Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war …

A pre-series story: Dean is 20 and Sam is 16

Warning: This story does contain violence and subjects of sensitive natures so if you find yourself offended by this please go read some of my more gentle/general stories.


"And Caesar's spirit, raging for revenge,

With Ate by his side come hot from hell,

Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice

Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the dogs of war,

That this foul deed shall smell above the earth

With carrion men, groaning for burial."

Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony):

Julius Caesar Act 3, Scene 1


09/09/1999: The day the world ended.

Chapter Twenty


Sam's blindness and major health issues some of which are still lingering including eye problems so if he was completely benign and a benefactor for them why would he do that to Sam? Was it just a side effect of letting him ride inside or was there a reason that was not entirely altruistic?


'Yeah I'm coming Jet.' Sam sighed and slowly made his way back inside.


'Boys where are ya?' Bobby called sounding almost happy, 'boys?'

'Yeah, yeah Bobby we're here what's going on?' Dean asked, 'keep ya hair on.'

Bobby stood in front of the fireplace and couldn't keep the grin off his face for the first time in a long, long time he had something to feel personally happy about. 'Just got a call from Pastor Jim.'

'And geeze Bobby it's like pulling teeth with ya,' Dean teased as he sat back on the couch next to Sam and slowly sipped his laced hot chocolate.

'He's bringing two passengers with him.' Bobby said.

'Two?' Sam asked with a smile forming, 'the snow is really bringing some good news what is it Bobby? Who else is coming for Christmas?'

'Ellen and Jo Harvelle, they're alive and coming with Pastor Jim.' Bobby announced and for the first time in years, in a tiny pocket of frozen time, normalcy visited the Winchester/Singer household.


Between the acting of a dreadful thing
And the first motion, all the interim is
Like a phantasma, or a hideous dream:
The genius and the mortal instruments
Are then in council; and the state of man,
Like to a little kingdom, suffers then
The nature of an insurrection.

(Julius Caesar 2.1.63)

Though no one really knows why but Christmas during any war throughout humanity's history has periods of peace, miraculous happenings and moments of sanity can prevail if only for a few short hours.

Snow covered the bloodstained and scarred earth; blanketing everything in a white cloak of innocence and just for that briefest of brief moments the victims and the perpetrators alike are at peace.

The modern trappings of recent times rarely exist now, there are no fancy computers hidden under Christmas trees, no latest electronic equipment, toys or games are in abundant supplies this year there may be some handmade clothes and treats to eat but that's all. As in wars of times past, the luxuries of life were in short supply but there is an over abundance of love and determination in the minds of those who still survive.

Children no longer demanded any trend laden items and the absolute must haves, no the children born after the start of the demonic wars had no idea of such things, their Christmas wishes were for safety and peace. For none of their families to die from starvation or deprivation and for them to stay free and to not become slaves to the creatures of the underworld.


'Sam, Dean get your butts outta bed it's Christmas morning!' A young woman's voice echoed throughout the house nestled in the Singer Salvage Yard, a once busy business with a regular cliental for the spare parts off the carcasses of the cars and for the mechanic who's speciality when available for work was the classic cars especially those from the late twentieth century.

'Sam, Dean come on get up!' the command now had a whining tone to it as she stomped up the stairs and raised a fist to the still closed bedroom door. 'Will you two get up!'

'Geeze give it a break Jo!' a muffled voice came from behind the closed door but all it did was to give her an open invitation to let herself in. 'What the hell?'

'Get out Jo!'

'Make me!'

'It's not your room Jo get out!'

'Nope not until you two get your lazy butts downstairs.'

'How can we get up when you're in here annoying us?'

Another set of footsteps could be heard running up the stairs and the bedroom door banging loudly as it was swung open again, 'Joanna Beth Harvelle you get downstairs now and do not disturb these boys again this morning.'

'But Mom!'

'No buts, geeze how old are you know Jo? Five?' Ellen Harvelle said as she grabbed her daughter's elbow and dragged her out of the bedroom shared by brothers Sam and Dean Winchester.

