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Warnings: These stories feature m/m slash, which means that two men are portrayed in a romantic relationship. If that bothers you, skip this collection and read something you are comfortable with.

Pairings: Jin/Hwoarang

Type: Established relationship.

Five Years Later

by Salysha

Ling Xiaoyu had wanted to see koalas, and to Australia she had come, except the koalas weren't here, and she wasn't sure where "here" was. She peered at the tourist map and looked around in desperation, but she wasn't any closer to finding out her location than she had been before. She was still in Brisbane . . . she hoped, but she saw herself drifting further from the koalas with each passing minute.

She had to ask for a route. Scouting around didn't prove useful, though; the streets were decidedly empty, most likely because she wanted people to be on them. No one happened to be in the vicinity, and Xiaoyu was losing hope, until suddenly, hope was back in the game. She saw two men on the sidewalk, talking away to each other. Her heart leapt as she recognized old friends: Jin and Hwoarang.

Xiao quickly realized why she hadn't recognized them at first; this was a more honed version of Hwoarang than she had ever known. Hwoarang had dressed up and lost the red atrocity. A neatly trimmed black mane was in place instead, with low-key tinges of red peeking amid the black, in display that the spirit hadn't gone. The man looked good.

Jin's good looks were timeless. Business casual, complete with rolled-up sleeves, suited him. Xiaoyu took off running after the two shining beacons of familiarity before they would disappear from her sight. She called out to Jin.

Jin and Hwoarang stopped in their tracks. The surprise at seeing old acquaintances was mutual, but the men mastered their surprise quickly, and Jin conjured a delightfully confused but friendly smile. "Xiao," he said, and bows weren't even considered. He took Xiao's outstretched hands and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Howdy," Hwoarang said, more restrained, but friendly nonetheless, and enveloped Xiaoyu in a hug.

"I'm so glad to see you," Xiaoyu breathed out.

"What are you doing here?" Jin asked.

"I was trying to get to the Koala Sanctuary, but— What are you doing here?" Xiaoyu wanted to convince herself that this was true. Jin really was here, and Hwoarang was here, too.

"I live in Brissy these days."

"You live here?" Xiaoyu gaped. "And you?"

"I live here, too," Hwoarang said.

"You both live here? What a small world," Xiaoyu wondered. "Live here, as in for good? What do you do?"

"Run a place, martial arts." Hwoarang gave a sidelong glance. "Jin's a pen pusher these days."

"I am not a pen pusher!"

"I'm a pen pusher, too, some days of the week," Hwoarang conceded.

"Were you looking for something?" Jin switched, and Xiaoyu was suddenly included in the conversation, only to be cut off again, as Hwoarang remarked:

"Shouldn't ask Kazama. You'll be lost for days."

"What's that, Park?"

Hwoarang shot daggers at Jin; Jin fixed him a stare in return. Hwoarang averted his eyes. "You were looking, uh—?"

Xiao recovered quickly. "I was looking for the Koala Sanctuary. And I was supposed to take the bus, but I can't find the street the bus was supposed to leave from, and it's getting late..."

"Let me see that?" Jin offered, and Xiaoyu handed over her map and brochure. The bus stop was marked on the brochure, and the route was plain and simple. The problem was matching the outside world with the brochure.

"Don't know that one." Hwoarang was by Jin's side. He looked around for street signs and frowned. "Not sure it's even around here."


"Yeah, better."

As Jin took the map and set it open for them both to study, Xiaoyu saw something that shocked her into silence: Jin wore a smooth golden band on his left ring finger.

Then, Xiaoyu saw it: Jin Kazama rested his hand on Hwoarang's hip, around him, as they studied the map together. Casually, without any ado, like it was the most usual thing in the world.

Hwoarang leaned forward to see the map further, and the chain around his neck slipped into plain view. On the chain rested a smooth golden band, exactly like Jin's.

"Isn't this—?" Jin's voice cut Xiao's thoughts off.

"I see it, too. Xiao?" As the startled Xiaoyu caught her bearing, Hwoarang continued, "It's that way. See? Three streets from here, but you have to go round the closed blocks. Just go past them and keep heading to the same direction." Hwoarang reached for the map and folded it neatly. Then he handed the map and the brochure to Xiao, who could only stare at her property. "You'll be all right?"

Xiaoyu got a word out. Word-ish. "Uh... huh?"

"It was nice seeing you, girly. Take care," Hwoarang said, and Xiaoyu's amazement was boundless as he quickly reached forward and pressed a kiss on her cheek. He pulled away and waited on the side.

"Jin?" Xiao felt shaky on her feet.

Tweaking a small smile, Jin pulled her into a hug, and let go all too soon. He ushered Xiaoyu in the right direction before joining Hwoarang.

Hwoarang glanced over his shoulder to make sure they hadn't left behind anyone hopelessly lost. The coast was clear. "You were kind of nasty. You could've said something," he said reproachfully.

"And ruin the surprise? She got it, though." Jin didn't sound too sorry. He was more hesitant as he continued, "Think she'll be all right?"

"Once she closes her mouth."

They snickered on the beat.

"You cooking tonight?"

"I was hoping you would..."

"It's your turn."

"I know, but yours is so much better..."


Hearty thanks to Gypsie (Gypsie Rose) for the proofreading!

Published February 9, 2011.

Two more stories to come. Thanks for tuning in!