Title : Animale

Authoress : LaurenMichelle125

Chapter : Four, "Chain Reaction"

Disclaimer : I don't own Naruto

You hit me like a shot of whiskey

You got me walking sideways

Tunnel vision feeling frisky

Want to get you stuck on replay

"Well, what's done is done." Naruto said, earning a whack from the pinkette. "It is!" He defended. "Why we're all really here is for Yamanaka Ino's possible induction into Spiral."

"What?" Ino asked, looking around the room towards all the women, who were smiling. "I'm in?"

"If you pass through initiation, of course." The Uchiha smirked at the Yamanaka.

"Initiation?" Ino repeated. None of the girls had said anything about initiation.

"Initiation." The Uchiha confirmed, smirk still intact.

"You have to challenge the leaders." Naruto pointed a thumb towards himself and Sasuke.

"Oh." Ino shrugged. That was easy.

"And you have to win." Sasuke added, amusement dancing around his ebony eyes. Win? Win? She had to win? She had never been dropped as a child, so there was no delusional thought in her mind that she was stronger than they were. Her brain went into overdrive, very quickly. She bit the inside of her lip to keep her grin at bay.

"Alright." Ino nodded and pointed a finger at Naruto. " I challenge you to a drinking contest." She pointed at Sasuke now. "And you, to a genjutsu match."

Sasuke's eyebrows raised in slight disbelief. "You're going to try and out drink Konoha's stomach of steel and beat a Sharingan user at genjutsu."

"Maybe Kisame hit her too hard." Kiba commented and Sasuke smirked.


Ino held back her glare. "Well, if you're too afraid, I guess that counts as a forfeit, in which case I would win." The blonde shrugged and Sasuke's smirk was wiped from his face. Yamanaka Ino knew her way around a man's ego and she had no trouble exploiting their weaknesses. One of them: loosing to a girl.

"Heh. I like her." Naruto grinned and gestured for the redhead to bring them a bottle.

"Alright, Yamanaka. If you're such a hot shot," Sasuke pointed to the bar. "Pick your poison."

Perfect. Ino smiled and, confidently, looked over at the redhead. "Bring me the strongest vodka you've got."

She could see Sakura smile and Tenten give a look to Kurenai. She and Naruto sat down at a table with two chairs as Gaara placed two shot glasses and the vodka between them.

"Good luck." He said to the Yamanaka and Ino smiled, blushing slightly.

"Well," Naruto poured them their first shot and placed the bottle back down at the table. "Bottom's up." Both blonde through their heads back, the burning liquid rushing down their throat.

Naruto looked over at the other blonde. He had to admit, he was impressed. He was always going to let the Yamanaka win, after all, he could see Sasuke had taking a liking to her, and it was time for the Uchiha to settle down already. They took another shot and he watched as she shook her head, willing the taste to go away faster. In all honesty, he never expected her to go this far. He was already slightly buzzed, but by the way the Yamanaka had one hand on the table, it was obvious that she was a little past drunk.

"I'll never have vodka again." Ino muttered, her tongue heavy in her mouth, causing her words to slur slightly. Naruto smiled and pushed his shot glass away.

"Well, I don't feel all that well, so I'll forfeit. Congratulations, Ino. Looks like you out drank me."

"What?" Sasuke glared at the blonde, who was smirking. Naruto was still perfectly coherent. "Fine."

"She's all yours, Sasuke." Naruto said and stood up, not tripping at all, and walked over to the couch, where Sakura sat, and placed an arm around her shoulder.

Ino scooted her chair, hand never leaving the table, to get a better look at the Uchiha. "Ohkaay." She dragged out. "Do your worst." Sasuke walked over and bent down, to be at eye level with her. Ino stared into his eyes as the red swirled around, and then she felt it. Him inside her mind, trying to find anything. Images popped up, but they were all too blurry to make out and Ino smiled. The alcohol had finally taken its desired effect. The Uchiha frowned and continued trying, but Ino's thoughts simply trailed off, not letting him grab a hold of any of them. The Yamanaka let out a small giggle and stuck her tongue out at the Uchiha. It was at that moment Sasuke realized what she had done. He stood up and looked at Naruto.

"You got her so drunk, she can't even think straight. I can't control her like this."

Naruto blinked and looked at Ino who was grinning at the other blonde.

"She sure outsmarted you both." Gaara chuckled.

"She's not done." Sasuke glared at the redhead. "She needs to genjutsu me now."

Ino popped up from her seat, feeling the whole room spin rapidly, and she stumbled back.

"I got thiis." She raised a hand. "Follow me." She stumbled, slightly and made her way down towards the stairs, everyone in tow. They reached the bottom floor, where the bass line pounded in everyone's ears and Ino grabbed Sasuke's hand, setting him down on a bar stool. "Stay put," She smiled, again. "If you can."

Ino made her way into the mass of bodies, being pushed here and there, and stumbling into various people.

"Maybe we should stop her." Sakura murmured, looking up at Naruto. Tenten nudged Neji and he sighed.

