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Unexpected Help

Chapter 12

While Hermione and the demigods sought out the nearest muggle fast food centre, Harry and Ron sat down and began a game of wizard's chess. Ron had just destroyed Harry's queen with one of his pawns. Harry sighed tiredly.

"Checkmate," Ron grinned lazily. Harry frowned.

"You always win."

"Can't help it, mate. It's a gift." Ron chuckled. Suddenly someone tapped on the front doors. Harry and Ron jumped out of their seats and marched up to the door. Both boys pointed their wands at it cautiously.

"Who's there?" Harry beckoned loudly, so the people on the other side could hear him.

"It's us, you nimrod!" Nico's voice called back. "We brought back some burgers and – No! Percy! That's my soda! Don't slobber all over it!"

"Oops." Came the faint reply.

"Ron, Harry open the door please! The food will get cold!" The two wizards recognized this voice as Hermione's. They both looked at each other, shrugged, and opened the door.

Nico came bursting through the doors with piles of paper bags in his arms. "Make way! I've got a shitload of food!"

"Careful there! I've got all the drinks! Don't want to spill anything, heh." Percy walked into the room slowly, making sure not to spill anything. He craned his neck and took a sip out of one of the drinks. When Nico saw this, he made a face.

"Percy, I told you that was my soda! Gods!"

Percy looked up from the drink. "Sorry, I get confused."

"You know what? That's your drink now. I don't want your slobber." Nico shuddered at the thought of sharing a drink with Percy.

"Dude, don't be such a wuss. It's just saliva." This was when Percy promptly tripped over his own two feet and half of the drinks went flying out of his hands. Percy then began to shout dramatically as if he were in a muggle movie. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"Oh shut up, you!" Ron glared, since some of the drinks had soaked his shirt. He trudged up the stairs to fetch a new shirt, mumbling to himself.

"Look at what you did!" Nico snapped at the other demigod. "Now we have to clean it all up."

"There's no need for that," Harry told the bickering boys, "KREACHER!"


After their soda fiasco, Nico slumped against one of the ancient armchairs of the Black Family house and nonchalantly bit from his cheeseburger.

"So what is your plan exactly?" Ron sneered. "Sit around and eat muggle food all day?"

"Fo! Bico dakin' ush down fu de Undeweld." Percy bit out of his burger. "Wight?"

"Um… I was just going to take us to a graveyard." Nico frowned. He put down his burger and looked at everyone. "Anyone know the nearest graveyard?"

There was a chorus of "no's" and people shaking their heads. That was when Harry spoke up. "I don't know the nearest one, but there is a cemetery in Godric's Hollow I've been meaning to visit. My parents are there."

"Okay, then we'll go to Godric's Hollow. You can pay a visit to your parents and I can have a chat Regulus Black." Nico clapped his hands, as if he finalised their plans.

"You… you can do that?" Hermione said, shocked. Nico snorted.

"Of course I can! It comes with the package of being a Son of Hades." Hermione slumped in her chair, slightly astonished by the fact that Nico could not only raise the dead but speak to the deceased. Ron seemed to be the only one who was thinking about their little visit.

"Wait just a bloody second; we can't just walk around Godric's Hollow like we've been there all our lives. Somebody will recognize us! We might be attacked by Death Eaters!" He explained.

"You have a good point there." Percy glanced at the redhead. "We might be ambushed."

"Polyjuice?" Hermione recommended.

Ron made a face. "No. Not again."

"What's Polyjuice?" Nico raised an eyebrow curiously.

"It's a potion that allows you to change your appearance and look like an entirely different person." Harry told the demigods.

"So… it's instant plastic surgery?" Percy scratched his head. "Nasty."

"Yeah, the potion is bloody disgusting."

"If we're going to Godric's Hollow, we can't use Polyjuice!" Harry barked. "It takes too long to brew and I was born there." His voice became soft. "I'm not coming back there as a different person."

"Okay then, are we going there now? Better to get this over with, am I right?" Nico asked them impatiently.

Hermione shrugged. "We might as well."


Godric's Hollow was quiet and peaceful when the wizards and demigods arrived. Harry, Ron and Hermione had insisted on the demigods to disapparated with them.

Percy and Nico let go of Harry and Ron's arms, stumbling and trying to regain their balance.

"So that's disapparating?" Nico squeezed his eyes shut and staggered around the Golden Trio.

"I'd rather take Shadow Travel!" Percy gurgled and clutched his stomach. " I feel like my insides went outside and back inside…"

"Ditto." Nico started to slur.

"Anyway…" Hermione began, getting everybody focused on what was important. "We need to find get Nico to a graveyard."

"At least the Happy Meal made it through the journey." Ron told her.

