This is my first ever fic.I think Ive gone a bit overboard with the description but Ehh..its hard to find the line.I actually love Bridgette,she's hilarious and I wanted to write a fic based around her because I feel, although I love Ariel and Marie that Bridgette is kind of you please review, I am willing to write more if it isnt viewed as a curse to the art of writing.

Hope you like it! (Also going to include MANNY,Lily,Lee and Lynn further on coz I also think they're AWESOME)

*Ring ring*

Joe groaned hearing the phone ringing loudly in his ear "Who's phonin' us in the middle of the night?" Joe reached with his right hand and held the phone to his ear "Hello?"

"Dad?, hey it's Bridgette".Joe's previous annoyance dissipated as he recognised the voice of his middle child, "Oh hey Bridge. How was your debate, you on the plane yet?"

Bridgette gave a small glance around the plane, sitting herself on the leather plane seat beside the window and smiled "Yeah,its all good we won" Bridgette smiled with obvious pride "We kicked their butts" Joe smiled with pride and amusement also "Awch,Bridge thats awesome".

"Listen thats why I'm phoning. We picked up a tail wind or something and we're going to land an hour early, so we'll all land at five instead of six" Bridgette replied.

Joe sat up and rubbed his face tiredly with his hand "OK, we'll come get you at five then".


"Uhh!" Bridgette muttered as the plane gave a shudder, knocking some of the glasses to the floor infront of perked up at the noise "Bridge...everything okay?"

Bridgette brought the phone to her ear and sighed "Uh Hu everythings cool. Just a little turbulence".

*Bang* The plane gave another shudder even greater then the last and the oxygen masks fitted firmly in the compartment above Bridgette fell and an alarm of warning erupted from the walls of plane sending a course of fear through Bridgette, she sensed something was wrong.

Joe hearing the commotion from the other end of the phone shouted down at Bridgette fearing she could'nt hear him "Bridge!".

The phone let out a cackling sound and then a beeping sound, the call had disconnected. At the loud volume and panic stricken voice of Joe Allison leapt up from her pillow to face Joe who now looked wide-eyed. "Joe?...Joe?"

Bridgette in a motion of fear and instinct gripped onto the arm rests of the beige coloured chair she was sat on. The plane was now instead of shuddering or shaking slightly was heading downwards in a spiralling motion gravitating her forward out of her seat. She gave fleeting glances to her side and saw her friend Cameron, thrown head first down the aisle and glasses bouncing and clanging of the chairs. She was no rocket scientist (like her father) but she in her moment of panic thought that something must be wrong with engine. In this split second moment she realised what she had to do,with all force she grabbed onto the headrest of her chair, cell phone still in a white-knuckling stronghold grip in her hand and pulled herself forward. She extended her hand towards the boy laying straddled on the floor of the plane grabbing onto every available platform. "Cameron!, grab my hand" she grunted out of exhaustion but loud enough so that the boy turned his head, a look of fear etched upon his features. He too extended his arm clasping his hand onto Bridgette's in desperation and she pulled on his arm as hard as she could pulling him towards her, his legs began kicking and he pushed himself with aid of Bridgette past her chair and grabbed onto the one behind it, People were gathered at the back holding onto a multitude walls and furniture the plane held or onto each other like the way Marie held onto her Bridgette thought. She looked further ahead and thankfully saw her friend Kris at the back being held tightly by the scruff of her shirt by Mrs O'Neil, the English teacher. Heart pounding she grabbed onto the arm rest and tried to edge her way out of the chair, she was standing at a low angle in the aisle, she was so close to the back,to reaching the others...just a few more steps,

*CRASH* Bridgette felt her grip on the leather arm rest go from the sweatiness of her palms as the plane gave its final shake and the walls almost tore was flung backwards with such utter force she felt her feet leave the ground and landed at the front of the plane, aisles away, As she collided with the ground she felt a white hot pain shoot up her back and lead to her head, her vision began to blur and suddenly she felt a heat so intense and her skin burning before she finally blacked out. All grip on reality relinguished.

Allison felt herself shaking as she knelt beside Bridgette's grave. It had been seven years. She placed a large bouquet of flowers beside a small ash-grey headstone which read: "Bridgette Dubois 1998-2011,beloved daughter and sister"

Allison remembered the days following Bridgette's disappearance,she had never actually been found by the authorities, apperently there was nothing left to find. Her friends and teachers had survived though, conveyed their condolences for the Dubois's loss. Bridgette's best friends, also on the plane had survived and recounted the final moments, in which Bridgette had achieved in helping Cameron to the back of the plane and her being flung backwards just as the plane exploded.