"She's proved herself to both of you. There's no reason for this anymore, Naruto." The Hyuuga told the blonde.

"Oh, Ino's in. Sasuke's just a sore loser."

Sakura, Neji and Tenten rolled their eyes.

On the dance floor, Ino remembered what Izumo had taught her. She gathered the mood in the club, willing all the lust and desire to pool around her, before stretching it out towards the Uchiha. Sasuke could feel her and he gave a slight smirk. She was seducing him though a genjutsu. Clever, very clever. However, he still couldn't see her, which made it easier to resist her. That is, until he caught sight of her. From that point on, his eyes were glued to the blonde and even when she disappeared behind the other bodies, he looked for her. He could feel his false want for her, but that didn't stop him from staring, his eyes focusing only on her. She moved to the beat as well as she could in her state. She couldn't keep this up forever and the alcohol wasn't helping her this time. She smiled as she though of a perfect solution.

Sasuke controlled his breathing. He wanted to get up and go to her, but his male pride glued him to his seat, not willing him to move. However, his pride could do nothing to make him look away. Or to wipe away his glare as he watched a dark silhouette get behind her, hands on her hips and chest against her lace covered back. The Uchiha felt his blood boil, slightly, but he sat firmly in his seat, his foot tapping against the side of his chair. His fists clenched, unknowingly, when the man's hands ghosted over her hips down towards her thighs and began their way inward.

Before he knew it, he was crossing the dance floor. He reached the blonde and pulled her flush against him, in an attempt to get her away from the other person...who wasn't even there, who wasn't even real. He looked down at Ino, in his arms, who smiled. Sasuke couldn't help but chuckle at her intelligence.

"Am I in?" She asked and Sasuke bent down towards her ear.

"After one dance."

"Looks like she's in." Kiba said and looked over at Sasuke and Ino out on the dance floor, moving with the beat.

"Looks like it." Gaara replied.

"She's pretty cute, too." Kiba commented and received a questioning glance from the redhead.

"What?" Kiba shrugged. "Don't get me wrong, I love Hinata. But you cant deny that you wouldn't get it in with that." *

Gaara rolled his eyes. "You're incredibly crude."

"Ah, but you don't deny it, regardless." The brunette teased and Gaara stayed quiet. Kiba raised his eyebrows. "Does our fiery redhead have a little crush on the new member?"

Gaara smirked now. "Like you said, she's pretty cute."

Sasuke pulled Ino out of the mass of bodies, hands intertwined, towards the rest of Spiral.

"Time to go?" Naruto asked and Sakura looked at Ino. She looked like she was ready to pass out at any moment.

"I'd say so." Sakura answered and the Uchiha nodded.

"I'll take her home, if you want." Gaara offered, and Sasuke's grip on the blonde tightened.

"She's not going with any of you." Kurenai raised her hands. "She's coming with us, where she wont fall off a motorcycle."

Everyone seemed okay with that idea, and they began to make their way out of the club, Sasuke's hand never leaving the Yamanaka's. Ino tried her best to focus on walking straight, but she kept on stumbling over her own feet and bumping into people, not to mention her bruise still hurt like hell. Ino felt Sasuke stop, and suddenly felt weightless. She blinked and realized the raven haired man had picked her up, bridal style, and was walking out of the club. Sober Ino would have objected and told him to put her down, but drunk Ino simply snuggled into his chest. Once outside, Sasuke placed Ino in Tenten's car, gently.

"Take her home. Someone has to make sure she doesn't choke on her vomit." Naruto chuckled and Sakura rolled her eyes. "Come on, Sasuke. You'll see your beloved soon." The Uchiha glared at the blonde and got on his own bike.

"Shut up." He growled and waited for the brunette's Camaro to leave the parking lot before following.

Ino groaned as her head lolled to the side.

"Hey, is she awake?" She heard Tenten ask from the drivers seat.

"Is she alive?" Temari's voice came from behind her.

"Just barely." Ino muttered and all the girls smiled.

"What you did was amazing." Sakura gushed.

Ino smiled at the compliment and realized she was in the passengers seat. Temari, Hinata and Sakura in the back.

"Where's Kurenai?" Ino asked, her voice cracking.

"Oh, she rode with Asuma." Hinata answered and the blonde nodded, throwing an arm over her eyes, the city lights bothering her double vision.

Once they reached the mansion, Hinata and Temari helped her out, both of them aiding her in standing up straight.

"Where's she going to be staying?" Temari asked and Naruto walked through the door.

"Is Ino going to be in Sasuke's room?" The pinkette asked her boyfriend and he shrugged.

"I guess. After him not even wanting to let her go, seems like the most logical place."

"Well, then." Sakura gestured for the girls to bring Ino up, but as they began their trajectory up the staircase, said Uchiha walked in. Walking up the few steps they had ascended, he placed a hand on Temari's shoulder

"I've got it from here." He assured and Hinata let go of one side. Temari, however, looked doubtful as she let go of the Yamanaka.

"You better not hurt her, Uchiha." The sandy blonde said and made her way towards her own room. Sasuke sighed and pulled Ino up, again, bridal style, and she stirred in his arms.