'Morning Ellen,' Dean said from the safety of his bed, he cocked a cheeky eyebrow at Jo before pulling his blankets up even higher, 'morning Joanna.'

'The name is Jo.' Jo said, her face burning with embarrassment, 'and geeze Mom treat me like a kid or what.'

'Act like one then get treated like one,' Ellen said before turning her attention to the boys, 'morning Sam and Dean, why don't you get your lazy asses dressed and downstairs so we can have breakfast at least?'

'Yes Ma'am.' The two boys said in unison.


Dean smothered another yawn and stretched his neck while surreptitiously glancing over at Sam trying to gauge how his little brother was doing. 'So who's next on the present train there Sammy?'

'This one is for Jo,' Sam said handing the small package to the young woman, 'and it's Sam.'

'Yeah, yeah, sorry it's not big or anything but we didn't have a lot of notice about ya coming.' Dean mumbled as he watched her rip into the paper, nothing delicate about you is there Jo?

As though she had just heard his thoughts Jo glanced up at Dean and gave him a small coy smile, 'I love it Dean thanks,' she said as she held up the small charm dangling from a leather thong, 'and oh yeah thanks Sammy.'

'It's Sam,' Sam said tightly, 'and that's fine Jo glad you like it.'

'Your next Ellen,' Dean said giving Sam the parcel to hand over to the woman who was the closest to a mother for them, 'sorry it's not much.'

'I'm sure it'll be perfect boys,' Ellen said smiling brightly she gave both of the brothers a quick kiss on the cheek chuckling when they both turned red with embarrassment. 'Oh it's lovely.'

'Dean carved it and I put the lacquer on it after he finished.' Sam explained watching Ellen as she carefully examined the small intricately carved box, 'I love it boys.'

'Thanks Ellen,' they said before turning their attention to their adopted father, 'here ya go Bobby this is for you.' Dean said as Sam passed their present over to Bobby.

'Aw boys thanks,' Bobby said when he opened their present to him, a silver hip flask with his initials and the date engraved on one side and on the other side of the flask were the words 'Hunting - Family Business'.

'Thanks for everything Bobby,' Sam said with a smile, though it was his expressive green eyes that showed just how much admiration he had for the gruff hunter, salvage yard owner, mechanic and father figure.

'So ahh here's yer presents boys,' Bobby said hoarsely and handed the two brothers small parcels wrapped in newspaper, 'aint much but…'

'Aw thanks Bobby that's great,' Dean grinned when he opened his to find a new pearl handled glock pistol complete with its own leather holster. 'I love it,' he added as he weighted and sighted it.

'Wow, thanks Uncle Bobby,' Sam said as he opened his own gift and found two books, one was an antique looking book of myths and legends and the other was a small leather loose-leaf binder filled with sheets of paper with thick clear lines drawn across them and blank pieces for sketches and clippings. The front of the binder had a protection pentagram drawn on it with his initials in the centre of it.

'I know that yer still having a few problems with yer sight, so I thought that the paper with nice thick lines would help ya and the blank sheets if yer wanted to do any sketches or glue in any clippings and stuff.' Bobby scratched his scalp under his cap and gave the teenager a small grin, 'that and well I found out that ya had already filled yer old one to the point of things fallin' outta it.'

'Pastor Jim, this is from both me and Dean,' Sam said softly handing the cleric a small wrapped present, 'it's not …'

'I love it Samuel, Dean, thank you boys,' Jim said as he opened the gift to find a box of chocolate covered ginger and a bottle of brandy, 'how did you find these?'

'Lots of sweet talking and puppy dog looks from Sammy, it's amazing what he can get when he pulls it off.' Dean said proudly as he playfully ruffled Sam's hair, 'the old ladies love him.'

'Dean!' Sam whined as he ducked his head and blushed deeply.

The sounds of car doors slamming brought everyone out of their Christmas morning placidness and reaching for their weapons. Bobby crept towards the door with his rifle cocked and ready.

'Anyone seen Jet?' Dean whispered as he joined Bobby at the front door, his new Glock nestled in his grip as though he had been using it for years.

'Now ya mention it … nope,' Bobby answered glancing back at the others before returning his attention to the front door when a loud banging broke the tense silence.

