Chapter 2

Desire and disbelief mingled on Rita's face as she slowly stood up and sat on the end of the bed.

She wriggled back as Hermione stepped forward, wand still in her hand… and a wicked smirk on her face. Was this really 'Little Miss Perfect?' she couldn't help thinking.

The blonde reporter's mouth formed an indignant, scarlet 'o' as Hermione flicked her wand, causing her wrists to be lashed to the headboard behind her.

The brunette witch allowed herself a grin at the startled look on Rita's face. Having her at her mercy was an agreeable… and rather heady sensation.

Not that she planned to give her anything of course. She fully intended to tease and torment her… right before throwing her out on her ass.

The blonde watched her as she slid onto the bed and crawled slowly across the pale-blue bedspread. Loose, chestnut curls fell about her face… and the neckline of the soft pink dress revealed a substantial amount of creamy cleavage.

Hermione smirked as the reporter's eyes flicked down to her chest, her expression suggesting she was enjoying the view.

"I never thought you'd be such a tease Granger" Rita said wryly, the edges of her lips curving in a grin.

"There's a lot you don't know about me Skeeter…" Hermione whispered, leaning in so her lips were by her ear and lowering her voice to a teasing purr.

Normally Rita would have probed her with questions upon hearing such an intriguing statement… but she was too distracted by the seductive tone of her voice and her breath warming the side of her neck.

Then she felt Hermione's lips… light and teasing on the side of her face.

Rita turned her face to kiss her but the young brunette pulled back with a smirk.

She wound one hand in her blonde curls, pulling her head gently but firmly to one side and exposing the line of her neck. The reporter couldn't help as soft sigh as she felt Hermione's lips on her skin again… trailing hot kisses down the side of her neck.

The brunette's hands slid along her sides… stroking her skin through the thin green fabric of her dress.

Hermione felt quite unlike herself. She hadn't done anything like this before. Hadn't used her feminine wiles on anyone before. And she certainly hadn't ever touched a woman like this. It was surprisingly enjoyable… and the sense of power was seductive in itself.

Her hands wandered up the blonde's body as if of their own accord, finding her breasts, stroking them gently but firmly. She heard the blonde's breathing speed up and saw the look of pleasure on her face.

What Hermione hadn't expected was the rush of heat that went through her at the other woman's reaction to her touch. It felt… good to touch her… surprisingly good.

She felt an urge to lean in and kiss those brightly painted lips.

For a just a moment Rita saw hesitation in those brown eyes… but then her lips were on hers… kissing her with a ferocity that surprised both of them.

Rita took full advantage of the situation, parting her lips with hers and kissing her back hungrily.

Hermione's head felt pleasantly fuzzy and it was hard to think about anything else but the lips on hers, the soft curves of her body so close, the sultry, bittersweet scent of her perfume.

Her hands slid around the blonde's waist of their own accord, pulling her closer.

It wasn't till she felt the other woman's tongue flick against her lips that she remembered who she was kissing so passionately.

Her head jerked abruptly backwards, a startled expression on her face as she let go of her.

Rita smirked at the young witch's cheeks went rather pink. Hermione quickly looked away.

What in the name of Merlin was she doing? She was engaged! She should not be kissing brassy, annoying but rather attractive reporters. And she really shouldn't be enjoying it that much…

The brown eyes avoided the blue as Hermione picked up her wand and flicked it at Rita, the bonds releasing themselves from around her wrists.

Rita rubbed her slightly chaffed wrists, bright blue eyes not leaving the young witch's face. Hermione moved so she was sitting on the end of bed, facing away from her.

"Go" she said, her voice firm but quiet. She felt the bed move as Rita slid across it.

Then there was warm breath on the back of her neck and long nails trailing lightly down her arms.

Hermione knew she should tell her to keep her hands to herself but her mouth couldn't seem to form the words. That unfamiliar heat was spreading through her veins like firewhiskey… clouding her brain again.

"I'm not going anywhere Granger…" purred Rita in her ear.