Hello, readers. I apologize in advance and for the past about my updates and errors. Here's the tricky part I have to get to-I am currently unhappy with my fanfictions. That's the real bullet I've been biting for a while now. However, I will NOT be removing them. I feel each of you deserves to come back and read them freely. What I am doing, however, is making a new account and editing, re-doing and tidying my previous fanfictions. This is the only less-mess method I could come up with. I can't promise you they will all be finished, but I promise you I will try my hardest.

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee if this fanfic will be updated before the new account. (so there is no confusion, I will finish this one eventually)

On that note, I cannot thank all of you enough for your reviews and support. Each one means so much to me and I need to give credit for that. As for all those pesky banners I promised, I'm afraid I've lost them due to a mishap with my laptop (and by mishap I mean I've lost them and tried making new ones and the amount of unfinished banners is nothing short of horrifying) but as with new things, I believe a new account will provoke me enough to do something. Anything, really.

As for the new account I've been mentioning I don't expect it to be up and running for a couple of weeks (maybe months if I'm in bad shape) but I will get there. Thank you for staying with me so long and I hope you'll stick with me for a while longer.

Much love.