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Chapter 1 – The Reunion.

Two men sit in an office one man short with a beard the other man tall with dark hair. They both are sitting at their desks.

"Hey Chuck, so are you going to your ten year school reunion?" asked the bearded man.

"No Morgan, people like me don't go to school reunions", the tall man responded.

"What do you mean people like you? I went to my school reunion" said Morgan.

"What would I even tell people I did for a living?" asked Chuck.

"Tell them the truth" said Morgan

"Yeah right, and I would be the laughing stock of the whole reunion" said Chuck.

'At least it would prove things haven't changed' thought Chuck.

"You could catch up with that girl you liked" said Morgan.

'She wouldn't notice me; she never did back then either' thought Chuck.

"I am sure she would like to see you" said Morgan.

"Who? Somehow I don't think so" said Chuck.

"Lou of course, who do you think I was talking about?" asked Morgan.

"Morgan, Lou and I were just friends. She was a really nice girl, but I never really felt that way about her" said Chuck.

"Well maybe things will be different now" said Morgan.

"Morgan even if things were different, so am I, and I am not looking to settle down" said Chuck.

Chuck continued to go through paperwork on his desk; he didn't much enjoy his job anymore. In fact he would go as far as saying he hated his job, but it was something he was good at. If nothing else he could take pride in being one of the best in his field if not the best, well that would be if he felt any pride in this job anymore.

It was time for lunch and he needed to get out of the office.

"Morgan, I am going to go for a run at lunch. You are welcome to join" said Chuck.

Chuck knew the invitation was safe, he wanted to be alone and no way would Morgan accept an invitation to exercise. Unless that exercise was his thumbs and fingers holding a game controller.

"No have fun Chuck, I will see you when you get back" said Morgan.

Chuck got dressed into his running clothes and went out to the park to run. Chuck stayed in shape, while he wouldn't be described as a body builder in any stretch of the imagination; he had an athletic physique that many male underwear models would kill for.

He always turned some heads and got some smiles while he was out running. They seemed to increase in frequency the longer the run went and seemed directly related to how soon he took off his shirt and ran with a bare upper body.

He had finished his four mile run in the normal thirty minutes and started his cool down exercises.

He started thinking that maybe going back to high school seeing were it all began might allow him to reconnect to life, and give it some more meaning, but high school wasn't exactly a happy time for Chuck. He was pretty much a nerd, he was easily the smartest guy at school but in his final year just before graduation his life seemed to just fall apart.

"Hey sexy" he heard the familiar voice behind him.

"Hi Carina, did you want something?" said Chuck

"Yeah you on top of me" replied Carina with a wink.

"I am too much man for you to handle Carina" said Chuck.

"Maybe, but if I died, I would die happy" said Carina smiling.

Carina worked with Chuck and even though she hadn't succeeded, she still hadn't given up trying to bed him. Little did Carina know that he would probably have caved by now if it wasn't for his friend and colleague Morgan, Morgan had an infatuation with Carina and worshipped the ground she walked on. Carina had absolutely no idea.

Chuck came back to the office building and went for a swim; he completed his normal 20 laps of the Olympic pool, climbed out and had his shower.

Chuck had grown up in a small town called Warwick in California, it was on the coast and had a great surf beach that Chuck spent many days, but he hadn't been back to Warwick since before graduation.

Chuck hadn't been surfing for some time, his job made him travel frequently, and he tried to get a surf in whenever he could, but being based in DC opportunities were limited.

He decided he would ask for a few days off, go back to Warwick and spend some time on his board, and maybe reconnect with his old life while he was there. He still hadn't decided if he would attend the reunion, he would decide on the day. He had one more day of work before the weekend and would take off all of the following week.

Chuck went to see his boss and asked for the time off, his boss knew that his best man was close to burning himself out, and was only too willing to give him the time off. Chuck just had to be contactable if an urgent case came up, that needed his expert touch.

Chuck made it back to his office

"Morgan, I am going home. Not sure if I will attend the reunion, but at least I will be in town" said Chuck.

"Hey maybe I should go with you?" said Morgan.

"Nah buddy, I think I want some alone time" said Chuck.

"No worries Chuck, I hope you find what you are looking for" said Chuck.

Chuck wasn't sure what he was looking for, he didn't even know if it was in Warwick, but what he did know is that it wasn't in DC and wouldn't be found in one of the files on his desk.

