Summary: Just having some fun with Fate Stay Night. These shouldn't be taken seriously at all.

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Fate Stay/Night

Tales of the Kaleidoscope or The Fate Omake Dojo


Fate Omake 1: Shiro's Childhood


Hidden from sight, the hunter kept his eyes on the intruder. He had been watching this man since the moment he had entered the town. He just knew that the man would attempt some horrible crime, and then he would be there to stop it. His eyes narrowed as the seemingly innocent tourist lazily tosses a bread wrapper on the ground after finishing off the snack. That was his cue.

A red blur fell from a tree and rushed the litterer. A flash of metal later and a knife had been stabbed into the man's arm. The man screamed at the sudden injury and frantically looked around for the assailant, but he couldn't see anyone. Suddenly a blow to the back of his knee brought him down. Dazed from the fall the man looked up to see the person who had assaulted him.

He gulped as a very large and very sharp kitchen knife was pointed at his face. A small red headed boy about nine or ten years old glared down at the man from behind the kitchen utensil turned weapon. "Littering is a crime." Seeing the man nod the tiny red head assumed he got the message. He nodded to himself on a job well done before running off with a cry of, "For Justice!"

The Tourist pushed himself into a sitting position and looked down at the knife embedded in his arm in disbelief. "What the hell was that?"

A woman that was passing by decided to take pity on the man and explained. "That would be Emiya Shirou. He's a little crazy."

"A little crazy? He stabbed me!" The tourist wasn't really sure if he could be scared or angry. He looked around to see if the kid was still watching him.

The woman shook her head and smiled at the boy that was threatening a high school student with another knife, "Yes, you see his father taught him to punish criminals and protect people. Unfortunately he never really taught him restraint. So the boy runs around and stabs people if they do any crime, big or small. Just yesterday I saw him stab a boy in the leg for jaywalking."

The tourist stared at the women. "Shouldn't someone stop him?" A small boy carrying around knifes and stabbing people couldn't be normal. There was no way the cops here would let that go, right?

"They can't find where the boy hides the knifes." The woman shrugged, "He seems to have an unlimited supply of them."

A scream was heard in the distance, "Foul mouthed fiend, take this!"


"For right justice!"

The woman shook her head, "The town has gotten quite used to it." She smiled at the tourist before continuing on her way. Still she gave the man one last bit of advice. "Oh, and you should probably pick up that garbage. Shirou is known to stab people twice for not getting the message."

The man's eyes widened at that. He quickly grabbed the bread wrapper and started running to the train station. This town was crazy.

Shirou watched the man run off after picking up his trash. He nodded to himself, another criminal was taught that it didn't pay to do crime. The red headed boy looked down at his right hand. It was empty as he had just stabbed a teen that had been swearing over his phone. A small red light appeared in his hand and after a few moments of concentration an exact copy of the knife he had just used was in his hands.

The boy smiled happily and began to whistle while he twirled the knife. As Shirou made his way home he thought about his father. His father was a superhero, a Mage that traveled the world and helped people with his magic. He was going to be just like Kiritsugu. He was going to be a superhero.

Shirou had no doubt that being a superhero was going to be hard. His father said that his word was dangerous and he had almost died many times. So the son of Kiritsugu decided to start small. He couldn't travel the world yet (stupid police. He could take care of himself just fine), but he could protect his home town. So Shirou picked up the sharpest knife he could find and went off to fight criminals.

The fighting crime part was harder than he thought. He had spent just under a week stabbing people before his knife broke. That had been a harsh blow to Shirou. He didn't only use that knife to stab criminals, but he needed that to cook. It only got worse when his father came home and found out what had happened to the kitchen knife. So Shirou needed a new weapon. He tried using a practice sword like Fuji-nee did, but it didn't work as well as a knife did.

It wasn't until a week after his father had came home that Shirou found a way to fix his weapon problem. His father had given him another Magecraft lesson before leaving again. That lesson had included a mention of Projection. Shirou didn't really understand it, but from what he heard he could make something out of nothing. The thought of summoning knifes out of nowhere and then stabbing criminals was too cool to pass up.

Shirou tried making small things first. It had taken him weeks, but he eventually created a glass. It had disappeared after a few seconds, but it was progress. He then tried to make a gun like that one that Kiritsugu had locked in a case. That hadn't worked too well. The one time he had gotten close to making the pistol, he passed out from the pain that followed. Apparently he overloaded the circuit that he created.

Kiritsugu found Shirou in the dojo passed out and twitching from the pain. The man panicked and did everything he could to help Shirou recover. It was after that incident that Shirou's father took Shirou's Magecraft lessons a bit more seriously. The man needed to teach Shirou how to properly open his Magic Circuits or the boy would kill himself.

The lessons took up a good deal of Shirou's time but the boy was thrilled that he was making some progress. It was months later that Shirou tried Projection again, but those months of proper training were worth it. He could Project objects without making his head feel like it exploded.

Now armed with an unlimited number of knifes (well, as long as he had Od left), Shirou went once more to fight crime.

A sudden crash threw Shirou out of his thoughts. A small crowd of boys were surrounding a girl with purple hair. A scowl worked it's way onto Shirou's face and another knife appeared in his free hand. As he stamped his way towards the group of boys a thought went through his head.

'A hero's work is never done.'


A/N: This was fun to write. I like to think every child has at one point in their life wanted to be a superhero. But honestly, children are innocent and well, stupid. If you give a child a weapon and point him at a evil person they'll probably try to hurt the evil person because that's how their mind works. So when I remembered that Shirou was serious about becoming a superhero as a child I wondered how would he go and do something like that?

This was originally supposed to be a child solider Shirou but I thought about it and found myself wanting to write a more humorous story. I thought about going with a more Full Metal Panic route but figured this was a funnier.

As for the knife thing. Well, Shirou has been known to be good at Projection magic even before the Canon story of Fate Stay Night. I'm pretty sure that the shed that he works in is filled with several objects that he projected for practice. Since he's not looking for a great Projection, it should be simple for him to Project a knife to stab people with.

So with that I bit you adios. I have the next Omake planned out so you can expect it in a week or so... probably...