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Chapter 1

The apartment was a mess, clothes strewn around, dirty dishes in the sink, crusty old bread on dirty plates on the table. The windows

were caked with grime and therefore didn't let in enough light, so the apartment looked darker than normal. This was the constant state

of the apartment everytime Seeley was home for more than four days. Temperance Booth formerly Brennan was crouched in a corner of

the corridor leading into her's and Seeleys' bedroom she had on an old, baggy shirt and loose fitting jeans, her kids Jamie and Anna had

left for school, at least they were in school...hmmm probably the only good thing Seeley had done in his pathetic life, enroll them in a public

school about four blocks from their apartment. They weren't home, Seeley wasn't home either, he had left early this morning probably to

go get drunk, stoned or commit one crime or the other she was all alone now so no one could see her crying, though she was sure all her

neighbours heard her last night. It was the same as most of her nights for the past eight years, a routine if one could call it that but a very

brutal routine. Seeley had come home last night by 10 pm, luckily the kids were at her brother Jack's, he had volunteered to take the kids off

her hands for a while so she could have some 'her time'...right, impossible at least not while Seeley was around or even close by.

So last night, when he had come home, she knew he was drunk she didn't even have to smell the alchohol off of his body, so she knew to be

careful because he was not himself, not that himself was any different, ok maybe slightly different

"Where's my dinner?"

he asked his words slurring a bit

She looked at him but quickly put her head down when he caught her staring, she didn't like to make eye contact with him in this state

because he would consider it a sign of defiance and hit her, so she stared at the ground before answering in a small voice

"It...it got cold I'll warm it now"

she chose her words carefully because any wrong word would trigger the rage in him and she was

just too tired, but obviously he wasn't because he didn't let her get off that easily, it was like he wanted her to say the wrong word

so he could lash out at her well she thought not gonna happen, so when she made to leave, he stopped her with a question

"What are you doing up any way huh?..."

he swayed a little and almost fell but held on to the dining chair

"... and by...by the way where are Jamie and Anna?"

It figured that he would forget, so without thinking she answered

"They're at Jack's i thought i told you?"

Uh-oh she thought as she saw the all too familiar glint of anger flash in his eyes and watched his

face tighten in anger, Oh God what had she said trying to remember, but before she could remember. he was slowly coming at her smiling

evily, backing her into the wall, fear welled up deep inside her

"What exactly are you trying to say Temperance? huh what, that i'm stupid?..."

"No, Seeley i..."

"...that i don't care about my kids enough to remember where they are? huh..."

The look on his face was telling her of what was soon to come if she didn't somehow calm him down

"...Seeley, no that's not what i meant...i...i...im sorry..."

he had backed her into the door of their bedroom, there was nowhere to go but

in so she snaked her arm behind her and tried to open the door and close it fast enough for him to be locked out, but he seemed to know

her plan because he put his arm around her to open the door and when it opened, she stumbled into the room and almost fell but she held

herself, the slap that followed told her that it would have been better for her to have fallen because then she would have been able to

crawl away but no such luck, she clutched at her cheek where he had slapped her, it stung

"...Seeley please"

she begged her eyes brimmed with tears

"...shut up.."

he shouted

"...what, you think i'm not good enough a father that you had to send away my kids, my kids to your nutcase of

a brother?"

he was simultaneously talking and taking off his belt, she knew what was coming next, but knowing didn't make it any easier,

he hit her on the back with the belt folded in two, God it hurt and she cried out in pain and that set him off completely

"Oh so you can scream, i'll give you something to scream about..."

immediately he said this she felt his booted foot come in contact with her calf and what followed was a searing pain that forced

her to scream and crumble to the floor and at that Seeley kept on hitting her and kicking her

"...stupid good for noting bitch"

she thought she was going to die, she screamed and begged for mercy but he was all out of it and so she

kept on screaming until after what seemed like forever but was probably only a few minutes he stopped and then left slamming the door

behind him, she was a bloody mess and she didn't even have the strength to get up so she laid down in a fetal position on the floor and sobbed,

she was going to be hoarse tomorrow from all the screaming she had done but that was the least of her problems because right now she felt

like a car had run her over and then backed up on her...after this thought she cried harder.