Chuck booked his flights and organized for a hire car and accommodation near the beach. Chuck went back to his files on his desk.

A couple of the cases wanted feedback by the end of next week, he knew he would not be able to close them out by the end of this week so he contacted the requesting offices to ask for reassignment of the cases.

Chuck found that most of the cases would stay with him and dates were extended, they knew Chuck was the best and that is what they wanted.

He had organized for the handover of the one case that couldn't wait for the following morning, he knew the person that was taking over the case. He should get the job done but his techniques were not as refined as Chuck, and would likely need some loose ends to be cleaned up.

Chuck went home at the end of the day and started packing his bag; he would go into work tomorrow and would fly out tomorrow evening at the end of the work day. He knew that some people would make some comments about his board in his office, but at least he was confident they wouldn't be made to his face.

The next day was going really slow, he handed over the one case and was struggling to keep his mind on the job. His thoughts kept going back to Warwick and the events of the last week he was there, it was one of the worst periods of his life, but knew he had to go back and face it.

He had never sold the house and had it being managed by a rental agency for years; he knew that it was currently occupied, as he was getting regular payments from the rental agency. He would try to arrange an inspection while there, just for the memories. He made the call to the rental agency and heard back later that day that the inspection would be at 10AM tomorrow morning.

The day finally ended and he got a taxi to the airport, checked his board in as special sporting goods and his bag. He kept his carry-on bags with him.

Chuck traveled by air frequently and going through metal detectors and screening was now second nature to him and went through his normal process. When he boarded the flight the air hostesses were all giving him smiles but he was more then used to the extra attention.

When Chuck finally landed and headed out in his hire car he knew he still had about an hours drive before he got to Warwick. He connected his iPhone to the connector and started playing some of his playlists. Chuck always liked music, and you could tell his state of mind by the type of music that was playing. At the moment he was listening to blues.

He finally drove through the center of town, he was recognizing some familiar buildings and a few ones that he didn't. He remembers walking down the street with his sister only a couple of months before the incident, they were both happy. She was back from medical school and he was going to be going off to college after graduation. While they both loved their home town, going to college and moving away from Warwick was a big step in realizing their goals.

Ellie and Chuck were going to a surf store, Ellie wanted some new swimwear to take back to medical school to show off to her new boyfriend. She was going to try them out on the beach sun bathing, while Chuck went surfing.

'Those were happy days' thought Chuck.

Chuck checked into his hotel and brought all of his belongings up from the car.

He started looking at the 'what's on in Warwick newsletter and had a large article on his schools reunion. He was thinking that it will be strange to see all the people again, and wondered if anyone would recognize him if he didn't wear a name tag.

He just ordered some room service, while it wasn't anything to write home about it was filling, 'hehe, who am I going to write home to' thought Chuck.

Chuck took the pills that seemed to be the only way he could get any sleep lately. His therapist told him he needed to relax and release some of his tension. Chuck was sure he knew how she proposed to do it and was pretty sure it wasn't part of her normal service offering. He had passed on the offer.

He eventually went off to sleep and was awakened by his alarm clock, in time for breakfast and to get ready for the 10AM inspection.

When he got to the old house he was nervous, he knew it was not logical, but for some reason he had thought the house would look just the way it did when he left. But all of the old furniture and other contents of the house were moved into a storage shed at his request shortly after he left. That didn't stop him expecting to see his fathers arm chair where he spent many hours just talking and being with his children, or Ellie's belongings spread throughout the house. She was such a messy girl, she could sure cook up a storm, but after their mother left it was Chuck that kept the house tidy.

Their dad was an engineer that spent many an hour in the basement, working or tinkering on things.

Chuck knew that he loved both he and Ellie but after mom disappeared, part of him seemed to disappear to, he knew he couldn't blame him, it would have been devastating having your wife just disappear.

He walked inside and nothing was the same, even the rooms were painted different colors. He noticed that the walls were adorned with paintings, they were mostly of landscapes and from what he could see they looked like landscapes from around Warwick. They looked really good.

Chuck turned to the rental agent that came along with him.

"Who did those paintings, they are really good?" asked Chuck.

"Oh I believe the tenant here is a part time painter she doesn't sell much, but has a little gallery in the arts store in town. That is if you are interested in buying one." said the agent.

"Thank you, I will have to have a look" said Chuck. They looked amazing and Chuck couldn't believe that she had any difficulty in selling them.

