Everything In Common



Part Twenty-Three

Two months later New Directions beat them all and is on there way to New York City. Which meant a celebration like no other and so they rent out Breadstick for a buffet which they invited Kurt and Blaine as well.

"We did it baby." Santana said and Rachel responded, "We all did it." Quinn was sitting on J.P's lap and was just looking over at everyone then turned to see Jesse St. James outside. Kate had a restraining order against her and so she couldn't come anywhere near this place. Jessie opened the door, Puck, Finn, J.P and Sam all came to block him.

"I'm just here to congratulate Rachel." Jesse said and Finn responded, "Get out of here before we throw you out." "Very protective of her." Jessie pointed out and J.P responded, "Yes and we have two dozen eggs to prove it." Santana walked over with them all there and got into this face. "Listen St. loser you get out of here and tell your psycho sister that if I see her anywhere my girl, I'm going to fucking kick her ass." Santana said and Rachel made her way through. "Baby I got this." Rachel said and Jesse asked if he could talk to her in private. "I will confirm half of that, you will talk to me with these guys around me." Rachel said and Jesse responded, "I want you to know that I'm sorry for what I did to you last year and what my sister has done. You are talented but not better than me." Santana gave him a look. "You won." Jesse said and added, "Now I'm gone." "Can you escort Jesse to his car?" Rachel asked and the guys would more than happy to do it as they came back. Her phone rang. "Hello." Rachel said and Kate said over the phone , "We ain't done yet." Rachel looked over as Jesse was getting into the car, Rachel saw Kate in the backseat…

What direction should I take now?