Chapter 12

As if he'd just heard the starting signal at the beginning of a race, Gibbs began to devour Tony's mouth, snaking his tongue inside, mapping every inch. He was so happy this happening. After all the time he'd spent with Tony in the hospital wondering if he'd live or die, he could now show Tony just how much he was loved. He also knew just how fleeting life could be, and he didn't want to waste time any more than Tony did.

Tony moaned under the all out assault, returning the kiss with equal enthusiasm. When the need to breathe became overwhelming, Gibbs left Tony's mouth and he kissed and nipped a trail down Tony's succulent body, finally ending at the treasure between his legs.

Gibbs' tongue darted out and slowly licked the cock standing at attention before him. Then he suddenly engulfed Tony in one swift motion and began to suck and hum alternately.

Tony nearly screamed as the warmth enveloping his dick, bucking up involuntarily. "Oh, God!"

Gibbs took hold of Tony's hips and gently held him down and continued his ministrations. When he felt Tony was about to come, he let the cock slip from his mouth.

"Jethro, please," Tony begged, sounding almost pitiful.

"Just a minute, Tony." Gibbs pushed himself up to give Tony a quick kiss. "I'll take care of you." He stood up and quickly removed his clothes, tossing them carelessly on the floor. He climbed back onto the bed and then straddled Tony's hips. He reached into the top drawer of the nightstand next to the bed and pulled out a bottle of lube and a condom. He put the condom on Tony and then squeezed some lube onto his hand and slicked him up.

"What are you doing?" Tony asked. "I thought you were-"

"You thought wrong," Gibbs interrupted as he raised himself a little. He took Tony's cock in one hand to hold it steady and put his other hand on the headboard for balance. Then he slowly squatted down, impaling himself on Tony's cock, eliciting a loud moan from his lover.

Gibbs hissed as the shaft entered his body. He stopped for a minute to give himself time to adjust to the intrusion, then he continued to lower himself until he was sitting on Tony's lap.

"Jethro, you could have hurt-"

"Don't worry, I prepared myself earlier. This is perfect." Gibbs then began to raise and lower himself slowly. He paused to bend down and give Tony a kiss. "You're perfect." He sat back up began to move up and down again.

"Shit, Jethro, you feel so good." Tony's hands clenched and unclenched around the bars of the headboard. He was finding it very difficult to not touch his lover. His need to further connect with Gibbs was nearly overwhelming. "Let me touch you, please."

Gibbs released the top of the headboard and reached forward, taking both of Tony's hands in his. He intertwined their fingers and used Tony's hands for balance as he raised and lowered himself faster. He shifted himself a little so Tony's cock was hitting his prostate.

Tony fought the impulse to take over and roll them both over so he could pound Gibbs into the mattress, but he'd told Gibbs they'd do this his way. Gibbs' speed increased even more and Tony forgot about that impulse as coherent thoughts fled his mind and left nothing but pure pleasure in their place.

Sweat began to bead on their bodies as Gibbs' speed increased. Soon Tony was thrusting upward as Gibbs moved downward, and they were meeting each other halfway. As Gibbs felt his climax approaching, he pulled on Tony's hand and wrapped both their hands around his cock, and together they began to jerk him off.

Tony felt the familiar tingling at the base of his spine and knew he was close. He sped up his strokes on Gibbs' cock, which forced Gibbs to also speed up; he wanted them to come together. They both roared out their release and Gibbs collapsed in a boneless heap on top Tony.

When Tony caught his breath he smiled. "Jethro, you can consummate me any time you want to."

Gibbs chuckled as he carefully sat up and climbed out of the bed. He went into the bathroom and came back a minute later with a washcloth. He cleaned the two of them up and tossed the cloth towards the bathroom and then climbed back into bed. He gathered Tony in his arms and pulled the covers over them both. Even though it was early afternoon, taking a nap sounded good.

Tony idly trailed one hand over Gibbs chest. "Can you tell me what happened in the river, Jethro?"

Gibbs was silent for a minute while he thought of what to say.

