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In the morning when I woke up Peter was already awake and I could hear talking downstairs.

"No, you already got extra fruit snacks for that. Now it's Adelle's turn." Peter said amusingly.

"But I bet two extra fruit snacks if George called before Friday and he did!" Andrew tried to argue but Peter laughed.

"You bet that you would get two fruit snacks not two extra. Adelle gets two because she bet on a certain day so she got to bet more because she took a higher chance. Since he called Tuesday that means she gets three. I bet three that he would call tomorrow so I was wrong and Mommy bet Sunday to Wednesday so she gets one too."

"What are you teaching our kids?" I walked out from the hallway into the kitchen to find them all sitting at the table surrounding fruit snacks.

"The art of betting. You did it too!" He laughed as he held up a slip of paper, "See?" I walked over and took the paper from him to look at it. It said

what everyone's bets were and what their prize would be if they guessed correctly.

"Who's George?" I wondered why his phone call was big enough to make bets on.

"He's the guy from the FBI who decides if you get the promotion or not. He said he would call within the next two weeks and we all took bets on when. Everyone won except me."

"Did I get the promotion?"

"Yeah. We knew you would. The question was more of a when. Here." Peter grinned as he handed me my fruit snacks, making me laugh.


"Yeah, no problem. You did win them." He reminded me with a short chuckle.


"Hey Mom," Andrew called for my attention, "Will you take me to school today? Please, you haven't taken me in weeks!" He begged as he held his hands clasped together and a huge begging grin.

"Andy, your mom just got home. It might be better if I took you." Peter tried to convince him. I knew Andrew wasn't happy about it but would give up anyway. Before he could I made to sure to volunteer.

"No, I'll take him."

"Cool. Thanks Mom." After Andrew's lunch was packed he grabbed the car keys.

"Do you know where we are going?" I asked Andrew just to make sure but that small question made Peter's worry intensify.

"Yeah, of course." He sounded sure of himself but Peter's concern continued to grow.

"You know, if you are so worried you could just come with us." I revealed to Peter who focused his eyes on me.

"That might be good." Just then, trumping from downstairs came Walter.

"What's for breakfast? Did you make pancakes, Olivia?" Peter laughed.

"No Walter, she just got back."

"So. What does that have to do with her pancakes?" Walter questioned, "They're delicious." He spoke somewhat inwardly.

"Walter," Peter spoke, "we're going to take Drew to school and then we'll be back." Walter seemed confused.

"Both of you are going? That's strange."

"Well, we'll be back. Come on kids." Peter guided us to the car. Adelle ran up beside me and held my hand until I buckled her into her seat. We drove through our neighborhood. The trees high causing every street to be a leafy tunnel.

When we pulled up the the school the line was really long to drop off so I just got out to walk Drew up to the front of the school.

"I think Dad worries too much. I know exactly how to get to school. I do go there almost everyday."

"Maybe he was just worried I would get lost on my way home." He thought about this for a moment.

"Maybe. I think you would be smart enough to get home. You are always really good at finding places." A smile crept to my lips.

"Is this where I leave you?" I asked when we approached the front gate where kids were walking through.

"Yeah bye Mom." He held his arms up expecting a hug. I bent down and gave him a quick hug.

"Bye Drew."

"I love you."

"I love you too." I waved to him and started to walk away when I heard something disturbing.

"Hey Bishop. Still giving you're Mommy hugs and kisses?" I looked back to see an older boy teasing him.

"Yes I am Jimmy."

"Don't you think you're too old for that?"

"No. If you love someone you show them." He quickly rebutted the older kid's joke. He paused for a moment and then started again.

"Well, you think you're so smart but you aren't Andrew."

"Leave me alone Jimmy. You hate everybody and I don't want to be near you." I watched as Drew tried to walk away but the kid kept following him.

"Is this another one of your feelings?"

"No, it's just what I see. You aren't nice to anybody. So, you must not love anybody." I couldn't take my eyes off of what was happening right in front of me.

"Hi Andy," A little blonde girl that was about his age went up to him, "Will you come play with Derrik and me?" A few moments later Drew was out of sight and the kid who was picking on him went back to sitting under the tree. I decided to start walking back to the car since Drew was fine when I got stopped by a man I couldn't feel. It was like he wasn't even there. I couldn't help but be brought back to my dream.

"Mrs. Bishop. You're son is in my daughter's class. He mentioned something about you working for the FBI. I was wondering if maybe you could help me with something." He asked smiling at me. I couldn't put my finger on it but he didn't seem honest.

"What do you need help with?" I asked hesitantly, not wanting him to think I would actually help him.

"My daughter. She went missing and I think I've found information on where she could be but nobody will help me. I've been to the FBI for help but they say the evidence isn't good enough but I think it is. Here." He handed me a business card with his name number and photo on it.

"I'm not sure I'd be allowed to investigate in a case I'm not cleared on."

"Please it's my baby," He seemed a lonely sad but dark, "Maybe just think about it and get back to me."

"Alright." I put the small card into my pocket and made my way back to the car. I didn't mention anything about the man to Peter but I did ask about Drew.

"Did you know Drew is getting bullied?" Peter looked over at me with a sort of sadness but confident still.

"It was worse last year. He already gets therapy because of his ability and his therapist helped him through being bullied. He takes it quite well. He's a good kid."

"I know. I saw the way he handled it." I was amazed at his ability to stay calm under that sort of pressure and with his ability it was probably worse.

"It's a lot better than when he would come home and cry. People haven't been able to hide anything from him. He knows the world for what it really is and he's learning to face it head on. Adelle and I were just talking about bullies, weren't we Addy?"

"Yeah, like on Cinderella." She answered seriously. The entire ride home I kept thinking of the man who approached me and the man in my dream. There had to be a connection.

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