Bridgette awoke to a loud thumping noise near her. She felt her head tilted to the front, resting on a spindly, sharp surface. Her head was hurting incredibly and the side her head felt sticky and dried. She could smell something thick and strong in the air..smoke. She rembered..the man..the stick hitting her. In panic Bridgette tried to open her eyes and again came the blinding sensation of the light hitting her pupils as she unveiled them from her heavy eyelids. At first blurred images were all she saw and then her vision sharpened to show her a small clearing of dry, brown soil and in the middle sticks collected in a bundle set alight by a burning fire. No-one was there, 'brilliant' she thought. She could escape from whoever brought her here, she didn't want to stick around she needed to find her friends and teachers. Bridgette struggled to raise her arms but felt something constricting her, stopping her. She looked down and saw a binding of vines tying her to a tree trunk behind her, her heart raced with her brain as she attempted to look for a way to free herself from her confines. Suddenly to the side Bridgette spotted a large pebble with a pointed edge, she slowly reached out and grabbed it and pulled it into the palm of her hand and started grazing the vines. The vines began to wear away and loosen ever more slightly and she inhaled a deep breath. Bridgette almost started again when she heard a cruch to her right side. Leaves thought Bridgette cautiously, fearing it was her captor she instantly dropped her arms and legs and her head gently drooped to the side feigning unconsciousness.

She lay dormant ad she heard the crunch growing louder in patterns of two suggesting footsteps. Eventually the footsteps continued until stopping infront of her, but she continued to lay still so as not to evoke a reaction. There was an eerie silence as the tension between the unknown, unseen intruder and Bridgette grew thicker. She could feel his eyes bore into her, watching her, studying her for sign of activity. For a sign of consciousness. She could feel the blood rush to her face, her muscles straining in her uncomfortable hunch against the tree trunk.

Another crunch came as the man lifted his foot and brought it down full force on Bridgette's straightened leg.

The first wave of pain which flowed in sharp waves up her leg causing her to jerk and grasp at the dry soil and she felt the air rush out from her lungs. Her breath came out in quick, short gasps. Bridgette lifted her arms from the ground and instinctively gripped her thigh above the area where her leg had been stomped on and squeezed trying to lessen the pain shooting up her leg. Her while leg felt warm and fuzzy as the blood rushed through it and her body temperature rose and she felt herself shake. She then opened her eyes and looked ahead to see two large boots infront of her and attached to them were two long legs in dirty, mud-covered jeans which were also torn at the shin of the left leg, the edge of rip fringed with dried in blood. Bridgette still squirming and writhing in pain looked up hesitantly at her captors face. It was a man, tall and striking in his appearance with a square jaw, wide face, short, spiky hair and clear blue eyes. His shoulders were lean and muscular, his arms filled out with finely toned muscles which were caked with dirt and small scratches. His face was impassive and his blue eyes looked directly into Bridgette's also clear blue eyes.

Brridgette knew with once glance she should be frightened by him. He had the appearance of military figure, strong and threatning. Untrusting.

In an attempt to break the eye contact Bridgette spoke up, "Did you attack me?" she said clearly with accusation laced in her voice. "Yes" he replied. Bridgette waited for further response but after a minute she realised he wasn't willing to give up information voluntarily. "Why did you attack me?" Bridgette gasped out as the pain in her leg suddenly flared. The man gave a small smile and leaned down to face her more clearly, he stopped before talking as if contemplating whether or not to answer "Because ever since you got on the plane I've been waiting for the opportunity to kill you". Bridgette sat still, she went ridged and leaned back against the tree trunk trying to back away from the man. She was completely shocked by the clarity of his statement and the sincerity of his voice and face as he said it. " Why?" she almost yelled in shock "Because of your abilities. They are...unnatural". Bridgette took a moment to register what he was saying. But then she realised what he meant, he was after her because of her being a psychic. She got angry, another person who believed she was devil spawn because she had dreams or feelings about events that people thought she shouldn't. "Thats why you're after me, because you think I'm some kind of 'false prophet' " she said angrily. " Of course you are" he spat angrily "You interfere, even destroy the plan and natural design laid down by God by intercepting these little communiques and warning those who are destined to die, disrupting the natural balance". Bridgette rolled her eyes annoyed "so you think that people shouldn't get an opportunity to live their lives to the fullest if given the ..." she emphasised "..you think it's fine or to the will of God to kill those who are given the abilities to see a little more than others, to kill people like me who didn't even ask for it. I've met people like you before". The man studied Bridgette with a look of curiosity as she finished. She hoped her little speech had deterred him somewhat from killing her. Bridgette watched the man closely as he stared back at her, both of them not blinking for a moment 'If he's going to kill me I'll at least try and give him a run for his money' she thought. As soon as he turned Bridgette brought up the small rock she had clasped in her hand and started wearing away at the ropes. She felt the ropes loosen slightly more each time and then she wriggled a little giving her room to move. The man then walked towards her and stopped just before her with only so little space that Bridgette had her legs bent up to her chest. As he stared at her Bridgette realised the urgency to get free and in desperation she extended her good leg forward as hard as possible to impact with the mans kneecap. The man roared in pain and fell to the ground with a thud as his kneecap shifted and he buckled under the weight. Bridgette then with all force pulled at the ropes and they fell apart releasing her. Wasting no time she jumped awkwardly to her feet, swaying as she almost tripped over herself in a daze. Her head she realised was still swimming from the impact of the branch. The man looked up to see Bridgette on her feet and grabbed furiously at her legs to stop her. She then lifted her leg back and then swung it forward and kicked him as hard as she possibly could in the abdomen, the man hunched over with his hands clutching and face contorted in pain and also began a fresh wave of pain up Bridgette's leg, which she inored. Bridgette ran, as fast as she could through the plethora if trees, all a mirage of green and brown, all wirring past her hastily in her speedy run. She ran for as long as possibly, beads of sweat pouring freely down her forehead, her face was unbelieveably hot as the blood rushed to her face, her heart racing from the strenuous amount of exercise and fear that her captor may be just behind her.