"I'm sleepy." She murmured.

"Well, we're going to bed." He answered.

"We're?" Ino asked and Sasuke glanced down.

"You'll have to sleep in my bed with me tonight." He expected her to sober up quickly and start kicking and screaming bloody murder, but instead she snuggled her face into his chest and then pulled away.

"Well, you smell good, so it's okay." She expected him to laugh or roll his eyes at her, but instead his obsidian orbs sharped.

"You're dangerous." He whispered, somewhat thinking out loud, but Ino smiled.

"You betcha I am." She giggled and felt the Uchiha shift her and open, what she supposed was, his bedroom door. Without anymore conversation, he placed her on the bed and helped her out of her (or Sakura's) heels. After kicking off his own shoes, he plopped down next to the blonde and heard her groan when the bed dipped, causing her to shift unexpectedly. Still in the midst of her raging headache, she threw an arm across Sasuke's chest in an attempt to find something steady, and buried her head, once again, in his chest. Sasuke hesitated before his arm came around her waist and he closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep.

Ino felt the bed shift and reached a hand out to stop whatever was moving. Her delicate fingers grabbed on to the object and she sighed, happily.

"Ino, let go."

The Yamanaka's eyes snapped open to see a very irritated looking Uchiha. She let out a shriek and scrambled backwards, falling off the bed, her head coming in contact with the hard floor. She groaned and clutched her blonde hair to stop the throbbing.

"Be careful," She watched Sasuke stand up. "Don't be such a klutz."

Normal Ino would have fired something back, but she simply stood up, ignoring his comment and rubbing the back of her head.

"What happened last night?" She asked. She didn't remember all that much, and waking up in bed with her gang leader wasn't all that reassuring. At least she was fully dressed.

Before being able to answer Ino's question, a knock was heard from the door.

"You guys awake?" She heard Sakura ask.

"Yeah." The Uchiha grunted and the door opened.

"How are you feeling, Ino? I brought you some clothes." The pinkette smiled.

"I don't have that much of a hangover, so that's good. Although I may have a concussion." Ino mirrored her smile. "But, I think I'll just head home, though."

"You cant. You're still not done." Sakura informed and Ino seethed.

"What?" She growled. "I challenged him," She pointed at Sasuke. "And your boyfriend and I won. I was not too drunk to not remember that."

"She means the tattoo." Sasuke informed, grabbing a towel out of the drawer. "You need to get yours."

"Oh?" Ino asked and watched him walk into the bathroom, leaving Ino and Sakura alone. Sakura looked at the door and began to talk only when she heard the shower running.

"Hey, Ino." Sakura said, half-whispering.

"Yeah?" The Yamanaka looked up. She had been surveying the articles of clothing Sakura had brought her.

"You and Sasuke... he didn't do anything to you last night, right?"

Ino blinked and took in Sakura's concerned face. Sakura was honestly worrying about her, and when the Yamanaka didn't respond, her eyebrows knitted together in anger.

"That bastard!" Sakura growled. "How dare he take advantage of you while you were like that. Hell, he's supposed to take care of you-"

"Oh, no, no, Sakura. Nothing happened between us last night, I promise." Ino assured, grabbing onto the Haruno's shoulder. Sakura relaxed and sighed.

"Thank god."

Ino had quickly changed into Sakura's clothes and followed the pink haired girl downstairs for breakfast. Everyone was seated at the table with a few empty chairs here and there. Ino smiled and "good morning"-ed everyone receiving a few acknowledging nods, a smile, a "good morning, Ino-chan", etc. She made her way around the table and took a seat in between the Sand siblings, Temari and Gaara. Ino watched as Kiba grinned, and took a sip of his orange juice, trying to conceal his smile.

"Wonder what that's all about." Ino thought to herself and picked up a few pancakes that had made their way to her. Sasuke appeared then, probably getting out of the shower a couple of minutes prior, and raised his eyebrows at Naruto, who held the tray of pancakes.

"We weren't going to start without you. Relax." The blonde assured, rolling his eyes and the Uchiha chuckled, sitting down. The rest of breakfast went by with small talk, a few questions directed at Ino. Suddenly, curiosity got the best of the blonde girl and she glanced at everyone.

"Hey, does everyone at this table have a tattoo?" She asked and the group nodded. "Where does everyone have it?" She inquired, grinning sheepishly.

"Well, where you get it, it's your decision." Tenten informed.

"Mine's on my shoulder blade." Sakura smiled and popped a piece of pancake in her mouth.

"Oh." Ino nodded.

Right after breakfast, the girls decided to drive Ino to the tattoo parlor. The blonde shuffled nervously as she looked around the place. "Guys, I kinda have a phobia with needles. I'll faint, for sure."
"Well, then I guess you wont feel anything." Temari commented, smiling and Ino glared.

But, true to her word, the Yamanaka passed out as soon as the needle came in contact with her skin. When she woke up hours later, the spiral was imprinted on the top part of her chest, near her shoulder.
And just like that, it was official. She was a member of Spiral