love comes in unexpected ways
I need you to love me
cause I won't keep my heart from you this time

- I Need You to Love Me, Barlow Girl

so maybe everything doesn't go the way you planned

there's a velvet curtain between the two of you
soft but still unbreakable
when you talk to him it
into tiny little pieces
and you're not sure if you want that to happen

he's just Scorpius Malfoy
and you're Dominique Weasley
you're not supposed to fall for his careful charm
are you?

there's this other boy
brown&brown, just another Slytherin too
he's a playboy
a right player
he plays you
you vowed you'd nevernever let him
but you did, didn't you?
and now you're b r o k e n
so how can you trust him?
(Scorpius, he's a player too)

wish you could build up a b r i c k w a l l
solid in all of its glory
but you're not strong enough
brave enough
Gryffindor enough
(you're so Slytherin, just like him)

besides, you're too s c a r r e d
not external, mind you
internal scarring
(and that's worse because you can see
but no one else can

so how can they help you?)

then one day he gives you a can of black paint
so you can paint over the scars
and even though they're not g o n e
you can't see them anymore
(and that's good enough for you)

yes, he's Scorpius Malfoy
and you're Dominique Weasley
and maybe blonde&blonde don't go together
and maybe Slytherin&Slytherin isn't a contradiction
but that's fine

because you've never been one for cliché
that's all Victoire
you like things that won't happen
shouldn't happen
can't happen
but they do anyway

and it will stay that way

so what if things don't go the way you plan?
(like with Dawson
forget about it, already)

sometimes they turn out better

and now instead of dawson and dominique
it's dominique and scorpius
and really, that's much better

so your velvet curtain falls to the floor
and you just stand there
watching it burn
(burn, baby, burn)

because you're done with safety
and you're done with c a r e f u l l y p l o t t e d l i m i t s
time for you to put yourself out there
and take some risks
(like a common Gryffindor, cause it's in your blood)

everything falls apart
(but in all the right ways)

and Dom & Scorpius sounds better than Dom & Dawson, anyway
(forget about it now)
it's all done and over with
so now it's your turn to live again
breathe again
love again

because love comes in unexpected ways
(and that's the way you like it)

A/N: Yay, DomScorpius!

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