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Hanzo couldn't be more confused at his own conflicted, troubled thoughts. Here he thought he'd be glad to be ride of Kotaro's presence. It was true, Kotaro hadn't bothered him in months, and he'd gone through both battles and missions with flawless grace. Without his distraction towering over him.

Something was eating away at him though. Something he didn't want to admit. It sprung up around the time Kotaro gave him a single, silver chain. Hanzo assumed it was to make a mockery out of him. Having done that though, Kotaro gave him a worldly possession.

Hanzo had nothing in his room except for a light he barely lit, and a bed. His clothes of course, came with the territory of being a ninja. Nothing he'd call his own, if he wasn't a ninja he wouldn't have them. Nor was he the one that bought, or sought them. They were something supplied to him for his occupation.

This was different. The silver chain now laid next to the light. He had nothing to hang it up on, and he didn't want to draw to much attention to it because he'd die at the look on Kotaro's face. He couldn't bring himself to just throw it away though, in a sense it'd be throwing away everything he had, because it was the only thing that he had. As little sense that made, and as much as this shouldn't stir feelings up in him- It did.

It made him feel something more than bitter irritation towards Kotaro.

Despite his rage, and his constant lack of appreciation, he didn't hate Fuma. Fuma did not threaten his Master. Fuma did nothing but annoy him. It didn't merit the sort of feelings that drove you to want to kill someone, or throw away something they'd given you. Even if it was to make a mockery out of you.

Hanzo found himself, morbidly missing Kotaro. Had his life become this easy to actually want the simple change in emotions? Even if it was emotions like irritation, and anger. It was more than he felt recently. He felt nothing.

Nothing, and then this backlash of unwanted, conflicted thoughts.

Kotaro Fuma made him feel, and that was more than he could say for anyone else that he knew now.

"Kotaro..." He found himself saying aloud, unconsciously.

"Yes, Hanzo?" The deep voice purred from behind him. Hanzo jolted and with all the speed he had whipped himself across the room, staring at Kotaro who was sitting on the floor by his bed. His position indicted he had been sitting behind him, now for how long, who could say.

"Someone's getting lazy. I've been there for quite awhile you know." He said softly, picking up the silver chain he'd given Hanzo and fiddling with it.

"Kotaro... What do you want?" Hanzo hissed.

"You have a boring life, Hanzo. I sat behind you for almost an hour, watching you stare at your wall, and play with this..." Fuma said dangling the chain, letting it swing back and forth. "Until you finally showed some indication you were actually thinking and said my name."

"That has nothing to do with anything, get out!" Hanzo said in a hushed voice.

"Oh? That's what you say..." Fuma let a smirk form on his lips slowly. "First you sit alone in your room thinking about me for hours, but when I show up, you tell me to leave. How silly you look right now."

Hanzo felt his face redden, and he was glad he had his face mask on, or else he'd never live this moment down.

"Why... Did you come?" Hanzo asked. "I wanted to make a proposal." Kotaro stood up, not taking his eyes off Hanzo. "A... Proposal?" Hanzo frowned. "I've been hired... To kill your Master." He said, putting Hanzo on automatic guard mode.

"Not to worry. If you're a nice pet, that won't happen. Hanzo you know you are no match for me. I could have killed you earlier, I had plenty of time. I could have killed you and your Master. I decided against it." Hanzo found that hard to believe, and hard to relax, regardless.

"...Why?" Hanzo felt so confused, why was Kotaro going out of his way like this, why not just do his mission? Was he not a ninja?

"I'll make this short and sweet. The thought of dominating you has become my personal fantasy. Allow that and your precious master gets to keep his life."

Hanzo felt a whirlwind of different emotions. He didn't even know what to say, or how to answer. He was crippled by how shocked that he was he felt himself break into a sweat.

