Author's Note: Here it is- my very first fanfic! Enjoy!

Saya's Death

"I have nothing more to say to you." The red eyed twin pressed her finger on her sword. Blood trailed down sword.

"Likewise," the blue eyed twin replied. She, too, started to coat her own sword with her own blood.

The moment she was done the twin with red eyes, Saya, immediately rushed at her younger sister, Diva. They no longer saw the point of avoiding the inevitable. It would end tonight. Their swords clashed. The twins both stepped back for a moment and then rushed at each other again, very intent on killing the other, only to end up farther apart. They paused only for a moment before attacking once again.

The battle continued on. The sisters were once again far from each other. Saya breathed heavily before getting serious. Both she and Diva's dresses had multiple cuts from the swords. One still hadn't managed to kill the other yet. Saya ripped the bottom part of her dress off. Diva stripped the wings on her costume off her, the sleeve of the dress trailed slowly down her left arm. The sisters eyed each other warily. Diva shifted her position as she prepared to attack. "Sister," she murmured as her blood trailed down her sword. Saya coated her sword once more as well. Diva charged at her sister. Saya didn't move. She simply plunged her sword into Diva's chest when she felt Diva's sword enter her stomach. They both began to pull their swords out. The swords they held dropped to the ground. Their eyes no longer glowed.


Saya fell to her knees as she covered her wound with her hands. She saw it before she felt pain. It was small at that moment but it didn't make a difference. A small,gray crack formed on her leg, showing that her blood was beginning to crystallize. She looked at Diva, who stood a few feet away, and saw that no thing appeared on her at all. Saya looked at her legs again. Both of them were fully crystallized and were beginning to break off. "No! Why only me?" Saya cried. She felt some embrace her. Looking up she was stunned to find that it was Diva.


Despair filled Diva as she embraced her big sister. Never had she felt this bad not even when she lived in that tower. She imagined killing Saya numerous times and almost succeeded in doing so once. Those thoughts had filled her with so much joy and pleasure. Diva would have never imagined the despair and

sadness she felt now. Tears began to streak down her face. This surprised her too. She couldn't remember one other time when she had truly cried. She pulled back from the embrace and looked at her sister. Her face and her arm were the the only parts of her body that hadn't crystallized yet. Saya touched her face, softly wiping away Diva's tears. "Don't cry, its okay." Saya comforted her, as if it were Diva dying and not herself. "You live. You're free now, Diva."


Well, this was very surprising and interesting show,thought Nathan as her watched Saya become completely crystallized. He actually didn't expect Diva to defeat Saya. Diva's reaction to Saya dying to had not been predicted either. Nathan suspected that the only reason Diva was alive to begin with was because Saya's blood had weakened due to the fact that her time for sleep had been approaching.


Diva looked at the remains of what had once been her older sister."You're free now..." Diva glance up at the giant hole in ceiling. She could just barely make out Amshel's burnt body that had been forced through a pole. Diva knew that he would heal soon. Even now I'm still not free...