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Chapter 2

She sat in the floor thinking about her life, she was a high school dropout, she didn't go to college and so didn't have a degree, she couldn't

work anywhere else apart from where she was working right now as a waitress at Big Joe's diner, if she had at least finished high school

she could have at least gotten a job as a filing clerk in one of these companies and since left with her kids but she was stuck here. She was

trying to walk around the house and exercise her bad leg, she'd already had her bath by the time Jack had come over by 6 am to drop the

kids so they could go to school, when he saw her, he almost cried and went into a fit looking for Seeley so he could show him a thing or two

she could understand his rage because she herself had broken down and cried when she saw her face this morning, she had a nasty cut

from when he had slapped her with his wedding band still on and her face was still slightly swollen and purple in some areas, but that was

just the half of it, her stomach and rib area was a deep purple and were bruised so badly it hurt to breathe it hurt so bad but she tried

not to show it coz she knew if she did, Jack was definitely going to seek Seel out and kill him so she just endured, when she had finally

calmed Jack down, she saw him off after he promised to come by later to look in on her and although he did not say it to also come back

and trash Seel. She finally got inside her apartment and got the girls ready for school, seeing them made her day a lot more brighter, when

they asked her what happened, she lied and said that she had fallen down and hit her head on the tabletop she had a feeling they knew

the truth and that almost made her cry, but she had vowed not to cry in front of them so she held it in. The bus had come to pick them

up and from there that was how she ended up sitting down here and crying while thinking about her life. She went later in the afternoon

to the free clinic to get herself checked out, when they asked her what happened, she told them the same lie she had told her kids they

didn't believe her but she didn't care all she wanted was to get checked out and then get out. She got back home by 1:03 pm after being

told by the doctor that she needed bed rest since she had a few broken ribs, she said she would try, it was already too late to go in for

work and besides she wouldn't go in her present condition, so she called Joe up and told him that she couldn't come to work because she

had some personal emergency to take care of when that was done, she went into the room to get some sleep .

Meanwhile Seeley was at the wharf where he worked as a loader, his mind had only just cleared about four hours ago and he had remembered

how he had hit Tempe, he felt so bad, he knew she didn't do anything it wasn't like he didn't love her hell he loved her more than life

itself it was just that his drinking had gotten a little worse lately and that usually turned him into the animal that hit her like last night,

he was slightly agitated because he couldn't wait for lunch break so he could call her at work and apologize...BEEP...BEEP...BEEP

the alarm for lunch break sounded and he sprinted off to call her, when the call finally connected, he asked to speak to her but was

disappointed to find out that she wasn't at work, of course it was because of what he did the guilt came back heavy this time well his

apology would have to wait until he got back home this evening maybe he'd buy her something pretty in her favorite color, turquoise,

may be a dress with flowers on it, yeah she'd like that he smiled to himself imagining the look that would be on her face when she saw it

with that thought still in mind, he continued with his work, he couldn't wait to get home tonight.

Jack had taken the kids away again because he couldn't bear to think of how they would feel seeing their mother like that all day, when

he had dropped them off at his place with his fianc e Angela, he came back to talk to Tempe. Immediately she saw his face, she knew

what he was going to ask

"Tempe, I want you to tell me what happened and, the truth this time"

"Jack it was nothing don't worry about me..."

"Nothing.." he said his eyes widening with shock, how could she say that? "...you call this nothing..." he said motioning to her face and hands

"...Tempe you can't visibly breathe without wincing and you call this nothing, what s the matter..." she cut him off angrily

"Jack I said it's nothing didn't I..." she stopped to catch her breath and to try and somehow will the pain she was feeling in her mid-section

to cease "...you think I don't know I can't breathe well or maybe somehow I also don't know that I feel so sore I can't move well, you think I

don't know all that?" she asked threatening to cry but holding back even though it hurt like hell. Jack had calmed down and had

stopped pacing when he saw the pain he was putting her through, he sat down besides her on the couch and pulled her in for a

comforting hug

"I m so sorry Tempe, I...I...you are the only family I have and if protecting you is all I can do then please let me and don t be mad at me, ok?"

he said looking into her sad blue green eyes

"It's ok Jack it s not you, you're just trying to look out for your younger sister..." she wiped her eyes on the back of her hand

"...so how is Angela?"

"Oh she's you know ...Angela" he said and then they both laughed then he brought up something he had been thinking about for the past

six hours, but he chose his words carefully



"...can't you run with the kids?" she became visibly sad

"No I can't, you know I tried to but I couldn't leave my kids with Seeley, he might ve hurt them" she sighed heavily

"I know, you know when you're ready to leave that son-of-a-bitch I m always here, you know that right?"

"Yes I know now go please..." she said playfully hitting him and smiling"...I have to get some sleep"

"Ok take care of yourself Tempe yeah?"

"Yeah, ok"

When he left, she went back to her bedroom and immediately her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep, God she was so exhausted, she woke up

a while later and turned to her right to check the time, it was 9 pm, when she turned back to her right, she saw Seeley looking at her from the

table beside the bed she was so scared as images of last night flooded her brain so she screamed and fell out of bed and then went into a

corner of the room, she saw him make his way towards her slowly and purposefully, when he got to her she was almost crying and he was

holding something probably a stick to hit her with but then he did the unexpected, he put his arms around her, she was so stunned she didn't

move for a while and she just stood there feeling his warm body against hers she couldn't remember the last time she had hugged him, it felt

good suddenly he spoke

"I'm so sorry.." he said and hugged her tightly, she whimpered in pain and he pulled her back to look at her, concern written all over his face

she sometimes used to wonder why she married him, now she remembered why

"..Tempe I m so sorry for what I did last night, I...I... don't know...maybe it s the booze or the drugs but I...I just wasn't myself last night" tears

ran freely down his eyes and when he lifted his hand to wipe them away, she saw what he was holding, it was a gift bag

"Seeley what are you holding?"

"Oh yeah I got this for you..." he said holding it out for her, she cautiously took it and dipped her hand into the bag and brought out a gown

that was probably tight around the waist with a V-neck, it stopped just below her knees and the color was turquoise, her favorite, she

couldn't believe he remembered a smile spread across her face and then she hugged him as tight as her pain would let her

"It s ok Seeley, I m ok"

"You know I love you right..."he said his voice quavering with sadness and doubt

"Yes, yes I do" she said leading them both to the bed, when they were both seated, his head hung low in shame

"...you know I want to change right...for you and the kids I mean..." he said in a low voice

"Yes Seel I know" she couldn't help but pity him right now

"...and you know that every time I hit you..." his voice choked with the tears he was trying to hold back

"Baby its ok"

"...no let me finish..." he said"...every time I hit you I feel it in my heart and I don't want to keep hurting the best damn thing that ever happened

to me I just..." he trailed off finally letting the tears run free

"Its ok Seel, you're my husband and I know you didn't mean to hit me and I know you love me, I love you too ok?..." she said pulling him in

"...come lie with me" she said and then she let him cuddle her closely, at times like this her heart overflowed with love for him so she tried to

enjoy it for as long as it lasted.

It took him five weeks to be the best husband of the year, he bought her stuff and they even made love instead of the usual twenty or thirty

minutes sex until one day he finally snapped and did a repeat performance of hitting her, this time she decided, enough was enough, she was

going to take Jack's advice and leave with her kids. God help her