"The tenant has requested some maintenance work be done on the house, um would you like me to just organize and send you the bill?" asked the agent.

"Um, no actually give me the list, my dad did a lot of work on this property himself and I would like to maybe preserve it. If there is anything on the list I can do myself I will do, I will give you the approval to complete the others with your recommended contractors. However I would like to preserve the house as much as possible and I would be willing to pay a little extra to make sure it is a good job "said Chuck.

The agent handed Chuck the list and he put it in his pocket.

"I will give you back the list of things that you need to arrange on Monday if that is ok?" said Chuck.

"That is perfect Mr Bartowski" said the Agent.

"Chuck is fine, Mr Bartowski was my dad" said Chuck sadly.

Chuck had a quick look into the room that was Ellie's, it looked like it was converted into an office/study and on the desk he saw invoices that were addressed to a local shelter.

The agent noticed Chucks interest.

"Yes the tenant's day job is running the local shelter, they provide accommodation and food and protection." He said.

"Protection?" asked Chuck.

"One of the main services is a battered women's shelter" said the agent.

"You seem to know a lot about the tenant?" asked Chuck

"Oh, she is a bit of an enigma. Pretty thing but never settled down with anybody, kind of like she felt obligated to look after everybody else. Kind of well known in the town" said the agent.

"Decrease her rent by 15%" said Chuck. Not sure why he said it but it seemed the right thing to do.

"Are you sure Chuck, she hasn't complained about the rent?" said the agent.

"Yes, she sounds like the person that wouldn't complain about her own troubles anyway, by what you have said." said Chuck.

Chuck left the house and said thank you to the agent, and asked him to thank the tenant for looking after the place so well and allowing him to inspect on such short notice.

Chuck went back to his hotel room and had a look at the list, there were a couple of things that Chuck thought he shouldn't get involved in, some electrical work and plumbing but two other items caught his attention.

He quickly started writing a list of things he would need. When he dropped over the list on Monday he would ask the agent for another time he could measure up and prepare as well as completing the job.

He was starting to look forward to this week and felt that if nothing else, it would be rewarding. He got changed and headed out to the beach to go for a surf.

He got to the beach dumped his stuff on sand and headed out into the surf, it took him a while to find his feet, but eventually he was back in the saddle and looked and felt like it was where he belonged.

Chuck didn't realize it, but he had attracted some admirers while he was performing in the surf, but when he came back in he could see eyes following him back to his bag and towel.

Chuck laid down on his towel and took out a cap and put it over his face to cover his eyes. He settled down to relax, as he dried off on his towel.

He had only been on his towel for a minute or two when he heard a female voice.

"Hi, you must be new, I haven't seen you around before?" she said.

Chuck took off his cap of his face and put his hand over his eyes to protect for the glare and looked at the owner of the voice. Chuck saw an older version of a girl that was miss popular back in school, Heather Chandler. He didn't have much time for her back then or now.

"Ah yeah I'm from DC" said Chuck.

"Well with what you were showing of out there and what you a flaunting here you sure don't look like someone from DC" said Heather.

"Not sure I understand miss?" said Chuck.

"Well the names Heather and I would enjoy rubbing some suncream onto your body and explaining it all to you." said Heather.

"Well thanks for the offer Heather, but I wasn't going to be out here much longer anyway." said Chuck.

"Maybe we could catch up another time?" said Heather suggestively.

"Well I will be out here surfing most days for the next week, so maybe I will see you again" said Chuck.

"I didn't get your name" said Heather.

"Charles" said Chuck.

"Ok Charles, I will be looking forward to it" said Heather

'Oh Hell, Heather bloody Chandler trying to pick me up at the beach.' thought Chuck

Chuck decided it was best to pack up and leave now, as he didn't want to take the risk of her coming back over flaunting her assets at him again, or chance that she recognizes him. Though he is not sure who would be more embarrassed if she did.

Chuck got back in his car and headed out to get something to eat, he saw a café and pulled over and went in. He just ordered a sandwich and took it to a table with a drink. The sandwich was eatable but didn't really have any taste; the café was empty except for him and wondered where the local people ate.

He left the café and noticed that the store next door was the arts store, remembering the rental agent's conversation about the gallery he decided to go in and see what he could find.