'Singer you in there?' a well known voice boomed through the door.

'Rufus?' Bobby spluttered as he looked over at Dean who also wore a surprised look, 'how the hell?'

'It's as cold as Hades out here, let us in why don'tcha?'

'Us? Who else is there?'

'It's me Caleb,' came the reply and then there was a short sharp barking coming from what sounded like a puppy.

Bobby cautiously opened the door and peered around it, 'okay yer can come in but slowly and with yer hands where we can see 'em.'

'Rufus, Caleb Merry Christmas,' Sam greeted the two men happily as they came in from outside shaking the snow flakes out of the hair and coats.

'Sam?' Dean asked watching his brother carefully.

'It's okay Dean they're them,' Sam said his smile widening.

'Merry Christmas Sam,' Caleb said handing him a small wriggling bundle, 'this is for you before your brother gets too het up.' He added with a laugh.

'For, for me?' Sam asked shyly, 'you mean it?'

'Sure do kiddo,' Rufus said, 'we found him and well thought of ya.'

'He's beautiful,' Sam said as he buried his face in the soft fur and cuddled the small puppy close.

'Rufus? Caleb?' Dean eyed both of the hunters with an irritated stare, 'a dog?'

'A German shepherd pup Dean, and well we thought with all of Sam's health issues and being a trouble magnet we thought that a little extra security couldn't hurt.' Caleb explained with a laugh as they watched the pup cover Sam's face in wet licks before turning its attention to Dean.

'But, but a dog?' Dean blurted out until the pup jumped out of Sam's arms and trotted over to Dean giving him a warm lick and rub against his leg, 'well I guess he's cute.'

'Thanks guys,' Sam said as the pup jumped into his arms once again and nestled its head in Sam's elbow.

'You're responsible for him Sam, feeding, bathing, training and cleaning up after him,' Dean said sternly although there was no heat in his voice, 'whatcha gonna name him?'

'Umm well he – he looks like umm Thor? God of Thunder or what about Ares God of War?' Sam suggested knowing his brother would approve of those kind of names over some gentler names.

'They both sound good but he's yours so it's up to you Sammy,' Dean said as he scratched the pup's ear grinning when it pressed a little harder against his fingers, 'pampered pooch already.'

'Ares I think, with his black coat and well seeing he was born during war…' Sam said thoughtfully, 'thanks so much guys he's perfect.'

Jo sat back in the living room and glared at the new arrivals, they had utterly stolen her own thunder and now she was going to get ignored by a flea-bitten mutt, 'dumb dog.' She muttered as she sat with two unopened presents on her lap. 'There are still presents in here,' she called out as sweetly as possible.

With Sam carrying Ares and leading them, the others returned to the living room to finish opening the presents. Sam happily sat on the floor in front of the fire with Ares curled up on his knee, for the first time in too long, he felt free and unreservedly happy.


'Bobby has Sam mentioned Jet to you?' Dean asked as they started to get organised for their impromptu Christmas lunch, 'he hasn't said anything and there's no sign of the thing.'

'Nope aint said a word to me bout him,' Bobby replied as he checked their roast, 'and haven't seen it either.'

'I got a bad feeling Bobby.'

'Bad feeling about what Dean?' Rufus asked as he strolled into the kitchen, 'something going on?'

'Bobby why don'tcha tell Rufus about Jet and I'll go and check on Sammy,' Dean said preferring not to get into another discussion about the untrustworthy creature that had hidden inside Sam for so long.

'Sure thing kiddo,' Bobby agreed, 'where's Jo?'

'Think she's annoying Caleb,' Dean chuckled, 'he's her latest conquest.'

'Caleb?' Rufus spluttered on his mouthful of beer, 'I thought that you were her one and only?'

'Yeah well what can I say?' Dean said shrugging mischievously, 'I love em and leave em and keep them…'

'I would not finish that sentence if I was you Dean Edward Winchester.' Ellen said threateningly, 'if you know what's good for you.'

'Ahh yeah sure sorry Ellen,' Dean said ducking out from under her hand as she went to cuff the back of his head, 'promise nothing happened.'

