BA-BOOM! BA-BOOM! My heart pounds violently in my chest ringing through my body and up to my ears. I'm running as hard as I can from the police. Other than my heart beat in my ears, the police sirens and screaming come from behind me. With a handgun in one hand and a bag of over a thousand dollars in the other, I rip open a door of a warehouse. I guess I should set the scene for everyone. Well it's around dusk and there is a 6:00 rush hour on the street and it's making it hard for the police to catch me. New York is always busy, but today I guess it decided to help me a little and put some traffic in the way.

The warehouse is old and dusty. Broken beams, which have started to decay, lay on the ground and sit awkwardly on other beams. Cobwebs and dust have settled on everything in sight. Holes in wall let wind whisper through and strike me with a cold touch. Man, if I had known it was this bad I would have brought a coat, I think angrily. This is about to be a bust. This turned out bad, real bad. My big break all started when some new kid from Jersey came in and started popping his gum about a couple of pretty big break-ins he did. On the inside was pretty surprised that some newbie comes and waltz right into this dump they call a school (where most of the kids have piercing in every spot and tattoos that would make a tattoo artist cringe) and flap his jaw. Most kids would rather die then be here cause you usually would've taken a couple beatings before he went hard and joined the gang. But this kid, this snot-wiper just told everyone and we couldn't once touch him cause he always made sure a "teacher" was close by. That kid was a wussy, nothing more then a little toddler screaming on the inside to let him be noticed and to have a friend. Well he sure wasn't get me to join his little circus. If this kid was really what he was all about, then I wanted to see it. I should've thought about this challenge before I actually said it cause now I'm about to be in the biggest trouble ever in the history of kids' in trouble.