"I know you have to much pride to ever answer me... So how about this." Kotaro threw the chain at Hanzo, who caught it. "Put it on. If you do, you'll have accepted my terms. If you don't, I will subdue you and kill Ieyasu. If you do put it on, I'll take you to my place... And I'll go as far as to kill the person requesting the assassination later."

Hanzo found himself staring at the chain. He could hear his heartbeat thundering in his ears, and his chest felt so tight he couldn't breath.

His hands shook visibly as he slipped the chain around his neck. He'd do anything to ensure the safety of his lord. Even this.

Kotaro didn't say anything else. Just wore a smug smirk on his face, and grabbed Hanzo in an instant. Hanzo didn't like the idea of being carried by Fuma, but he understood it was so he couldn't run off. That would mean forsaking his lord though. He could never endanger his lord in such a way.

Hanzo was set down upon entering the small hut. Hanzo looked around the familiar settings, Fuma had many things. Most of them things he'd never seen before. Hanzo noticed something else and that was the lack of the wolves that usually kept Kotaro company. "The wolves... They're gone..." Hanzo said softly.

"They come and go as they please." Fuma was doing something with a globe on a small table by his bed. Hanzo didn't recognize the object. "Hanzo... " Fuma mused softly. Hanzo understood what he must be getting at, as awkward as it was, this was business. Hanzo remved the guard from his face, and let his hair down. He figured by Kuma's constant hints, that this is how he'd like things.

"Good boy." Kotaro sat back in his chair, watching Hanzo. "Stay on your knee's... " He demanded, enjoying the sight on Hanzo on all fours, on his floor. Hanzo was silent as he did whatever he was told, he sat articles of clothing, and all his protective guards down beside him, until he was barely clothed.

"It's actually very interesting to see you tamed. I guess it's true, you just need to be broken. For you, that weak point is your lord." Kotaro chuckled darkly, "Come closer to me... Crawl, like a dog."

Hanzo came closer to Kotaro until he was facing his knee's. Kotaro was staring at him, his tall figure looming over him, as he ran his fingers through Hanzo's hair. "Come here, boy..." He mocked, patting his lap, as though he were an animal. Hanzo didn't dare show the quiet anger due to humiliation in his eyes.

"I'll give you memories to treasure, in your otherwise boring, lonely life."

Hanzo put his hands on either side of the chair and used it to hop up into Kotaro's lap, doing his best the remain 'pet-like' in his movements. Kotaro moved his hand down and pulled the black undershirt over Hanzo's head. Hanzo brought his arms down to rest around Kotaro's shoulders, keeping his eyes trained down.

Hanzo was straddling Kotaro, and he could see how much Kotaro wanted him. He always knew Kotaro was strange, but he never guessed this was what he had in mind for him. It never crossed his mind that Kotaro lusted for him, looking back on it now it made sense. Perhaps changed his entire perception of the other man.

Kotaro spared no time in relieving Hanzo of the rest of his clothes. Hanzo had to bury his shame, and deal with the embarrassment for now. There was nothing else he could do at this point anyway.

Hanzo remained silent, despite Kotaro's roaming hands. He didn't say anything about how he had to conduct himself, he'd agreed to let Kotaro do what he liked to him, but he never agreed to be his whore.

Kotaro didn't mind, he was getting what he wanted.

He went as far as to free his constricted arousal, but that was as far as Kotaro got undressed. He pulled Hanzo up against him, tracing his lips down the smooth skin of his neck. He couldn't bring himself to feel guilty for rushing things along, Hanzo probably wanted to get this over with anyway.

Kotaro braced his hands steadily on Hanzo's slim waist. He smirked when he felt fingernails dig into his shoulders. A pained gasp, and Hanzo's tightly shut eyes. Kotaro laughed softly, he didn't expect a reaction. "Should I take this as proof of your innocence?" He asked sarcastically. Hanzo only looked up at him bitterly, wincing with every movement.