In a corner of the store was a display of paintings, they didn't have any name next to the painting and he couldn't read the signature on painting. He decided it didn't matter the name of the artist, all that mattered was if he liked the paintings, he picked two paintings out took them to the counter and paid for them.

"You should tell the artist that she sells her paintings too cheaply" said Chuck.

"I will let her know that" said the shop owner strangely.

Chuck went back to his room to secure the paintings, and then started getting ready for tonight; he decided that it would be worth seeing Heathers face when he tells her that he was the one she hit on at the beach.

He was surprised that she wasn't married already to the football quarterback, Chuck didn't play football he did play basketball but the team was terrible accept for him, so they constantly lost. The school thought that the basketball team were a bunch of losers and almost no one turned up to games. Eventually they had to pull out of the basketball competition because too many of the players didn't want to be in a loosing team. Chuck played because he enjoyed playing, he felt that he was a natural athlete, but his school only had basketball and football and his father wouldn't let him play football. He competed well in athletic events, but he was still seen to be a loser because of basketball and because of his affinity with computers. Not only computers but gadgets of all types, Chuck seemed to be a natural.

Chuck got dressed into his suit that he had brought, he wasn't sure what the dress was for the evening, but would prefer to be over dressed then under dressed.

When he arrived at his old school, memories came flooding back, he could remember the times that his father and then sister dropped him to school. Could remember the time his dad came to pick him up after breaking another students arm. He could also remember the walk out of the front of the school to the waiting taxi, on that last day.

He took a breath and steeled himself as he walked up the steps and into the auditorium that had been converted for the event. He could remember the basketball games here that he enjoyed so much. He walked over to a large desk that contained the name cards that he assumed was for all the attendees.

"Hello welcome, what was your name?" said the girl that he thought he remembered.

"Charles Bartowski" he said

She looked through the names and found his name card Chuck took it but put it on the inside of his shirt hidden by his jacket.

He started looking around to all the people in the room, some faces he recognized others he wasn't sure at all.

That was when he saw her; he had only spoken to her a few times in school. But when he had his heart would beat that little bit faster his mouth dry and he found it hard to say what was on his mind. He doesn't have that trouble anymore with girls, in fact it only ever seemed to be her that he had that problem with.

Yes she has changed, in high school she looked a little different but those eyes and he was always captivated by the eyes. Chuck was lost in the memory of times past, when his thoughts are interrupted by a female voice.

"Chuck, is that you?" she said

He turned and was tackled into what felt was a bear hug, by the little dynamo that was Lou.

"Hi Lou, how have you been?" asked Chuck

"Ok, but enough about me I want to hear all about you, what have you been up to?" said Lou at 100 miles an hour.

"Wow, you really are a bundle of energy, I guess the ten years haven't changed much" said Chuck

Another man came up and said to Lou. "Lou aren't you going to introduce me?" he said.

"Oh Chuck, this is Robert" said Lou nervously.

Chuck looked at Robert and put out his hand

"Hi Chuck I'm Lou's Husband" he said forcefully as he tried to squeeze the life out of chuck's hand.

Chuck could see out of the corner of his eye that Lou was uncomfortable.

"Well congratulations" Chuck said.

"Thanks we are very happy" said Robert

Chuck could sense some very strange vibes going on, Robert obviously feels threatened by Chuck.

"That's great, so Lou what have you been up to all these years?" asked Chuck.

"Oh I own a sandwich deli in the mall" said Lou.

"Great that is probably were everyone goes for to eat." said Chuck

Lou just gave him a strange look, and Robert became uncomfortable.

"Oh, I got a sandwich from a café that was pretty ordinary, no one was eating there because I am sure they were all at Lou's" said Chuck.

'hmmmmm, what was all that about' thought Chuck.

"So Chuck what line of work are you in?" asked Robert.

"Ah, Life Insurance Actuary" said Chuck.

Robert just looked at him strangely.

"So you sell Life Insurance?" said Robert

"No, um, easiest though morbid way to explain would be I find out how long someone will live" said Chuck.

"I don't understand" said Robert.

"Well if someone wants to open a Life policy on someone I look at the individual in question, document the risks and plans to activate the policy" said Chuck.

"Sounds like a boring job Chuck" said Robert.

"Yeah I'm sure its no where near as exciting as yours, so what do you do Robert?" asked Chuck.

"I'm a plumber" he said with a smile.

"Well, great we all need good plumbers" said Chuck.

"Lou I think we should continue to mingle" said Robert.