Joe didnt say anything about what he had heard and he still never talked about it, not really. Allison was curious but she hadnt pushed, she wasnt sure she wanted to hear about the anguish of her daughters last moments. But one night having drank heavily poured out the details of his final conversation. He cried, she cried and they managed to put some animosity of the event behind them. Manny, Lily, Lee and Lynn were around constantly for some time always checking up on them and asking how they were. People from Allison and Joe's work sent their condolences having known of Bridgette's presence, especially at the D.A's office, having been a die-hard supporter of Manny's campaign for Mayor. After some time Allison returned to work, Manny had sat her down and told her straight that he knew how she felt, he had been through it and he promised her that although things seemed bad now, the hurt would never go away it would get better. Lee and Lynn were upset, Lee always liked to talk to Bridgette, tell her his newest jokes of the day and she would re-iterate with her , the pair of them.

Another thing that made it hard was the naivety of Marie, who despite her gifts inherited from her mother still didnt have the greatest understanding of the concept of death, for a week or two constantly asking when Bridgette was coming home so she could play hide and seek with her. When she was finally told that Bridgette wasnt coming home she screamed and screamed for her big sister until she fell asleep, she would cry and be moody somedays and she refused to do her spelling without Bridgette.

The worst was Ariel. Ariel had been consolodated and reserved, she hadnt even cried at her funeral. Allison knew something was wrong with Ariel, her and Bridgette often fought, their fights were legendary and loud. After returning from work a few months after Allison had found Ariel slumped on Bridgette's bed,her artwork spread across the bed. 'Ariel?". Ariel remained unmoved on the bed as if she hadnt heard her mothers voice. "Ariel,whats the matter?". There was a pause as neither of them spoke, "She's not coming back". Allison was confused by this statement, was Ariel in denial all this time. She walked slowly towards her daughter and perched herself on the edge of the bed. "Ariel, she cant come back..she's dead". Ariel's head snapped up and she gave her mother an angry glare as if disappointed she got it wrong "Thats not what I mean" she snapped at her. "Allison hesitated "What do you mean then?". Ariel started to tear up "I know shes dead, but that shouldnt stop her. She of all people knows who we are and what we can do, so why hasnt she come back to see us. To let us know shes okay, to say goodbye even?"

Allison was at a loss for words, she had herself wondered this. Bridgette wasnt the type to go without a goodbye, she would have wanted anyone else to do the same. Allison figured it was best to not upset Ariel further "She'll have her reasons Ariel" Allison thought lying to her eldest daughter. Ariel gave Allison a soulful look "Thats crap mum" she replied before casually lifting herself off the bed and walking out. Allison followed her out "Ariel where are you going?". "Out!". Ariel was already out the door by the time Allison turned the corner, she sighed warily and leaned against the wall and rubbed her face tiredly with both hands.

"Hello, Allie dear". Allison jumped ten feet in the air and yelped in suprise. She looked over to see the smug smile of the deceased Joe Dubois Snr. Allison gave him an evil glare, red in the face from surprise and slight embarressment "What the hell are you doing here?" she said with a raised voice. "Joe chuckled "Havent we already been over this?I like to check up on you guys every once in a while". He looked down at his feet, hesitant before continuing "So how are you?"

Allison looked at him dumbfounded "Are you kidding, dont you get the news up there?"

"He meant how are you holding up?" Allison looked around in confusion. There stood Marjorie Dubois, Joe's recently deceased mother. Allison gave a sarcastic laugh and rolled her eyes "Oh yeah I'm fantastic, my thirteen year old daughter died two months ago,in an exploding plane and we couldnt even find one part of her body to bury it, I am super!". Allison looked down not wanting the two dead in-laws to see her cry as her tears came flowing out. Then it struck her, they were exactly that ghosts, they could find Bridgette and get her to come see them, right?.

"H-hey, could you do something for me?" Allison looked up.

"We cant bring Bridge here", Allison blanked not understanding why not,is she not with you. Can you not find her?"

"No" said Joe Snr blankly to Allison. "Well why not?" she asked. This time Marjorie spoke up again, face looking quite possibly guilty "We dont know where she is?".