leaving me behind. What a jerk.

"Note: Next time don't go with a stranger especially a shinigami"

Gag intently looked everywhere in the Kanto region of Japan, but found no trace of Lo or any other shinigami in the human realm besides Ryuk.

'Damn it, I guess I have to look outside of the Kanto region.'

Gag flew, from the building, towards the border of the Kanto region. He was close to getting into the next city until Gag was pushed back by a barrier. It left him slightly electrocuted clutching himself in pain.

"Ah, ah, ah…remember you cannot go outside of the Kanto region. For I am in the Kanto region."

"Argh! Lair, I searched all over the place! What makes you think that-!"
Gag's eyes widened, he should have realized sooner. That he was in the Kanto region but…

"Now you see, but you cannot kill Eve. 'Cause if you do…you'll die too."

Gag's frustration was making his entire insides feel burned out of pure anger.

He bit his bandaged lip before saying.

"So you plan to stay there the whole entire time."

"Yes little one, but I have to go. Things to do you know."


Gag began to destroy everything around him. Luckily he wasn't in the city, but instead above a garbage dispose area.

He incinerated everything into ash and left nothing else left in just five minutes.

'That damn bastard. Hiding and watching is all you can do huh? Well I'll make sure you get out of your hiding spot for your grave.'

Gag decided to fly back to Eve as the sun began to set and the sky turned into a red-orange color. Things were going to be hectic around here. Although his anger was still boiling he smiled. Not an evil smile, but a joyful smile. But turned into a frown when he remembered the bad things as well. Gag growled as he soared in the sky. He wished that he had just killed him... But was Lo did was unforgivable...

Since Lo is hiding inside of…


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