"No worries Robert, maybe talk to you later" said Chuck

Lou was dragged away from Chuck with an annoyed expression on her face, she then looked at Chuck with almost a sorry face.

'Wow, that was altogether awkward, maybe coming wasn't such a good idea.' thought Chuck.

Chuck started making his way over to where he saw the vision earlier but she was gone he turned back around to make his way back to where he started from when the vision appeared in front of him.

"Hi – oh.. sorry just kind of surprised me" said Chuck

She was just staring at him smiling.

"Hi Chuck do you remember who I am?" she said

"Well of course Jenny" said Chuck.

She looked down at her dress to see if her name tag was showing.

"Chuck, how did you recognize me I have changed a bit?" Jenny said.

"Well I could ask the same, but I knew it was you" Chuck said.

"Chuck even though we only talked a few times, I could never forget your smile and your eyes" Jenny said smiling.

'what the hell, what is going on here' Chuck thought.

"Jenny you look gorgeous that blue dress really brings out your eyes" said Chuck.

Jenny started swaying and Chuck could see a blush rise up from her neck.

"Thank you, you look very handsome Chuck" said Jenny.

"Jenny thanks, but I know I'm still a nerd" said Chuck.

"What does that have to do with me finding you handsome Chuck?" asked Jenny.

"Nothing I guess, I just find it hard to believe that you do" said Chuck.

"Well I do and you should just accept it" said Jenny.

"Deal." Said Chuck

"I didn't see you at our Graduation" asked Jenny.

"No, I um had some things happen in the last week before graduation. Didn't think I would even be missed" said Chuck.

Jenny just looked down at the ground.

"Well I can't speak for anyone else, but a certainly did. I even went looking for you" Jenny said shyly.

"Anyway I will let you get back to everyone else, keep a watch out for Lou's husband though. Everyone knows that she was still holding a torch for you including him" said Jenny.

'So that is why. hang on everyone knows?' thought Chuck.

"How do you know that Jenny?" asked Chuck.

"The same way everyone does, she has a sandwich named after you and has a photo of you and her in her deli" said Jenny.

Chuck wanted to ask Jenny what she had been up to but for some reason he felt awkward and thought she would think it was strange.

He continued walking around mingling running into old friends some from classes he had been in and even some from the basketball team.

He ran into Dick Duffy the football quarterback, he looked as intelligent as ever.

"Chuck Bartowski is that you?" said Dick.

"Dick Duffy how are you?" said Chuck.

Chuck extended his hand to shake Dicks hand and could see the smile on Dicks face, but before Dick could even try and squeeze Chucks hand he had compressed the bones in Dicks hand and heard a crack. Chuck saw the look of pain in his face.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Bartowski" he yelled as he grabbed his hand.

"Sorry Dick didn't realize you had such soft hands" said Chuck.

People during the night were talking about the Duffy/Bartowski altercation, and the news finally got to Lou. She was quickly trying to find Chuck to make sure he was ok.

Lou came running over to Chuck.

"Chuck, are you ok I heard something happened with Dick Duffy?" said Lou.

"Oh it was nothing, he must have had a sore hand from something that I aggravated when I shook his hand" said Chuck.

"Oh, I thought maybe he hurt you" said Lou.

"Nah, so where is your husband hiding. Is he behind me?" asked Chuck turning around.

"Sorry about him, um I guess if you don't know already you will find out soon anyway, but I kind of had a bit of a crush on you in school. Maybe never really got over it. Robert knows that and I kind of told him I didn't think you would be here, seeing you left even before graduation. Why did you clear out, your dad left too? I went over to your house after graduation and no one was there" said Lou.

"Yeah, I kind of cleared out. Had to get away, about a week before graduation my dad and my sister died in a car accident, I took it pretty hard." Said Chuck

"Oh Chuck, I am so sorry, I didn't know. I feel so terrible I should have been there for you, you were my best friend" said Lou.

"No reason to blame yourself, I wasn't really in the mood for company anyway, I was pretty angry." said Chuck.

"Lou, I hope that we can still be friends. I understand that with Robert you may find it difficult. I am kind of staying in town for the week, doing some surfing and would have liked to catch up. But just so there is no confusion, I love you like a sister Lou" said Chuck.

Robert came storming over and looked like he was going to swing one at Chuck.

"Stay away from my wife" said Robert.

