Author's note: I really like high school fics. It's an illness. LOL Anyway, here's my attempt at one. I hope you guys like it and please comment if you think I should continue. Thanks.

Morticia and the Knight

Chapter 1

"What's the capital of Texas?"

Austin. "Dallas."

Karen Isley giggled, "Wrong! Hand over your jacket."

Despite the cold, Seeley Booth gladly handed over his Letterman's jacket that had cost him a whole summer at Burger Shack. "Okay, okay next question."

Karen put on Booth's jacket as she pretended to think. In reality, she'd memorized difficult questions that Booth would never get right. Flipping her long blonde tresses out of the jacket, she asked, "How many representatives does Congress have?"

435 "Um, 100?"

"Wrong again. I'm afraid you're going to have to give me your shoes."

"Aww, that was a hard one!" Booth pouted as he handed over his shoes.

"I told you to study." she smirked, Booth was totally gonna get it.

The next wrong answer forfeited Booth's shirt, and Karen had to admit, he may have been a two-timer, but he had great abs. His chest was perfectly smooth, which was a bit odd, but it worked for him. The cut look of his abs seemed to draw her eye lower, to where his jeans met his skin, making her wish they weren't there. She took her time admiring him, letting him think that tonight was like any other night under the bleachers. .

Booth was having fun. He might bring other girls under the bleachers, but Karen's little game made her his favorite. Even though Karen had picked harder questions than usual, he still knew all the answers

The next piece of clothing to go was Booth's jeans, and despite the cold Booth was excited, Little Booth was excited too.

It was time for the last question, Karen gave Booth a sultry smile and asked the next question slowly, "What... is the scientific name for the shoulder bone?"

For the first time that night, Booth honestly didn't know the answer, "Um...ulna?

Karen's smile got wider, "Hand them over." Booth wasn't too upset, he knew what came next. He pulled off his boxers slowly adding a little cocky wiggle. Karen giggled as he gave them to her. Booth was completely naked, that is if you don't count socks and a religious medallion as clothes. "Now we're gonna do something different, close your eyes and turn around."

Booth did as she said and counted to ten, but when he didn't hear the rustle of clothing anymore, he turned around to find her gone. She was nowhere in sight, but when he looked out from under the bleachers he saw her running across the field.



Booth ran across the field after Karen at full speed not caring about his nudity.

Thomas Edison High School was dark and the lack of students transformed its grounds. Temperance Brennan actually felt at peace, it was strange to walk across the quad with her head held high and not fearful that some jock was going to knock her down to the ground. She was making her way to the football field where she'd spotted a opossum that would be interesting to dissect. Ever since she'd moved to Philadelphia it'd become increasingly difficult to find specimens for her own personal studies.

Out of nowhere she was knocked to the ground. She was so shocked that a shriek escaped her mouth.

"OH MY GOD!' rang through the school as the two figures collided, eyes widening in shock as they caught sight of each other.

Standing above Brennan was a naked boy. He was hunched over, his hands covering his genitalia, looking just as shocked to see her.


Brennan stood up rapidly and turned away from the boy, not caring about her usual lack of coordination. "Where are your clothes?"

"Oh god! I'm sorry! I'm not a perv, I swear! My clothes were stolen."

The shock over, Temperance felt sorry for him, he must have been the victim of a high school prank. She pulled off her satchel and her purple sweater and held it out behind her, "Here, you can cover yourself with this." She felt him take it out of her hands.

"Thank you." he said quietly, and then. "I'm covered up now."

She turned around to face him, really taking him in now. From the extensive musculature in his torso, he didn't seem the type that would be bullied. "What are you going to do now?"

"Um, I don't know, I guess I was just going to run home. But that doesn't sound like a good plan now, this sweater only covers my front, thanks for that, by the way."

"Well, you could always find the night janitor and have him open the boys' locker room and go home in your Physical Education clothes."

"The less people know about it the better. It's bad enough that a girl's seen me like this." He paused, holding the sweater by its sleeves behind his back as he ran his other hand through his hair distractedly. "Wait a minute, you're a girl!"

Brennan looked at him offended, "Granted I'm not exposing myself as much as you are, but I thought we had already established that I am female."

"Sorry. It's just that... You wouldn't happen to have any hair pins on you?"


"I can use them to pick the lock on the locker room door."

Temperance took out two pins that were holding the strands of her hair that were too short to pull back in her ponytail. He looked excited as she held them out to him, and he was about to walk towards the locker room when he remembered his butt was hanging out. He spun back around and blushed. "Um, I just... sorry."

Temperance however just walked past him briskly, "I guess I'll lead the way."

"What?" he squeaked, Why would she want to come with me?

"I've never seen anyone pick a lock, I would like to learn."

"Um, okay?"

Booth studied the girl from behind. And no, he didn't just look at her behind. She was kinda tall and while she wasn't lacking in feminine attributes, she was a little on the skinny side. Her brown hair was pulled up in a pony tail and the locks of hair that had been released from the pins hung just to her ear. Overall, she seemed like the typical girl next door.

