When had it all started?

Well he didn't care anymore, the only thing he cared about right now anyways, was winning. Whatever it was he'd win, and if that were even possible, he also didn't care about.

"Honor is pointless in this world, and you're a fool to kid yourself otherwise!" Masamune mocked. Kanetsugu's calm but livid look said it all. Masamune found all the right buttons and he spared no time in jamming them down.

"And you live the life of a pitiable dog. Drawn to the battlefield by the scent of pungent blood with the ravenous lust for war tugging at your horses heels. What a shame it is to be a fool living in a world with no honor!" Kanetsugu haughtily turned away.

That one did it good. Masamune twitched. He refused to go down like this, he wasn't going to just get one over on him. Not Kanetsugu.

"You go around spouting honor and love and yet, aren't you a fine example of such a man. For someone who preaches about it you have a hard time reflecting those ideals." Masamune smirked and crossed his arms.

Kanetsugu slowly turned to stare at Masamune. "What... Do you mean... By that?" He grated out slowly. "Well isn't it obvious? Haha! You preach about honor all day and it still doesn't make you an honorable man! Isn't it better to just give up on such fantasies?" Masamune crossed his arms.

"What do you mean I'm not an honorable man!" Kanetsugu yelled. "Tell me one thing you've done that's 'honorable'!" Masamune pointed an accusing finger at him. "I put up with you!" Kanetsugu threw his hands up in a rage and turned around. He'd ignore Masamune if he was in one of those moods.

It was obvious that along with 'winning' whatever this was he was winning, Masamune wouldn't be ignored either. "So you can't tell me a single thing that you've done that's actually honorable?" Masamune mocked.

"I served Lord Kenshin, one of the strongest and most seasoned men of the Era." Kanetsugu reflected on the memories he had with his former master, who was no longer. Surely that was honorable, he is the living legacy of a man like that.

That's right, Kenshin was the man that had taught Kanetsugu what honor even meant. He was the man that made him cherish and respect the word, as well as understand it. What it meant to have honor, and uphold honor and justice at all costs! Masamune was a fool for even questioning his honor with a record like that.

"So what. Anyone could do that. All you had to do was fight, I fight all the time and yet I apparently hold no honor." Masamune rolled his eyes.

"It's the intentions and reasons behind your fighting that make the difference. You fight to fuel your own selfish needs and desires... And i fight for Justice, honor, love... For those who can't fight, I fight for all the reasons in life that you do not. You like so many other men."

Masamune shrugged. "What does fighting for all that get you? That big ego of yours? I don't get it. Just because you can justify the means with big important words doesn't actually make it any different. You're still killing, and as a warrior that's the only thing you will ever be good for. You might as well enjoy it and do it for your own reasons. Selfish or not."

Kanetsugu had a hard time listening to Masamune go off on his rant. "You just don't understand do you? Well then you never will. You must have honor to understand honor I suppose." Kanetsugu sat down in the grass and looked up at the clear sky moving overhead.

"So how do you just get honor? What do they hand it out somewhere or something?" Masamune asked sarcastically, walking over and sitting next to Kanetsugu. "No. Masamune." Kanetsugu spat. "You get honor by... Well you make your own form of honor and you follow your heart. As long as you do the right thing and abide by your feelings refusing to take advantage of those around you, you'll find honor."

Masamune looked over at Kanetsugu and studied him for a few minutes. "I have no desire to form some personal code of Honor. I get enough of you going around and spouting it like a fountain anyway..." Masamune trailed off, staring down at the grassy ground. Running his fingers through the soft blades of grass.

"You're too young to understand." Kanetsugu smiled smally and shook his head. "You're to old to see things any other way." Masamune muttered pointedly. "Perhaps... Though I am fortunate to have followed a way that has lead me to all those I cherish today." Kanetsugu said resolutely.

"Yeah, yeah. You and all your fluffy friends. Yukimura and Mitsuhide, and that giant overgrown radish." Kanetsugu blinked at the strange adaptation of Keiji but shrugged it off. "And you." He added.

"Hm?" Masamune raised his eyebrow.

"It has also lead me to you." Kanetsugu said more clearly. Masamune had actually heard him then, he just figured he couldn't have said anything along those lines. Apparently he could.

"Yeah well..." Masamune blushed and looked away, scowling.

"I know we argue but... You are one of the people I cherish despite that. I can't possibly hate you just for thinking differently." Kantesugu chuckled. "Well why not? I do that to people all the time."

"Even me?" Kantesugu asked. "Well... No. You're different though."

Kanetsugu looked curious. "Different how then?" He asked again. "No, that's none of your buisness." Masamune blushed more. "I... Do believe it is." Kanetsugu blinked again. "Well... I'm not good with this kind of stuff, so you'll just have to suffer through not knowing the difference, how's that?" Masamune stood up at once.

"That is fine... For now."

Kanetsugu stood up looking down the lush hills. Yukimura, Mitsunari, and Keiji would be coming over them any minute now. "I bet they'll be here soon..."

"Hey." Kanetsugu turned when he heard Masamune calling him. "Hm..?" He flinched at how close Masamune was standing to him, centimeters apart from each other. Masamune tugged his collar down roughly and placed his lips softly against Kanetsugu's.

"Race Ya." Masamune said darting off down the hill. Kanetsugu blinked, staring at him not moving from that spot on the hill. "Did that just happen?" He wasn't really sure himself.

"Masamune! Wait!" Kanetsugu yelled running after him.