Ethan wrapped his arms around me and I was already feeling happier.
You're going Light.
Then he kissed me.
Definitely Light.
He kissed me again while pulling me closer. I felt my heart start to race and I realized that I didn't just want him. I needed him.
And he needed me too.
All I could feel was a gaping hole in my chest. He wasn't close enough, I needed him closer. My lips felt slightly sore and puffy but I didn't care. I felt the bed rise from my out of control powers but I didn't care. Closer, closer! my body screamed with all it's might. But then he changed.
It went wrong.
His lips started falter and he swayed slightly. His skin felt warm and clammy, like he was sick.
Like he was dying.
The bed crashed to the floor and the windows shattered. Ethan had collapsed onto my bed, barely conscious and I didn't know what to do. What was going on? What was happening?
I felt tears trail down my cheeks as I sobbed. What if he was hurt? What if he died? Ethan was just an innocent Mortal, he never did anything wrong!
But I killed him.
"What's wrong, Lena Beana? Why are you so sad?"
Ryan stepped into the mess that was my room, walking determinedly towards Ethan. I would have stopped her but I was a wreak. She placed her small hand on his chest and I nearly told her that it was no use. But then there was a warm glow coming from her hand and Ethan drew in a deep breath. Like you do when you're swimming. He was a alive. And Ryan.
Ryan was a Thaumaturge.

My head and Ryan's hand were still pressed to Ethan's chest when he woke. As he dumbly stared at her in amazement as I pushed a large portion of the broken mirror away from us. I quickly wiped the tears from my puffy eyes, hoping that no one had noticed.
"I think we figured out what Ryan is." His voice came out as more of a croak.
I hugged Ryan close. "A Thaumaturge. We've never had one in our family."
"I'm guessing that's a fancy Caster name for a healer," he said, rubbing his head sorely.
I nodded and kissed Ryan's cheek.
"Something like that."