It had been three months since Richard came back to life, and in turn, gave Kahlan the life she had always wanted. The days were filled with laughter and the nights were filled with bliss. Kahlan didn't think she could ever be this happy.

Lily had quickly become a part of their tight knit family, which now consisted of Kahlan, Richard, Zedd, Cara, and Lily. Richard had a close bond with the blonde, and though at first Kahlan felt a tinge of jealously, it was all long gone. Lily had been quick to tell Kahlan that their bond was strictly friendship, that she was a comforting presence to Richard when he grieved over Kahlan. Now, Lily was like a sister to her.

Cara became acquainted with Richard quite quickly, her seductive ways causing him to laugh. The two became good friends, and Kahlan knew she had nothing to fear from Cara in regards to taking Richard. Even though Cara wouldn't admit it, the blonde and Kahlan were close friends.

Lily and Cara had taken to each other from the start, both bonding over being a Mord'Sith. They both had a crude sense of humor and were prone to resort to violence, but were also kind and caring to the people who mattered to them. Their sarcastic remarks put stitches in Kahlan, Richard, and Zedd's sides quite often.

Kahlan stepped forward in the garden, glancing at all the lilies. There was an off white runner along the grass, leading to where Richard, Zedd, Cara, and Lily were standing. Kahlan smiled as she glanced down at her dress, one of dark blue silk. It clung to her curves and she had been self conscious, concerned it was too much for the occasion. Lily and Cara had been quick to tell her that any man would be blind to refuse a woman who looked as she did. Kahlan had laughed and acted as though it didn't affect her decision, but it did. These women, along with torture, were well trained in pleasure. If they found her appealing, then Richard would as well.

She walked along the runner, her eyes finally meeting Richard's. Although she was dressed in rich clothing, she had insisted that Richard wear his wood's guide garb. He had reluctantly done so, but her explanation as to why almost brought him to tears.

"Kahlan, I don't want you to look upon me on our wedding day and see me in these dirty rags." Richard laughed as he pulled on his shirt as if to emphasize his point.

Kahlan smiled and shook her head, grabbing the shirt in her hands and pulling him forward. "I fell in love with you in this very clothing, Richard. Despite what you may think, this is how I always want to see you. This is who you are." Kahlan removed a hand and poked him in the chest. "Richard Cypher, the Seeker of Truth, the woods guide, the man I love, the future father of my children." Richard smiled as he leaned down and kissed her. "Besides, this is a reminder of your home, of Hartland. I know you miss it," Kahlan looked up into his eyes. "I dragged you away from your home, your family, your friends. And you came with me, as well as Zedd, with very little complaints. You did that when you were a simple woods guide, a simple man who just wanted to help a woman from getting killed by D'Harans. That simple woods guide in these rags of clothing," Kahlan pulled on his shirt again, smiling up at him as she teased. "Didn't even react when I held a knife to his throat. He simply asked me if he had done anything wrong." Kahlan moved forward. "He did."

"Oh, he did?" Richard questioned, tilting his head.

"He didn't kiss me right then and there, as he should have." Kahlan teased, her eyebrow lifting up playfully as he laughed, wrapping his arms tighter around her and planting kisses all over her face.

Richard watched as Kahlan walked through the garden, his eyes never leaving her. She was breathtaking, a good spirit in the flesh. Zedd gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze, his grandfather seemingly just as happy as he.

Kahlan walked forward, blushing as she diverted her gaze. She had somehow managed to convince Cara to wear a dress, an idea the blonde was strictly opposed to. The dress was a faint green color, and it clung to her curves. Since being attacked, Kahlan had also managed to get Cara to have her hair evenly cut, getting rid of the jagged pieces that were originally there. It now hung right below her shoulders.

It didn't take much convincing to get Lily to wear a dress. In fact, her eyes had lightened up at the idea. After all, Lily was more accustomed to wearing outfits not of red leather. She was wearing a light pink dress, her hair taken down from the braid. Her blonde hair was long and curled, and Kahlan thought it complemented her better when it was down.

She took a few more steps forward, looking at the ground. When she reached the little platform that was erected, she stood in front of Richard and smiled, tears already coming to her eyes.

"I bind these two together, under the Creator's light," Zedd began speaking the bows, Richard taking Kahlan's hands in his as they gazed into each other's eyes. Kahlan hadn't been paying attention to what Zedd had been saying, and neither had Richard. The vows were just words, only solidified by what they held in their hearts.

Cara coughed and Richard and Kahlan realized that Zedd had stopped talking. Kahlan blushed as she giggled, Richard laughing heartily. Zedd smiled.

Richard didn't bother finishing the vows, as far as he was concerned, they had already vowed to each other long ago - that day in the forest when he had thought he saved her. He leaned in and captured her lips in a kiss.

Zedd smiled and Cara and Lily laughed. When the two parted, they couldn't stop smiling, which seemed to be incredibly common. Zedd came up and slapped Richard on the back, lowering his head close to the two lovers ears.

"I would like great grand children as soon as possible," Kahlan's mouth fell open as Richard laughed, nodding and saying that he would try his best.

"Wizard!" Cara yelled, scowling at him as Lily shook her head. "They have yet to leave the garden and you are already demanding things of them."

Zedd shrugged and laughed. "I am getting old, my dears." Richard and Kahlan laughed, shaking their heads.

"I'm sure you'll get your great grand children soon enough, old man." Lily teased, playfully punching Zedd's arm before smiling and congratulating Kahlan and Richard. "If the look in their eyes attests to anything, I wouldn't be surprised if she became with child tonight."

Kahlan's cheeks reddened as she clenched her eyes shut, Richard laughing and grabbing at her hand, pulling her away from the small crowd. The cheers from the three made Kahlan's heart swell. She had never had such close relationships before. Richard insistently tugged her hand, pulling her into their bedroom. Their bedroom. It all seemed too good to be true.

Richard gently brushed a strand of hair from her face, letting his hand linger on her cheek, his thumb rubbing along her skin. "I love you, Kahlan Amnell."

"And I you, Richard Cypher."

She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his.

- END.