Kotaro smiled when he heard Hanzo panting softly, his hands braced against his shoulders and his face tilted downwards, out of his sight. Kotaro moved a hand up to tilt Hanzo's face towards him. He had his eyes closed, and he was blushing lightly. Kotaro couldn't help it but to smile.

Hanzo arched closer to Kotaro, his pants turning into stifled moans as he muffled his face against Kotaro's chest. "What a good pet... " Kotaro commented idly, tracing his hands down Hanzo's back, making him shiver.

The only thing that Hanzo had on, was the chain necklace that Fuma had given him. Kotaro made sure to enjoy himself thoroughly with Hanzo, before finishing inside of him.

"Good boy." Kotaro smirked, and pressed his lips against Hanzo's forehead. Hanzo was worn out, he felt almost dizzy. "You can get dressed and leave if you wish." Kotaro offered. Hanzo nodded, and tried to stomach the pain shooting through his body with every movement.

"I don't think... I can walk in this condition..." Hanzo collapsed onto his knees. Though the cool air closer to the ground was comforting, as he laid his forehead against the floor. "Hmmm... I suppose that's normal. Then you can sleep here tonight. I need to make good of my word to you, anyway."

Hanzo looked over at him. "You're leaving?" Hanzo asked. "To kill the man that ordered the assassination of Ieyasu... Yes." Hanzo looked back towards the ground and rolled over onto his side. "I'll sleep here then... At least until my strength returns."

"It will only take me the night." Kotaro watched as Hanzo put some of his clothes back on, he only bothered with the black sleeveless undershirt and his pants.

"I'll probably be gone by then... Maybe..." Hanzo wasn't sure of anything, actually. He felt pretty exhausted. He wasn't sure what he'd tell anyone who noticed his disappearance. He could only hope that no one would attempt to kill his lord tonight.

'I hope Tadakatsu has insomnia...' Was the last thought that crossed his mind.

Kotaro smirked upon his return. It was early morning already, and he noticed with amusement that Hanzo had failed to leave during the night. He was still curled up on the floor, the rather amusing part of all this though, was the fact that his wolves, apparently having returned sometime in the night, were all curled up with him.

Kotaro walked over to sleeping pack of wolves and Hanzo and leaned down. Staring at him for a few more fleeting moments. "Hanzo. I think it would be wise for you to return." His deep voice was enough to wake Hanzo, who looked at him tiredly.

"Oh..." Hanzo was about to stretch when he noticed about six wolves sleeping on, or against him. "...Even your wolves mock me..." He said setting up. "I think they've taken a liking to you actually. Rare."

Hanzo got all his normal attire back on. He still felt sore, but he'd have to make due. "You'll take forever getting back if you walk." Kotaro said softly. "I have little choice." Hanzo replied. Kotaro smiled devilishly, and silently crept up behind Hanzo, who was staring out the doorway.

He picked him up quickly and sprang out of the hut with him. "Kotaro...?" Hanzo frowned. "I'll take you back myself."

"..." Hanzo remained silent the entire way there.

Finally having returned to his station, where he could protect his lord again, Hanzo felt relieved. Kotaro bid him farewell. Hanzo wondered if he'd have a reason to see him again, though he doubted it. He felt oddly conflicted at that.

Hanzo spared no time in checking in on his lord, who was absolutely fine. In fact, no one even noticed his absence. It was merely for a night and a portion of the morning. Hanzo felt himself uncharacteristically saddened for whatever reason. He felt a large hand on his shoulder.

"It is a fine morning." Tadakatsu said with his usual vigor. "Is it...? Hmm...How are you, Tadakatsu?" Hanzo looked away. "All is well. Though I was unable to sleep well."

Hanzo blinked and turned his attention to the window. "I see..."

He smiled and traced his finger along the silver chain around his neck. Then his smile fell and he gasped.

"Kotaro took my face guard again..."

"Looks like I'll be seeing you again soon... Hanzo..." Kotaro chuckled softly, pressing the guard against his lips, as he traveled back to his hut.