'Uhhuh, why don'tcha git and check on that brother of yours.' Ellen said struggling to keep a straight face.

'Ah Dean … Edward? Edward is your second name?' Rufus asked with a wicked grin.

'Yeah it is, after Dad,' Dean mumbled, 'how did you know what it is Ellen? I never tell anyone.'

'Oh I have my ways you'll soon learn Dean that I will eventually find out everything.'


Dean crept into the living room closing the sliding doors behind him before he went over to check on Sam. His brother was lying on the sofa sound asleep, Ares curled into a small ball next to Sam's chest, with his muzzle resting on his front paws and his ears pricked up listening for any disturbance.

'Good boy Ares,' Dean said as he sat down next to the couch, reaching across he ran his fingers through the long strands of hair brushing them from Sam's face and then checked for a fever, 'not too bad there Sammy.'

'Mmm Dean?' Sam whispered as he shifted slightly, twisting a little more he uttered a soft moan and scrunched his eyes up, even in his sleep he was restless and seemingly worried about something or someone. 'Dean please, no, no … Jet what … Dean!'

'Sam, Sammy come on dude time to wake up,' Dean said as he patted Sam's cheek, he hated seeing his brother in the clutches of another nightmare.

'Jet please, please what … don't … don't … Dean!' Sam cried out again his distress clear in his voice. Just then, Ares moved closer to Sam, reaching up he nuzzled against his face and instantly the teen started to calm down. When he was satisfied that Sam was alright the pup snuggled back down and snuffled up at Dean before going to sleep.

'Good boy Ares,' Dean said scratching behind the dog's ear he sat back intent on watching over his brother until their meal was ready. Internally though, he was worried and could feel his anger growing, Sam was having a nightmare about Jet and that in itself was more than worrying. Ya can't hide forever Jet … I'm here and aint going anywhere.


Azazel watched his latest progeny as they trained, ripping their victims apart, and using their different powers on them. Fire and Ice worked brilliantly and the demon leader was beyond happy even on this ridiculous holiday the humans celebrate.

'What about your little Princling?'

'Watch that tone of yours boy,' Azazel warned as he spared a glance at his son before returning his attention to the training arena.

'Forgive me Father but I do have some punishment in mind for the young whelp,' Charzael said as he unconsciously rubbed his aching neck, 'he needs to remember a few things.'

'Give it a rest Charzael … the boy bested you.'

'They blew my club up and he escaped.' Charzael snarled, 'he needs to be punished and to be taught a few things.'

'Sam Winchester must not die,' Azazel snapped rounding on his son he punched him hard enough to send him flying across the room, 'he is mine and no one else's.'

'Then what are you going to do about the brat?' Charzael asked spitting out a globule of dark red blood.

'That dear boy is none of your concern, all you have to do is to bring him to me. Do you think you can do that without messing it up?'

The twin demons stopped their training and listened intently to the exchange between their father and his offspring. Fire dropped the singed remains of its latest victim and nodded towards its sibling. Ice nodded its head and smiled, baring a mouthful of icicle-like fangs, heaving harsh freezing breathes it made everyone near by shiver.

'Who said you two could stop training?' Azazel yelled at his latest creations, 'bring them more humans I want them to be perfect.'


Squinting slightly, Sam squeezed the bridge of his nose and sighed heavily, even though his sight had returned he still had trouble reading especially small print, tiring easily he rubbed at his temples and attempted once again to read the same passage he had been working on for the last half hour.

Another migraine threatened but he didn't let anyone know, tired of being the weakest and the sickest of the group, he hated bringing any attention to himself when something as trivial as a headache threatened to sideline him.

'Sam?' Bobby tried for a third time to gain the kid's attention, finally he was greeted with a pair of bloodshot, watery eyes and a weary grin, 'Sam boy are yer alright?'

'M'fine Bobby,' Sam said with the patented Winchester reply, 'just a little tired.'

'Uhhuh and I'm the Queen of Sheba.'

'Did you need me for something Bobby?' Sam asked trying to deflect the older man's concern.