"Good. Now let's find that graveyard." Harry said and led on his friends and the nauseas demigods.

After around fifteen minutes of wandering around, the found the graveyard. Nico drifted away to find a secluded place to start digging, which left Percy with the wizards.

"My parents must be somewhere here." Harry paced around a few headstones, carefully inspecting the names on each.

"Percy! Happy Meal! Now!" Nico called out from the other side of the cemetery. Harry watched as Percy snatched the Happy Meal out of Ron's hands and jogged away, joining his friend.

"Harry…" Hermione's voice beckoned him. " I… I think I found them. Your parents."

Harry was by her side in a flash.

"That's them." He breathed. Ron put a hand on his shoulder comfortingly. They stood in silence for a few moments, gazing sadly at the headstones. Harry felt Hermione leave his side and move to another grave.

"Harry, Ron. Come look –"

"Oi! Wizards! Get over here!" Percy shouted from across the cemetery. Harry, Ron and Hermione sprinted off to join Percy and Nico.

The two demigods weren't alone.

In front of them, hovering over the dug up grave was a ghost. The first thing Harry thought of was Sirius. It looked so much like Sirius. But Harry already knew who it was.

"Regulus Black." Nico said with a strong, regal tone.

"Your Highness." The ghost nodded. "Why have I been summoned?"

"Why is he calling you "Your Highness"?" Hermione whispered pointedly at Nico.

"I'm Ghost King. He's a Ghost. Do the math." Nico whispered back. He cleared his throat and spoke normally to Regulus. "We seek information from you."

"What kind of information?" The ghost asked suspiciously. Nico nudged Harry, bringing his attention to The Boy Who Lived. "Ah, Harry Potter. I've heard much about you from Sirius."

"You've spoken to Sirius?" Harry blurted out, astonished. Nico elbowed him in the ribs, painfully reminding Harry to stay on topic. "I mean – we need to ask you about Horcruxes. Where have you hidden the locket of Salazar Slytherin?"

"Why should I tell you?" The ghost snapped.

"Tell us now, or else you will be sent to the Fields of Punishment." Nico threatened the ghost, his tone completely serious. Harry didn't know what the Fields of Punishment was, but it didn't sound good. Regulus had turned paler – if possible – and began to fiddle with the hem of his ghostly shirt.

"It's no use for me to tell you! It has been moved from its hiding place!"

"Lie to us and –" Nico's threat was cut off by the rambling ghost.

"I know where it is now! I can tell you!"

"Where?" Harry asked, hopeful.

"The Ministry of Magic. It's around the neck of a woman who where's nothing but pink!" Regulus spat, as if the word "pink" had upset him.

Harry's expression darkened. "Umbridge."

"I'm afraid my time is up." The ghost told Nico. The son of Hades nodded, and stabbed his sword into the ground. Regulus was gone.

"He's back in the Underworld now." Nico told everyone, removing his sword from the ground. "I guess we should go to that Ministry place now."

"Wait!" Hermione said. "I found another grave. It's important."

"Another deceased family member?" Percy asked.

Hermione shook her head. "No. It has the sign of the Deathly Hallows on it… I think it's one of the Peverell brothers."

"Pelvis brother? What?" Percy misheard. He was ignored.

"Can you summon up his ghost?" Hermione asked Nico. He shook his head sadly.

"I don't have enough energy and we've got no Happy Meal." Before anyone could say anything else – someone shouted at them from a few metres away.

A raggedy man and a couple other people, standing outside of a pub took out their wands. "IT'S POTTER! GET HIM!"

"Run!" Ron shouted. They all took off, not knowing where they were going, just trying to get as far away as possible from the men.

"They're Snatchers!" Hermione told the demigods, pulling out her wand.

"Shit!" They heard Nico say. He was out of energy, so he couldn't Shadow Travel away. The Snatchers had cast a charm – sending a rope to wrap around Nico's legs. He fell and hit the ground hard.

"Nico!" Percy shouted, concerned for his friend. A Snatcher sent the same spell at Percy. The rope had tied up his whole body – preventing any sort of movement. He too fell to the ground.

Soon, the Snatchers had the Golden Trio as well. Right before they caught Harry, Hermione grabbed his glasses and hit Harry in the face with some sort of jinx.

"Ow!" He muttered, as the ropes came around him too. The Snatcher came right up to Harry's face.

"Huh, I could've sworn this was Potter." The man said, his breath smelled terrible. Harry tried to wince, but the jinx Hermione hit his face with made it hurt to do so.

"Take 'em to the Malfoy Manor." One of them – most likely the leader – told the rest of the Snatchers. "We need to be sure that this is Potter."

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