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Slowly all of my memories began to fade. I had no idea where I was but something was removing me from myself. I could hardly remember who I was. I knew there were things I couldn't remember, things just past my realm of grasp. I had given up using my technique of blocking out other's feelings making me feel barricaded by the hate that now surrounded me. I couldn't block it out. My strength was lacking and their emotions proved too powerful. I wasn't used to such passion and especially not evil passion. Then I couldn't even remember what had happened, Where I was, what I was feeling. I felt sick and my body weak. My mind took me away from the stress and everything went black.

"Liv!" My dream screamed at me as my body flung forward. I looked around, I was definitely in a hospital. The room was spacious and I saw a bag that must have held my things sitting on the counter. The clock on the wall read 8:57 and judging by how bright it was outside I was sure it was morning. I would have gotten up but my body felt weak, I was sure I had been here for awhile especially since the flowers on my nightstand were already dying.

I looked around, there had to be a nurse's button somewhere. Things seemed different. It wasn't a regular hospital so I came up with the conclusion I was in massive dynamic since their technologies were always improving. On my nightstand I found a little hand help monitor. It seemed to operate everything in the room from the lights to the bed. Luckily it was also to call the nurse. I touched the little red square and a few minutes later a young nurse walked in.

"You're awake! How do you feel?" She seemed a bit shocked to see me up and running which made me curious as to how long I was out.

"Fine. A bit thirsty." She smiled as she checked my chart and helped me feel comfortable.

"I'll get you a drink and then I'll be back in to ask you a few questions." She mused as she disappeared out the door. She was back more quickly than I expected. She handed me the drink and sat on the stool next to my bed.

"Thank you!" I spoke after I downed almost the whole thing. She smiled and nodded as she took out a piece of paper and a pen.

"Can you tell me your name?" She asked in her strangely soothing voice.

"Olivia Dunham." The woman jolted her head up with a slightly confused expression but quickly adjusted herself back to the composed woman I had seen before but I still felt her worry.

"Alright. Do you remember the date?"

"February 2012, I can't remember an exact date though." The woman seemed even more distressed as she wrote something down on the paper she was focusing on now. It was strange, I was looking at her and she seemed completely composed but I could feel her stress.

"You can go ahead and rest now." She whispered. I was somewhat glad because I was exhausted but I was curious as to what was going on. I closed my eyes and felt the woman, that was beside me, leave. It was strange but I knew she was gone. I opened my eyes just to check and when I did I was alone. I closed my eyes to try and get some sleep.

When I felt an odd presence next to me I opened my eyes to see Peter sitting next to my bed. He grinned as he brought his hand to my face.

"So good to have you back." I couldn't help but be overjoyed with him next to me. I couldn't place it but I knew he was making me happy and I was glad he was with me.

"How long have I been out?"

"Few weeks. Three weeks and two days to be exact." He seemed a bit hesitant to where I was going with my questions.

"What day is it?"

"June 17th. So you don't remember what happened? Nothing at all?" I tried to think back but nothing was coming. I shook my head.

"Well you were out talking to witnesses and then you went missing. Nobody could find you for days. When we did find you, it was in a dark cellar. You were unconscious and have been until today. Nobody knows what happened. We've all been worried." He spoke as he reached down to grab my hand in between his.

"Peter?" I asked somewhat nervously.


"I don't remember anything after February." I pointed out since he hadn't seemed to figure anything out. I felt him tense up or was it me I couldn't tell.

"Yeah, the doctors mentioned something about amnesia, and 2012." He noted awkwardly as he ran his fingers through his hair. He was definitely getting unsettled and I knew it was him and not me even though it strangely felt like me.

"And something weird is happening. It's like I feel other people around me." He pursed his lips as he nodded.

"Yes, that is something relatively new. Ever since uh... it's just a new ability. It's very helpful in your work but I'm sure you've forgotten all the training you've received to control it."

"How long have I had it?" I could tell he was holding back information now.

"You see. Well it's uh... how do I put this. six." He hesitatingly gave me a number which I knew he immediately regretted. Probably because he knew which question I would ask next.

"Six what? Weeks?" He very hesitantly grabbed my hand and prepared himself for what he was about to say.

"Years." He whispered nervously. I almost didn't believe what he was saying to me. It couldn't have been six years. I couldn't have been out for six years.

"So what year is it exactly?" I questioned him making him very uncomfortable. I wasn't sure why he was hesitant to tell me information. I mean, I had a right to know.

"2020. June 17, 2020. I mean I guess it makes sense you blocked everything past February 2012. That is right before all that chaos. When the War was at it's worst point. We thought our universe would end but in April things started to heal. We started to heal." I couldn't believe what he was telling me. I had forgotten the past eight years of my life.

"Are we?" I asked motioning between us. He held up his left hand which held a small silver band.

"Happily." I suddenly felt at a loss as I realized I couldn't remember anything that happened between us that made us who we were now as a couple.

"How long?"

"Seven years," I was trying to comprehend what he was telling me but it all seemed so surreal," In March."


"We were married March 16, 2013."

"How is everyone?" I asked hoping all the people I loved were still alive. Peter seemed confused at first by my question but then took to answering it.

"Walter is well. Broyles is married again. Astrid is now married. Her and her husband are good friends of ours. Their daughter is almost two. Her name is Belle."

"Astrid has a daughter?" I tried to picture Astrid being a mother, "What about us? Do we have any kids?" He seemed to be happy at the idea of our kids.

"Two. A boy and a girl. Andrew is six and Adelle is three." I sat up in my bed feeling slightly lightheaded. It was nice to wake up and have the war be over and to have everything be peaceful but it didn't feel real. I couldn't believe I could have just forgotten so many years of my life.

"Where are they?"

"Well Drew is at school and Adelle is with Rachel. I could call her if you'd like. There's been high restrictions on visits since they didn't know what happened to you but now that you're awake you can see anyone you want."

"I want to meet them." I felt relief and I knew he had been worrying about it since he got here. He placed a soft kiss on my forehead and pulled a phone type thing out of his pocket. He pressed something and then held it up to his ear.

"Hey Rach. Yeah. She's ready. No. Thank you!" He smiled as he put the small device back into his pocket and sat on the stool next to my bed. He smiled as he placed his hand on my arm.

"She's coming?"

"She'll be here in like half an hour." His relief seemed to radiate throughout the room. The time between then and when Rachel arrived was filled with talk of what our life was now and how we got together. Apparently I started to get the ability to feel other's emotions when I was pregnant with Andrew and then after he was born it was at it's strongest. I was able to get help controlling and I could even make it so it was as if I didn't have the ability at all or I could feel as if I were another person in the room. Our son shared the same ability but our daughter hadn't shown any signs of any special ability yet.

"Hello?" I heard my sister as she walked through the door with a huge smile. She held the hand of who I presumed was Andrew and following behind her was a teenage girl holding a tiny one.

"Mom!" The blonde haired boy ran and jumped up beside me on the bed, "Don't be nervous, we all know you can't remember. It's fine." He grinned cockily as he showed off his talent. The girl holding Adelle put her at the end of my bed. She smiled up at me and I knew exactly who she was.

"Hi Aunt Liv." I couldn't help but smile at how beautiful Ella was as my daughter climbed to lay next to me. Adelle put her hand on the side of my face and pulled it down until I was looking into her green eyes. Her soft brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

"I missed you, Mommy," She whispered as she gave me a quick kiss, "Will you be home to read me a bedtime story tonight?" Her small body cuddled up against mine and I knew she was nervous to let go of me.

"I hope so."

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