"Melinda Rogers?" the red-haired doctor called, reading the chart. It was a sunny Tuesday morning, Addison had only three patients and then she could go home (or shopping).

Two teenage girl walked towards her hand in hand. They both wore some light blue jeans a gray T-shirt, their hair was of the same color and fell back on their shoulders in the same way. The only thing that differentiated them – apart from the outlines of their faces and the color of their eyes – was that one of them was visibly pregnant.

"Hi girls."

Her smile faded when she looked better at the other girl; now that she was closer she could recognize the shades of her eyes, her lips, her hair. She knew her.

She swallowed, and after a second of shock a smile illuminated her again. "Hey sweetheart, oh my God! You're here." she stepped forward to hug the teenager, but Betsy moved back and looked at her defiantly.

Addison nodded, to let her know she understood her feelings, and turned back towards Betsy's pregnant friend.

"Come on Melinda, let's have a look at your baby."

Once they entered in the room, Addison motioned to Melinda to sit down and put up her shirt.

"No." she said. "I don't want to look at the baby. I'm here to get an abortion."

"But, you must be at least twenty eight weeks!" she looked at the girl's belly. "You can't get an abortion now."

"I know. I'm here to ask you. I googled you, and I read you're the best in your field. I don't care about money, I have it, I just need you to pull the baby out of my body."

Addison blinked, shocked, stunned by the sharpness in her voice.


"I'm sorry." she finally managed to say. "It's not something I can do. It's illegal."

"Okay." Melinda shrugged indifferent, jumping off of the cot. "Goodbye, Dr. Montgomery."

Betsy followed her quickly, and the redhead took one deep breath before walking in their direction.

"Betsy wait!" she yelled across the hall, her heels ticking on the floor as she walked.

Betsy entered the elevator as fast as she could, pushing the button. When Addison tried to get in, she glared at her sternly, fire in her eyes.

When she disappeared behind the closed doors, Addison still couldn't move.


"Good morning. I'm here to see Aria Stevens, I scheduled a meeting."

Aria Stevens was the social worker who took Betsy after her aunt left her,and she had agreed to see Addison to talk about her.

"I saw her yesterday. She came to my practice with a friend. She knew who I was, but she seemed to hate me..." she explained, taking the cup of tea Aria was offering her. "Maybe she resents me for not adopting her." she continued. " I wanted to. Really, I wanted to..."

"Addison." Aria interrupted. "It's okay."

The woman inhaled air to calm herself down.

"Tell me about her."

Aria sighed and gave her a small smile.

"Betsy has no rules. At first, she was a shy little girl, but growing up she... changed. You're probably right, she resents you and your friends for not taking her, she resents us for not finding her a family. Little by little, the other kids of the group home started to distance her or to follow her behavior. Betsy is handful. Very. But I believe in her. She just needs to let someone love her."

Addison nodded slowly. The words she said in the following minute slipped through her lips like carbon dioxide, she didn't even realize until they were out. "What if I decide to adopt her?"

If the social worker was surprised, she didn't show it.

"We'll have to ask Betsy id she wants to. If you decide to adopt her,me and my colleagues will submit you to tests, questions and all that stuff. You'll have to be approved as a mom, first my us and then by a judge. It's tough, exhausting. Very very difficult. Betsey is a teenager. Do you want to do it?"


Addison decided to try to call Melinda; her number was in the patient's file after all.

"Hi Melinda. It's Dr. Addison Montgomery. I was... you know, wondering, if you were okay."

"I took care of the whole thing." Melinda informed her with indifference.

"Oh." Addison swallowed. "How?"

"I found a doctor who was willing to do it, I gave him money and it was done."

"Okay." despite everything, she really thought it was wrong. "Do you feel any pain?"

"Yes, but I took care of that too." she laughed.

"How?" please, don't say drugs. Please, don't say drugs.

"Pills really help with pain. Every kind."

Addison didn't ask if 'kind' was referred to 'pain' or 'pills', but it was horrible in both ways.

"Look Melinda, I was wondering also another thing..." she took the subject to Betsy, the real reason of her call. "Could you give me your friend's phone number?"


Probably Betsy hadn't told her who she was to her.

"I used to know her parents a long time ago. I'd need to talk to her. I'd like to."

"I'll ask her. Bye." Melanie answered, and the line went dead.

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