A/N:Written for 10orders LiveJournal writing challenge community using the prompt #9 – Fall in love with me.

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Everything Alois did was for one reason and one reason only. He readily indulged in madness only to have a hundred-eighty the next moment and be deathly calm and expressionless. He could be cruel and violent before switching to polite and friendly in a mere heartbeat. His mind changed faster than the wind, his past self battling with the new being which he was supposed to be. The carefree child fought with the damaged doll and the lord of the manor, and the good (but he was never good) older brother, and the ruthless avenger. And all of them lost to a lost child longing for a home and a family, and somebody who would hold him through the nightmares and ward off the demons from the dark, and love him as unconditionally as Luka had.

Funny how things worked, though. A demon filled that spot in his life.

Alois had no qualms when it came to hurting others, the biggest part of his life spent watching how others were hurt; it was all normal to him. Life consisted of pain and suffering – this he had learned early on. Just as he had learned that only the strongest survived. For this reason he exerted his power over Hannah every chance he got. Because she had that look in her eyes – the one which Alois Trancy knew as weakness. For the same reason he didn't touch the triplet servants – three versus one clearly showed who held the upper hand (even if it all was just in his mind; he was still the lord and they were still the servants). Alois knew that he would not be feeling the same way about them if they had not been identical. Not to mention, they never looked at him in that odd way Hannah did. They reminded him more of Claude and Claude… Alois had a very acute understanding of power balances, and while he might have been the new lord of the manor, he knew that there were people who were stronger, smarter, trickier, and he could fall just as easily as the previous lord had fallen by his hand.

Claude was the highest in this equation; the one before whom all obstacles fell and withered away. And Alois clung to him with all his might, knowing that, even if everything else crumbled, Claude would stand through it all. Striving to reach his biggest desire, Alois tried to get noticed by him, praised by him, admired by him, be the perfect one for him. But the more he tried, the further away Claude seemed to slip from him. Alois couldn't command the demon to love him because demons couldn't feel love, because Alois himself didn't know that it was love he was craving, and when he finally understood… His Highness crushed him under the heel of his boot because demons do not love unconditionally.