When they got to the locker room, Booth realized that he would have to expose himself in order to pick the lock. "I know you wanted to learn how to pick the lock, but um, I'm gonna need you to turn around. Look, I promise, another time when I'm not naked, I'll teach you."

"Well, if you're not gonna let me watch, I guess I should just go home."

"No, wait! Just let me get my PE clothes and I'll drive you home. It's dangerous around here."

"I made it here safely, I think I can manage the way back just fine."

Booth sighed in frustration, here he was trying to be a gentlemen, while he was naked! And she wanted to argue. "No, look. I already took your sweater. I got another one in my locker just wait here for me."

The girl shot him an annoyed look, but turned around. Booth fiddled around with the pins for a while before hearing the satisfying pop of the tumblers giving way. He hurried inside to his locker and was grateful that there was enough light coming in from the high windows to work the combination lock.

Temperance waited just outside the locker room for the strange boy. She had been about to follow him inside but the overpowering odor of sweat mixed with various Men's fragrances had forced her back out. She should really have gone back to her foster home by now, but she'd been curious about him. He came back outside relatively quickly. He was dressed in a t-shirt that said PROPERTY OF TEHS ATHLETICS across the front, basketball shorts that hung below his knees and black high tops. He held out a Navy blue hoodie to her as he shut the door behind him. "Here. I'll just wash your sweater and give it back to you later." She nodded and pulled his sweater over her head. They started walking back out to the field where they had both climbed over the fence that night. When Brennan decided it was a good time to satisfy her curiosity.

"Why would someone steal your clothes?"

"That's what I'd like to know! Why would she steal my clothes?"

They had come to the fence and Booth climbed it and jumped it first, turning back to help her down, but she jumped down easily and landed next to him. They turned around to where Booth's car should have been.

"She took the car too? Pops is gonna kill me!"

"Who is this she that you keep referring to?"

"Karen! We were under the bleachers, playing her game and she ran off with all my clothes!" Booth kicked the fence behind them. "How am I gonna explain this to Pops?" He once again ran his hand through his hair and followed the girl dejectedly down the street.

"So your girlfriend stole your clothes and your car?"

"Um, she's not really my girlfriend. Just a girl I like." For some reason, Booth didn't want to admit to this girl that he had just been having fun with Karen. She seemed to be under the impression that he was the victim here. Which he was, he clarified to himself. "So what were you doing here, so late at night? Did your boyfriend ditch you too?"

She blushed, "Um no, I don't have a boyfriend." Brennan didn't feel like telling the gorgeous boy next to her the truth. They'd called her Morticia at every school she'd been to, they'd never been original enough to think up a different name, but she didn't want it to start here as well. "I was collecting specimens for my experiment."

Booth studied her in the moonlight, her gray eyes reflecting the moonlight and her anxiety. "Aren't you in my Anatomy class?" Brennan was a little unnerved by his gaze so fixed on her face, "Yeah! You are! And my econ class! Tempest Brennan right?"

"Actually my name is Temperance, but since you were so close to it, I suppose I am in your class."

"Temperance, that's a cool name. But um, why were you out here collecting species-men when Dr. Goodman hasn't even assigned us our project yet?"

"Specimens, and they're for my own private studies."

"Oh, so you're a squint huh?" he chuckled at the thought. But she frowned, once again she hadn't managed to escape being put down for her intelligence. But Booth quickly read her expression, "No wait! I don't mean it as a bad thing. You're a cool squint. I mean, after helping me out tonight, you are definitely cool in my book."

Brennan smiled at the thought of being 'cool', no one ever thought she was 'cool'. They continued talking and she would glance at him trying to study his features nonchalantly. She could tell he had a very symmetrical and strong bone structure. Usually, studying the skeleton below the flesh could keep her occupied for days. But this time his twinkly brown eyes kept distracting her. Brennan didn't live too far from the school, so before they knew it they were on her street facing her house.

"Wow, nice house."

"It's not mine."

Booth chuckled, "Uh, right, it's your parents. So um, you know, thanks for the help. I uh, promise you'll get your sweater back soon ." Booth said as walked back down her driveway.

"Wait! I forgot to ask you your name!"

"Don't worry, you'll figure it out soon enough."

Brennan figured she would just have to bring her head out of her book the next day in Anatomy when roll was being called. But as she was preparing for bed, she hung up his sweater on a hanger and saw that the back said BOOTH.

Booth finally made it home, and after sneaking in through his own window, wanted nothing more than to sleep and forget what Karen had done to him. He tossed Temperance's sweater in the direction of his hamper, kicked off his shoes, and flopped face down onto his bed.

The next morning Booth left the house even before Pops woke up, anxious to get to school and get the car back before Pops realized it was missing. But in his early morning haste, Booth forgot about the sweater lying on the floor mere centimeters away from his hamper.