Okay. That's it. I have removed the chapters off of this account because the comments people are leaving are getting ridiculous. I am getting fucking death threats over a goddamn fanfiction that is on the internet. Look here, assholes, I don't write these for you, believe it or not. I write them because I enjoy it. And, these stories have not been enjoyable for me for some time because I've lost interest in most animes, including the ones I have written about. So, if you want to continue being angry, whiny 5 year olds be my guest. But it's not getting you anything.

In the meantime I'm still over on AO3 where people actually have common courtesy and don't leave death threats on my stories. If, and this is a big if, I ever continue these stories I will be rewriting them and posting them on AO3, not on this cesspool.

AO3: CollateralDamage666

And I am out.