'Jest checking to see if ya wanted anything?' Bobby said trying for the more casual approach, 'I'm taking Jo into town for supplies and to give Caleb a break, was wondering if you needed anything?'

'No thanks … oh yeah maybe some more headache tablets?'

'But yer fine aren't ya kid,' Bobby growled a little, 'what else Sam?'

'What else what Bobby?' Dean asked as he wandered into the library looking for his brother, 'hey Bobby, Sam what's going on?'

'Nuthin' Dean,' Sam mumbled wishing that he could just disappear.

'Yeah what the kid said, nuthin'' Bobby said as he brushed passed Dean, 'I'll be in the kitchen if ya think of anything else.'

'So what's going on?' Dean asked after Bobby left the room, 'Sammy?'

'Dunno, Bobby just wanted to know if I needed anything from town,' Sam said a little shorter than he intended and found himself on the receiving end of one of Dean's patented mother-hen stare. 'Dean!' Sam whined when he felt a hand on his forehead.

'That's it Sammy, no more reading for you today,' Dean announced taking the book from Sam he slid the piece of cardboard bookmark in between the pages and put the book back on a shelf, 'come on you're on puppy cleaning up duty anyway.'

'He didn't…'

'Yep and don't think Bobby has…'

'What the fuck? Sam Winchester come and clean up after this mutt of yours!' Bobby's voice carried throughout the large house.

'Ah shit.'

'Yep the proverbial shit.' Dean laughed, 'come on Sammy let's go find Ares.'


Jet hummed to himself as he watched the house intently, he was starting to get used to the boy's body and now felt a lot more comfortable in reanimating the corpse than before.

'I suppose I should have told them that I was leaving but just couldn't help myself.' He said as though he was talking to someone sitting next to him. 'Yes I know but I don't want to leave Sam just yet. Why? I'm not sure why. I just have something else to do first. No, no I already know it is just timing.'

Jet sighed and leant against the roof of the shed and stared out over the barren landscape; he frowned as he watched black clouds gather on the horizon. 'Looks like I was right to wait after all.'


Little Ares sat up with his ears forward and hackles raised, he started to growl, snarl low deep in his throat as he lowered his front paws, and prepared to strike. Even though he was just a pup, he understood danger and the need to protect his Master.

'What is it Ares?' Sam asked as he crouched down next to the dog and gave him some reassuring pats, 'what's … oh no.' Sam moaned as he clutched at his head, screwing his eyes up he tried to block out the bright lights as the pain ricocheted through his mind. 'Not now, get Dean … Ares find Dean please … help … me!' Sam curled into a foetal position as the vision hit him, making him writhe and moan in absolute agony.

Ares whined and tried to lick his young Master's face, when he couldn't get any response from him the young pup sat back on his haunches for a second as his eyes darted around the room and then he scrambled off skidding on the floorboards searching for the other who looks after his Master.

'What's wrong Ares?' Dean asked when he saw the puppy's berserker rush towards him; two high pitched barks and nips at his ankles had him up and moving. 'What is it boy? Is it Sam?'

Ares yipped again and did a skid and slide as he tried to go back the way he came from.

'Sam?' Dean cried out when he found his little brother lying on the floor, curled in a foetal position and with blood trickling from his eyes, nose and ears. 'Oh God Sammy!'

'Dean we've gotta get Sam to safety downstairs,' Caleb ran into the room and came to a skidding halt when he saw Dean sitting on the floor cradling an unconscious Sam to his chest. 'What happened?'

'Vision, Sam's having a vision. Why?'

'Crap, crap, crap, shit, ahh looks like we're about to be under attack.'

'Attack? Here? Now?' Dean stared down at his brother's face stained with bloody tears and felt like curling into a ball himself and sobbing his heart out. He was so tired and over it all.

The sounds of gunfire and explosions answered Dean's questions, Caleb reached down and helped him to stand up with Sam still cradled in his arms.

'You get downstairs with your brother Dean,' Caleb said as he checked his gun, 'go on and get.'

'M'not gonna leave you guys, we're gonna fight side by side.'

