Well this is my first attempt at big, full length case. The first couple of chapters are mostly introduction, but it's all planned out in my head so hopefully it should be uploaded fairly quickly.

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Same Old Extraordinary Day

Harry hit the snooze button for the second, or perhaps third time of the morning, and vaguely wondered if it was justifiable to go back to sleep for just another few minutes and what Leo's response to that would be.

"What the hell" he thought, shifting into a more comfortable position, one in which his foot was not hanging off the side of the bed in a bid to return to his previously pleasant slumber. Unfortunately, his neighbour in the flat above chose that precise moment to start running his shower triggering the water pipes to start up their cacophony of creaking and protesting. When his neighbour then started his off key rendition of "Don't Stop Me Now", Harry realised there really was no hope, and began to make a move to get out of bed.

It wasn't that he minded going to work, most of the time; he liked his job, he loved the people he worked with and today was Friday which almost certainly meant a trip to the pub. However recent cases, including a disastrous trip to Hungary had left him both exhausted and suffering from insomnia for several weeks. Now he was able to sleep at night, uninterrupted for the most part, but his normal 6:45 alarm still felt inhumanly early, although he had to confess that wasn't an unusual occurrence even before his trip. This morning wasn't helped by a dull persistant aching behind his left eye accompanied by a rolling nausea that usually heralded the arrival of a migraine.

Feeling slightly more awake after a hot shower Harry ambled into the kitchen, flicking on the kettle as he passed. It was only in his search for his Thermos mug, an embarrassingly feminine pink spotty creation that Nikki had once bought him, that he noticed the note on the counter.

Opening it, he couldn't help but smile at the loopy female script inside.


Didn't want to wake you, things to do, places to go!

See you later


Shaking his head at the typically brief message, he poured himself a coffee and rooted in his cupboard for his migraine tablets, hoping he would be able to at least keep the throbbing to a dull roar. He wondered why it was that the manufacturers thought it was appropriate to make the painkillers in such an eye-wateringly bright shade of pink, it hurt his eyes just looking at them.

"May as well give it up and live with a girl" he thought sourly to himself as he left the flat, "everything's bloody pink anyway."


By the time he had negotiated his half hour commute to the Lyell Centre, his headache had receded into the wished for dull ache and his mood had improved dramatically, at least until he walked into the office and found his desk occupied by Nikki.

Silently, he crept up behind her, and after glancing quickly around to make sure no one was watching, planted a kiss on the top of her head. Nikki emitted a startled scream and jumped at least a foot in the air, which made Harry both chuckle and wince slightly.

"Is that how you normally greet you conquests in the morning?" he asked with a grin, "Shrieking like a banshee?"

"As opposed to snoring and drooling on the pillow?" she replied, as she turned and pulled him down to her eye level so she could return the kiss quickly. "And I thought we agreed? No PDAs in the office!"

"Leo's on the phone in his office, Zak isn't in today and I'm having a hard time adjusting to the fact that I can kiss you without risking a slap anymore." He replied, perching on the edge of the desk to look at her.

Their relationship over the past five years has been tumultuous, to say the least, but the events of Hungary, and Harry's brush with death and the horror surrounding it had forced them to confront how they felt about each other. There had been no big romantic gestures, just a shared confession over a glass of wine and the next morning they had walked into the office holding hands. Leo had looked pointedly at them, grinned and after that remained steadfastly silent on the matter, after all, nothing had really changed. It had been obvious to him for years that the two had loved each other. He only wished that they had realised sooner.

"Thank you for the note," he commented, "I'm sorry I didn't hear you leave, I could have driven you back round to yours." Nikki had spent the night, as she so often did now, having dropped off on Harry's sofa after watching a terrible film and been carried to his bed to sleep.

"That's ok," she replied with a sunny grin, "You looked too peaceful to disturb, so I just took a cab to collect the car. I'm glad I did leave you now though, you look even pastier than normal. Are you ok?"

"Battling a migraine, nothing that a nice grizzly murder and another pint of coffee wont fix." He commented ruefully.

Leo, chose that moment to enter the room and throw a file at Harry, chuckling at his fumbled attempt to catch it.

"No grizzly murder I'm afraid, looks like natural causes. He was brought in DOA to A and E last night but his GP is unwilling to sign a death certificate as he hadn't been into the surgery in a few months. The coroner requested a PM just to confirm the cause."

Harry flicked through the file taking in the pertinent details.

"Are you sure there isn't a grizzly murder?" he asked cheekily, before becoming distracted by a name in the file. "Don Ashfeld? Where have I heard that name before?"

Leo thought for a moment before answering. "He worked at the university, he was a Professor of Pharmacology. He was doing some research into cardiovascular drugs I think. I met him at a University dinner once. Nice chap, a bit dull," he paused, "very squeamish if I remember rightly. As for grizzly murders, as you so nicely put it, Nikki and I are going to a double stabbing, looks like a botched robbery."

Harry looked disappointed and stuck out his bottom lip in a good imitation of a child's pout.

"Now now Harry," laughed Nikki patting his cheek condescendingly, "you know the early pathologist catches the murder."

Stretching onto her tiptoes she gave him a peck on the cheek, before grabbing her case and following Leo out to the car.