Just wanted to do a quick future fic.


Blaine smiled at the mugs and stuffed animals by the registers. The mugs had red and pink hearts on them, some flashing electric greetings like "I love you" or "be mine". He really did love Valentine's day.

"This is adorable," said Blaine, pointing at the plushie of a pair of kissing dogs.

Kurt looked over and smiled. "Reminds me of that one Valentine's day. Didn't that make kissing sounds and say 'I love you'? Creepy."

"And that was also adorable," insisted Blaine. He squeezed his husband's hand. "Like you."

Kurt's face flushed and he pushed a strand of his hair out of his face. He had recently decided to stop dyeing his hair and let the grey take over. Blaine's curly hair was still mostly black, but he had the salt and pepper look going on on the sides.

"What can I get for you, sirs?" asked the young woman behind the counter.

"A medium drip for me and a grande nonfat mocha latte, please, young lady," said Blaine.

"And a cupid cookie," said Kurt, pointing to the heart shaped sugar cookie decorated in pinks and reds. "To split," he said, smiling at Blaine.

"Of course," said the barista. She was ringing up the order and then asked, "You two look like a cute couple. How long have you been together?"

Blaine smiled at the girl, probably no older than 16. It made him proud that she had never known anything different than the much more tolerant world they lived in now. Nothing like when he was her age.

"Almost 44 years," answered Kurt. "Married for 34 years."

"That's so cute," said the girl with a smile. She looked down at the register. "That will be $11.89."

Blaine was quicker with his card, handing it over with a smile. A few minutes later, Kurt and Blaine grabbed their coffees and cookie, stealing away to a booth near the back. Blaine tore the cookie in half and handed the biggest half to Kurt. They sat in the booth, Blaine dipping his cookie in the coffee and talking about nothing. And everything. Holding hands across the table, because they could. At some point, Kurt leaned over to kiss Blaine's slightly wrinkly cheek.

"I love you," said Blaine as Kurt pulled away. Kurt's aqua eyes stared back at him and he looked every bit the 16 year old boy that Blaine met on the stairs so long ago.

"I love you," said Kurt. He smiled and slid the last bite of his cookie over to Blaine.


Just sorta hit me: I would love to see Kurt and Blaine still ordering their coffee and having their dates when they're like, 60. Hope you liked!