Tony backtracked, thinking he'd overstepped some boundary. "You don't have to if you don't want to. If you've changed your mind-"

"I want to tell you, Tony. I was just thinking of how to start." Gibbs rubbed a hand soothingly up and down Tony's back. "When I was still in that car, after you left with Maddie, I saw Shannon and Kelly."

"Oh, Jethro, I'm-"

Gibbs put a finger over Tony's lips, silencing his words. "It wasn't a bad thing. Just let me finish."


"When I saw my girls, I wanted to join them more than anything. But they didn't want me to. Shannon didn't say anything, but I could sense that she wanted me to move on and find some happiness again. I could see that they were happy and safe and that they'd wait for me. Kelly even told me to 'go back', so I did." Gibbs looked Tony in the eyes. "Do you believe me?"

"Of course I do, Jethro. You've never lied to be before." Tony was silent for a minute while he gathered his thoughts. "So I have them to thank that you didn't die on me that day."

"And I have Shannon to thank that you didn't die on me either, Tony."

Tony looked puzzled. "I don't understand. What do you mean?"

"When you were sick, I did something I haven't done in a long time."

"What was that?"

"I prayed."

"I didn't think you believed in that kind of thing."

"I haven't for a long time, but seeing Shannon and Kelly changed that. So, I prayed to God to not take you away from me. Either He didn't answer, or if He did, the answer was no. I guess I've been too much of a bastard to be granted any favors."

"But I didn't die."

"When that didn't work, I asked Shannon for her help."

Tony turned his head to look at Gibbs. "Since I'm still alive, she must have said yes."

"She wanted me to be happy, so she gave you back to me." Gibbs leaned down a little to give Tony a kiss. He pulled back and said, "Tony, you know I was completely devoted to Shannon and Kelly when we were together. You wouldn't have recognized me if we'd known each other back then. I was a loving husband and a doting father, the whole cliché. I wasn't a bastard at all."

Tony snuggled further into Gibbs' arms. "Ever since I found out about them, I never thought any differently. I put a lot of pieces together after that; how good with kids you are and how gentle and kind you are to widows."

Gibbs tightened his arms around Tony, holding him as close as possible. "I do want you to know that even though I'll never forget them, I'm completely devoted to you now. I may not love you the same way I loved Shannon, but I love you just as much."

Tony turned his head and kissed Gibbs. "I love you, too."

Gibbs kissed the side of Tony's head and then started to rub his back, and it wasn't long before the younger man fell asleep. A short time after that, Gibbs fell asleep, too.


Gibbs woke from his nap about an hour later. He was still holding Tony in his arms. He gently kissed the side of Tony's head and then slipped out of bed, being careful to not wake him. Gibbs knew Tony would never admit it, but he needed the rest. He quietly got dressed and left the room.

Gibbs went down into the basement and crossed the room to his work bench, where Kelly's lunchbox/time capsule still sat. The picture of Kelly and Maddie was in front of it. He pulled the picture of Maddie and him from his pants pocket and placed it on top of the other picture, so it looked like the three of them were together. He picked up the lunchbox and a small garden shovel and ran up the stairs.

He went to the living room and put the lunchbox and shovel on the coffee table. He retrieved his old picture album from the bookshelf and sat on the couch and started flipping through it. When he reached his favorite picture of Shannon he pulled it out. He studied the picture for a few minutes, running his fingers down her face. He placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Gibbs took a deep breath and then opened the lunchbox and put the picture of Shannon in it along with Kelly's things and then closed it. Then he picked up the lunchbox and the shovel and headed out of the house to the backyard. He walked over to the bushes where he'd dug up the lunchbox several days ago and started to dig.

Once the hole was big enough, he put the lunchbox in it and then covered it up. When he was finished he sat there thinking for a while. He could feel it; his heart had finally healed and he had found love again; the kind of love that lasts, the kind of love he'd shared with Shannon.

He could finally lay Shannon and Kelly to rest and live a full, happy life. He'd never trade the years he had with them for anything, but when he remembered them from now on, he'd remember all the happy times they'd shared, not the pain he felt at losing them.

He brushed his hands off and headed back into the house. He knew for certain that he was truly in love with Tony, because even though he'd rather pull his own teeth out with pliers than go shopping, he was actually going to wake Tony up and take him shopping for that new suit he owed him.