A/N:Written for 10orders LiveJournal writing challenge community using the prompt #6 – Tell me the truth.

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A Demon's Truth

When Alois demanded to know the fate of his village, Claude told him the truth, his truth; the one which the boy wanted to hear – a demon's truth. This boy, the demon realised, was his sudden chance and did it really matter that the truth he had given him was only half a truth? The cause had still been the same: a contract between a demon and a little boy, so what if the names were a little off? And when his words left his lips, he saw that they had met their mark spot on. And though Claude hadn't expected the immediate reaction; had anticipated it, but had not really believed that it would be so easy.

Still, half a truth masquerading as truth gave him the most convenient and at the same time oddest contract yet. Alois wanted only the truth, all the right answers even if they were all lies. Not that Claude found this odd – his past with humans had proven him ample of times that these weak creatures much preferred sweet well-crafted lies, for as long as they sounded real enough and coincided with their deepest darkest thoughts. After that, it didn't even matter how off-kilter the bits of truth fed to them were – they swallowed them all.

That's why the poor slave boy so readily identified himself with a name befitting a prince, that's why he strove for a high rank and an influential status while showing such little regard for the actual achievements. He was a doll and dolls lived in imaginary worlds, being played with and having their lives built on lies and illusions. And Claude understood without words or hints that Alois' "Tell me the truth!" entailed a second part, which was never voiced out loud, but was clearly visible in his eyes.

"As I want to hear it."