'You have to protect your brother above all else Dean,' Caleb said his face as close as he could possibly get in with Dean's to emphasise his point, 'we can handle this attack but we need to know that Sam is safe and hell that you are too. You're Sam's guardian Dean, there's no one else who can keep him safe. Now get him and that dog downstairs and hunker in.'


'Go kiddo … we'll come and get ya when it's safe.'

Dean opened his mouth and then reconsidered his words and gave his friend a terse nod, 'keep that head attached on ya shoulders, and look after the others.' Dean said as he turned to run to the basement door, 'where's Jo?'

'Right here,' Ellen answered as she stood next to the door with a firm grasp on Jo's wrist, 'you're going with the boys Jo no more arguments.'

'You too Dean?' Jo asked in shock.

'Gotta protect Sammy.' Dean said succinctly, 'take care of the oldies for us Ellen,' he added giving the older woman a kiss on the cheek, 'see ya in a few.'

'Take care of Sam and yourself Dean,' Ellen replied cupping his cheek with her hand, 'and that daughter of mine.'

'I heard that mom.' Jo said just as an explosion rocked the house, a loud rumbling and cracking sounded as a pile of car corpses toppled crashing into the work shed, 'Alright I'm going.' She added before her mother could say anything else.

Dean glanced up at Bobby as his adopted father started up the stairs; the two hunters nodded to each other and then moved in their own directions.

'Send Sam out and we will let you live.' Charzael called out from his position behind an overturned vehicle. 'All we want is the boy, after all he is nothing to you, he is the son of Azazel.'

Caleb hissed and turned his attention to Bobby, 'you okay old man?'

'Nuff of the old, idjit!' Bobby said chastising the younger man. 'Aint giving ya nuthin' but a butt load of buckshot.' He yelled in answer to the demon.

'Now that's not nice, all we want is that kid and we can let you all go free, he's not worth much.'

'He's worth more than anything ya can offer. The answer is no so git off my property.' Bobby said as he fired off a couple of warning shots, 'next time I aim.'

'You're an old fool.' Charzael yelled as he gave the order to fire.


Sam moaned and slowly opened his eyes as another explosion made the house shake above them. 'Wha' 'ppened?' He asked swallowing down on his rising nausea.

'Sammy?' Dean knelt next to his brother and cupped his cheek for a brief second, 'hey kiddo welcome back.'


'You had a vision I think and passed out,' Dean said as he quickly went through a basic check up of his brother, 'we're under attack Sammy.'

'Bobby? Rufus and Caleb? What about Jim and Ellen and…?'

'Good to see ya awake Sam,' Jo said as she appeared just behind Dean, 'here's some water for him.'

'Thanks Jo.' Dean gave her a small smile and then turned back to Sam.

'Hey Ares,' Sam whispered as the pup started to jump up at him, wanting to lick his face.

'He came and got me when you passed out,' Dean said giving the pup a quick pat, 'good boy Ares, he knew exactly what to do.'

'He's pretty smart huh?' Sam said just as the house shook again, 'Dean?'

'We're gonna be fine Sammy, we just have to look after Jo and Ares.'

'They want me Dean.' Sam said as he sat up straighter and stared directly at his brother's eyes, 'let me go out there and save you all.'

'No can do Sammy, you just stay put and we'll all get outta this.'

'Please Dean, I – I saw it happening in my vision,' Sam said visibly fighting against his rising tears, 'I have to go, if I don't …'

'If you go out there Sammy I'll never get you back and you know that.' Dean said his own voice wavering with unshed emotions.

The acrid stench of smoke and burning flesh filled the air choking the three humans and one small pup.

'Ah fuck, okay we've gotta make a run for it,' Dean said coughing on the thick smoke, 'Sam you right to move?'

'Yeah, I've got Ares.' He answered and picked up the squirming and terrified pup, he carefully slid the small animal in his hoodie and pulled the zipper up, protecting Ares as much as he could.

Dean slid his arm around Jo's thin shoulders and with Sam clutching the hem of his jacket the ragtag trio made their way up the stairs and back into the main part of the house.

