A/N:Written for 10orders LiveJournal writing challenge community using the prompt #13 – Don't lie to me.

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A Kingdom of Lies

"Tell me, Claude…"

Each his question demands undeniable, unwavering truth, his bright blue eyes wide and searching, ready to notice every change in the demon's expression, and Claude lies. Truth does not come over his lips frequently, does not bounce off his tongue, and when it does, it has no weight.

"Don't lie to me!" Alois commands and it's as if he demands his butler to lie, to openly disobey. Yet he believes every word of the demon and his eyes seldom narrow in displeasure at him. Alois doesn't know why, but he trust Claude and he does so blindly. Maybe it's because they are bound by the contract and he thinks it to be infinitely binding; sacred in a demonic way. And maybe it's because he has never had anyone to trust. Even his brother betrayed him, breaking the promise to stay with him forever.

Alois wants to hear only the truth from Claude and he repeats it over and over again.

"You wouldn't lie to me," he says and his gaze searches the indecipherable features of his butler. "Not you."

Claude looks irate for a moment, a swift shadow passing through his eyes, and Alois smiles, misinterpreting that. No, he wouldn't. His every word is an order which his butler must obey. Alois leans back in his chair and laughs, teasing Claude, testing him.

Claude lies. He does it most of the time and he confirms his words as truth because he knows that this is what his little master wants – sweet little lies which lull him to sleep, which make him breathe and hate everyone else, especially Hannah because her eyes show the truth. Claude is wary of her, of the truth which can be seen in her eyes – the same blue as their little master – and which her very presence could unearth if he is not careful enough.

Therefore, he lies. And lies. And lies. Half-truths, twisted truths, barely truths which are born out of lies and which become true on the tip of his tongue until it all becomes a kingdom of lies. Alois laughs and dances, and praises his butler. And always, always demands that one thing which he doesn't actually want to face. Which cost Hannah an eye.

"No lies."