Title: Not Calling Him Prince

Fandom: Giant Killing

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: pre-canon, Kuroda's POV

Genre: gen

Word count: 366

Summary: When Gino first joins ETU, Kuroda dislikes him, but ends up changing his opinion.

A/N: my first Giant Killing fic, concrit is welcomed ;)

Disclaimer: I don't own Giant Killing and make no money from writing this.

I just can't stand the bastard. Look at him! He is not running, he is mincing across the pitch. He is not warming up, he is showing off. And in the showers, what the hell, it's like he is re-enacting a shower gel advert. He even hums some foreign songs! And the worst thing is, he's pretty good at singing. Seriously, he is asking for getting his big nose broken.

Sure, the coach says the guys is some sort of genius. Well, bI/b say one can't be any good if one behaves like that. And he wants people to call him Prince! Over my dead body, noob. Even Murakoshi disapproves, and it takes a lot to piss him off.

Well, I can wait. I'm not even going to say anything like 'Why the hell are you sitting in a deckchair during training? Where did you even get a deckchair?' or 'What the fuck are you doing taking a break – we have just started!'

When this stuck-up prick plays his first game with ETU and fucks up, and I know he will, with that attitude, I'll be the first to tell him exactly what I think about him and his behaviour, and his flashy car, and his magazines about furniture design. Furniture design! I bet he's gay.


And then it's the first game together with Yoshida. Not calling him Prince, no way. He looks confident, the jerk. Well, he always does, but he shouldn't – he has barely trained.

The kick-off! Ha, now we'll see what he's made of.

Wait, what the hell? He immediately intercepts a pass and precisely passes the ball to Murakoshi. Suddenly, it looks like he has some skills. Nah, must be luck, no way he could possibly be useful.

He scores! I can't believe my eyes, but the ball is in the net, and he is blowing kisses to the audience. Disgusting, but whatever, he scored!

Damn, he's good. I hate to admit it, I breally/b hate to admit it, but the coach might be right, this guy just might be some sort of genius.

'Well done, Gino!' I tell him after the game. But I'm still not calling him Prince.