Dodging falling pieces of ceiling and burning beams of wood they kept as low as they could and headed to the backdoor of the kitchen. Dean knew full well that the demons would be waiting for them on the other side but they had no other choice. The fallen debris had cut off the front section of the house and the stairs were now completely engulfed in flames, coughing violently they made it to the door, reaching out Dean grabbed the door handle only to snatch his hand back crying out in sudden pain.

'Dean what is it?' Sam asked his eyes fixed on the burn fast forming on his brother's palm, 'let me…'

'Don't you even finish that thought Sam, I'll be fine till we get outta here.'

Before they could do anything else, they found themselves shivering from extreme cold, their breaths coming out in puffs of frigid mists.

'Fuck!' Dean exclaimed as he searched for a way out, 'the window, go for the window.' He yelled and pointed at the window above the sink. 'Now!' He wrapped a tea towel around his good hand and smashed it through the glass, 'Sam you first, here give me Ares till you get out.'

Within seconds of smashing the window, Dean had Sam and Ares outside and was helping Jo out when he felt something grab him from behind, 'argh not now!' he ground out as he kicked and struggled to free himself.

'Dean!' Sam shouted and struggled to climb back into the kitchen, 'Dean!'

'Get Jo outta here Sammy, I'll be right behind,' Dean yelled back as he fought his unseen attacker. 'Come on fugly show yerself.'

'Dean please get out here now!' Sam cried out when everything seemed to go silent. There were no more explosions, crashes or gunfire. No shouts or cries of pain nothing; no sounds of nature, no life sounds at all. All Sam could hear was the pounding of his heart as he waited desperately for signs of his brother's escape. 'Dean?'

'Sammy!' Dean launched himself out of the window, he scrambled over the broken glass and debris to his brother's waiting arms, 'Sammy!' he gasped and then against his own will he screamed in absolute agony.

'No Dean. No!' Sam screamed in response as he felt Dean being dragged backwards into the kitchen. With a final burst of strength, power whatever Sam was not sure what but he managed to drag his brother outside just as the noise, screams, yells, gunfire, bombs blasting … a cacophony of the sounds of war started once again.

'Dean!' Sam screamed as he held his brother against his chest, with Ares pinned between them. He fought to keep his awareness when all he could feel was the calling of Dean's pain and injuries. The need to heal was starting to pull Sam apart literally.

'Sam, we have to get Dean out of here,' Jo screamed at him, the young woman was clearly terrified but she clutched Dean's gun and stood over them protecting the vulnerable brothers.

'Dean, Sam! Jo!' Bobby's and Ellen's voices rose above the rest of the noise bringing them closer to the trio.

'Mom, Bobby over here!' Jo screamed as loudly as she could not caring if she gave the demons their position, all she wanted was her Mom.

'Dean, Dean please hold on,' Sam sobbed, 'hold on for me bro.'

'S-Sammy?' Dean's eyes fluttered open for the briefest of brief moments before they closed again and his breathing started to hitch.

'I have to heal him,' Sam mumbled to no one in particular, all he could think about and react to was, to be healing Dean.

Sam didn't feel the rough hands pulling him upright, supporting both him and Dean together as though they were one person. He never heard the voices giving him reassurance as they made him move. He never saw the destination they were heading to or the fact that they were able to escape. He never even saw Rufus and Caleb waiting with an injured Jim Murphy supported between them.

One moment they were huddled outside the kitchen window and then they were in the back of the impala speeding away from roaring flames devouring what was left of Bobby's home.


Azazel stood in front of his progeny and shook with impotent anger; it was bad enough that Charzael defied his orders he expected it of the moron but the fact that the twins had also defied him and tried to launch their own attack on the Princling and his cohorts. That was unforgivable.

'I gave explicit instructions that Sam was not to be harmed is that not true?' Azazel ranted, 'you Charzael I expected nothing less from you, you're nothing but a waste of space but you two, I had had high hopes that you would be my perfect weapon.'

'Father please we almost had him…' Charzael pleaded but became unable to finish what he wanted to say when Azazel drew his fingers across his sons' throat. A thin red line appeared across the white flesh; before the head lolled back, exposing muscle, tendons and blood. A look of shock settled in a death mask as life slid out of the eyes covering them with a milky white film.