"Robert, I just told your wife that she is like a sister to me. I would like to maybe still be friends but if it's too difficult I understand." Said Chuck with that he walked away and sat down with a drink to settle down.

Jenny came over and sat beside him.

"Thanks for the warning, but I guess I didn't heed it" said Chuck.

She just gave a small smile.

"You still have feelings for her too, hey?" said Jenny

"Yeah, but they are still only friend feelings. She was always like a sister to me, I never felt anything else for her" said Chuck.

Jenny saw Heather Chandler making her way over to Chuck.

"Ah Chuck, Heather Chandler is on her way over, I will try and head her off" said Jenny.

"No don't worry let her come over" said Chuck.

Jenny looked uncomfortable but realized she was looking forward to the upcoming exchange.

"So Chuckie can't even land Lou now you loser?" said Heather waiting for a comeback or a cry.

"Well that isn't what you said this morning at the beach" said Chuck.

Heather face just froze for a second

"Wha…." She mumbled and looked him up and down.

Redness was spreading up from her neck to encompass her whole face.

"That was you?" mumbled Heather.

"In the flesh" said Chuck smiling.

That comment reminded the state of dress of Chuck when she saw him and how he looked, that turned her already red face almost a shade of purple, and quickly exited to find the ladies.

"What was all that about?" asked Jenny.

"Oh, she just tried to pick me up at the beach earlier today?" said Chuck.

Jenny just laughed and that then started Chuck laughing, they were laughing for a good minute.

"Oh wow, I haven't laughed that hard in ages" said Jenny.

"Me neither "said Chuck.

"So Chuck how long are you in town?" asked Jenny.

"For the week, want to get some surfing in and a few other things done while I am here. Got some time of work so I may as well use it." said Chuck.

"So what kind of work do you do Chuck?" asked Jenny.

"Insurance Actuary" Chuck responded.

"Oh, ok, so I guess you can tell me when I'm gonna die then huh?" said Jenny.

"Not for a very long time I am sure" said Chuck.

'Well I hope' thought Chuck

Well maybe we might see each other again before the end of the week" said Jenny.

"I would like that" said Chuck 'Oh did I just say that out loud' thought Chuck.

"Me too Chuck" said Jenny smiling.

The rest of the reunion went mostly without incident of few more people that he knew from school didn't have a clue what an Actuary was but that's ok, Chuck didn't mind. Some guy that was an Insurance Salesmen was trying to talk to him about risk versus policy premiums but he quickly removed himself from that conversation quickly.

The only risks he wanted to discuss this week are the risk of getting sun burnt while surfing the whole week. Chuck found out one of his ex classmates had hit it big, came up with some invention that saved housewives five seconds each day or some crap.

He cared even less about a housewife saving five seconds each day then risk versus policy premiums. Guys like him don't settle down and get married.

When he finally got back to his room for the night he was exhausted. Stripped off and just collapsed on the bed, he had nearly fallen off to sleep when he heard the knocking at his door.

Chuck quickly got up from the bed, and went to the door. He had noticed when he had first arrived that the door to his room didn't have a peep hole, he liked to be prepared. There was a privacy chain which was engaged, he opened the door a crack and asked who was there.

"Chuck it's me, um can I come in?" said a female voice.

Chuck removed the privacy chain and stepped back allowing the door to swing completely open.

As the door was opening he heard.

"I am sorry just to turn up like this but I had to ...Oh my God" said Heather.

"Heather, as you can see I was asleep what do you want?"

"That" Heather said pointing to his appendage.

"Well sorry it went to sleep a while ago and I plan to follow, so if there was nothing else I think I will just go back to bed" said Chuck.

"Ok, I can wake him up" said Heather.

"No I am going back to bed alone" said Chuck.

"I am alone too, two gorgeous people like us shouldn't be alone Chuck" said Heather.

"Heather as flattered as I am at that comment, you are drunk and I am tired you need to go home, how did you find me anyway?" said Chuck

"I followed you in my car and then watched what room you went into. I had to wait till I had built up enough courage to knock on your door though" said Heather.

"You drove?" Chuck asked incredulously

"Yes, and are you really going to send me back out in my car again" said Heather.

'Why does shit like this always happen to me' thought Chuck.

Chuck thought about the risk and the odds that she could get home without causing herself or someone else harm, he knew the last thing he needed was this hanging over his head as he tried to sleep.

"Fine you can stay" said Chuck.

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