Everything In Common



Part One

"Come on Brit talk to me tell me anything." Santana said and Brittany responded, "You know she's Jewish." Santana knew that and Brittany told her that she should get eight gifts. "I want you to have someone San because I'm with Artie and I wish you could be. Making out with random people isn't fun anymore."

Santana walked into school and stood there for a while because she's about to make a game changer. Her life has been all about the cheerios but this year alone she had been apart vocally of two big performances She's beginning to know what it feels like to be center of attention just like the woman who she made miserable, Rachel Berry.

As she walked into Glee club, she knew that what she was about to do might blow up in her face but it was a worth a shot. She sat in her chair and Brittany was very happy to see her as always. As Mr. Schuster would come in there was a delivery man who walked in with a huge thing of roses. He also said he needs to go back. He said it was delivery for a Rachel Berry and for the first time since after the break-up Rachel had a smile on her face. She skipped down and got the flowers.

"You are the star that I envy when I looked up at.. You are the one who I would spoil like a cat. Tired of who I was, give me a chance to be the one for you. My feelings is true." Rachel said and then several more gifts all for Rachel Berry. She was very happy and Santana kept her face still. The second gift was a nice a dress and the note said. "This is what I want you to wear on our date which I'm scared to death of having with you. My feelings for you is true." Rachel read and then the next gift. It was a set of pencils and it read about how she loved taking notes. The person quoted on how it broke the last time when she was taking notes when….Rachel paused and she looked up.