'If you two want to follow him please try to explain yourselves if not get out of my sight until I need you.' Azazel snarled as he flicked imaginary fluff from his shoulder and strode out of the area. His son's corpse already forgotten as the oily blackness slid back into the pits. 'This is not over my Samuel I will be coming for you my son I promise.'


Sam sat up and stared blankly out of the window as the voice echoed in his ears. He didn't have to guess at whose voice it was, the threat was so ominous and final that the shivers running down his spine went unnoticed.

They drove straight through the night without stopping, worried that they were being followed, paranoia and despair fuelling them as Rufus and Caleb shared the driving. Ellen drove Bobby's truck behind them, with Jim and Jo seated beside her. In the impala even though he was not badly hurt, Bobby chose to sit squashed in the backseat with the two rather largely built brothers in case either one needed him.

'Have to heal him,' Sam said repeating the words in his own little litany of words.

'Sam, Sam son Dean's going to be alright, you jist need to keep calm and hang on till we get to safety.' Bobby said silently praying that he was getting through to the traumatised teenager.

Dean's left leg was a mess that was the only word Bobby could think of to describe it. His thigh was ripped to shreds, with large scratch marks from his groin to his knee, tinged with blood-stained ice on the edges. The ice was the only thing preventing him from bleeding out, the frozen congealed blood stopped any leakage and acted like a sealant along the torn flesh.

Just below his knee, something had actually bitten a chunk of muscle from his calf leaving a crescent shaped gouge, but once again, the frozen blood prevented Dean from bleeding to death.

Dean's skin appeared to be transparent; fine blue lines appeared just below the first layer of skin giving him an ethereal appearance. Little Ares whimpered and curled up on Sam's knee resting his muzzle on Dean's shoulder, trying to comfort both of his human pack.

When they finally pulled into the driveway of Jim's rectory a collective sigh of relief came from the interior of both vehicles. Exhausted, they all piled out their respective rides, and while Bobby and Ellen helped Sam with Dean, Jo supported Jim inside Rufus and Caleb went to check out the property before securing the vehicles and weapons.


As soon as Rick arrived he was hurried upstairs by Bobby to work on Dean, Ellen had managed to slip a mild sedative into Sam's milk, giving him some rest and a chance for the doctor to look at Dean without Sam's continuous and desperate attempts to heal his brother and the others.

'How are my boys?' Bobby asked when Rick finally returned to the kitchen and gratefully accepted a hot cup of coffee from Jo.

'Not good at all Bobby,' Rick said with a grave expression on his face, 'I – I couldn't save Dean's leg, it was too badly mangled, once the ice started to thaw the bleeding started and it was all I could do to save his life.'

'Oh God.' Bobby paled as he sank down onto a chair and hung his head down to his chest, 'what about the others?'

'Sam's in need of fluids and he had third degrees burns to his right arm and leg, he's dehydrated and I'd like to keep him under for a few more hours. Jim's going to be alright if he takes it easy, I removed the bullets and shrapnel from his hip, he might have a bit of a limp for a while but overall he was pretty lucky.'

'Yeah lucky.' Bobby echoed the doctor's last word.

'No! No! Sammy … where's Sammy?' Dean's frantic screams had all of them jumping up and running upstairs. 'Sammy!'

Bobby burst into the bedroom first, closely followed by Rick; they found Dean lying on the floor between the two beds, his sheets were wet and shining with fresh blood, the stump of newly amputated left leg caught in the bedding had blood pulsating from the now opened surgical wound.

Sam's bed was empty, the IV bag and pole were knocked over against the chest of drawers spiling the vital fluid onto the floor. The only other sign of struggle was a trail of small blood droplets from the empty bed to the now open window.

'Sammy!' Dean cried as he clutched the whimpering puppy, oblivious to his own perilous situation. Ares woke him with his frantic barking and licking as he desperately tried to help his human Master and pack brother. Confused and heavily medicated it took Dean a few moments to understand what had happened and why Ares was acting like he was before he tried to get up out of bed. Despair and helplessness shone in his eyes and he finally gave in and lost consciousness once again.



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