Eventually Bridgette stopped as she came across a stony area and dropped in exhaustion onto a large, bare boulder. Bridgette lay flat on her back her eyes met with the clear sky in the way of drifting into night, the stars slowly beginning to shine. Slowly her eyes were drooping, casting a haze over the night sky and everything faded away to black. Bridgette thought of her friends, where were they were?where was she?.


"Kristen, KRISTEN!"

She could hear her name being shouted over and over, getting louder each time until the voice was directly above her. She opened her eyes slowly, turning away from the overbearing light penetrating them as she did. "ghh!" she gasped and then coughed violently as a mouthful of grimy, wet mud poured from her mouth. "Oh thank god your alright, I thought you were dead you weren't moving" said a boys voice in a panick, the one shouting her name she was sure. She could see blurry shapes before her, her eyes still adjusting to the brightness of the light. The boy kept whispering questions of concern in her ear trying to see she was alright, soon the blurryness turned to outlines and then clear definitive features of a dark haired young boy of thirteen kneeling before her, a look torn between fear and worry. "Cameron" Kris said quietly, the boy smiled a little at the mention of his name as though giving him some kind of reassurance. Kris then attempted to sit up, all her muscles aching as she did so. Cameron placed a supportive hand on her back and his other hand gripped her hand pulling her up. They both stood up and looked around the surrounding area. It was trees and grass in abundance, like the scene from a movie "Where are we?" Kris spoke up finally before looking at him again, he shrugged in reply " I dunno". Kris's head snapped up at the remembrance of Bridgette who she had last seen propelled foward and sprawled out on the plane floor, before being engulfed in the explosion tearing apart the cockpit. "Bridgette?", "I dunno" cameron replied, the look of relief washed from his face. Tears began to form in Kris's eyes as she remembered Bridgette struggle to help Cameron to the back of the plane, the explosion. It was almost a certainty that Bridgette wouldn't have survived an explosion of that magnitude. Her best friend since she was five years old was most certaintly gone, if she had survived by some miracle and was ok she would have been the first to find Kris.

Kris with tears in her eyes turned her attention back to Cameron "We had better find a way out of here or maybe see if we can find anyone else, before it gets dark" said Kris quietly wiping away tears. "Ok" said Cameron "let's go then" he said as he started walking in the direction ahead of them. Kris hesitated a moment weary of the trip ahead but then followed dutifully behind Cameron into the dark jungle.

(2011)-Dubois house

Allison and Joe were in their kitchen, sitting at the large wooden table. Across from them sat Manuel Devalos and his wife Lily, manny had his arms loosely crossed over and leaned slightly against the table while Lily sat with her back straight and hands placed firmly on her thighs, her gaze fell strictly on Allison and Joe Dubois. She studied their expressions, Joe looked clearly in shock, his face was twisted and creased in a look of severe anxiety and worry and eyes were staring downward at the wooden table unmoving. Allison shared her look of fear and worry but her emotions were more subtle, clearly trying to disguise them as much, trying to be strong for her husband. Both their hands were resting on the table, Allisons hand was firmly clasped in Joe's. "Ok, Joe.." said Manny in a clear and calming voice "You said you heard something going on when you were talking to Bridgette?". "I heard something going on in the plane Bridgette was on". "Ok. Tell me everything you heard in order". Joe lifted his right hand from the table and combed it through his hair "Ugh..I heard..I was talking to Bridgette, she said her plane was going to come early. After a minute or two I heard something like rattling in the background". Joe rubbed his eyes and paused before continuing trying to remember "I asked Bridgette if anything was wrong and she told me it was turbulence. Then I heard...a beeping, like an alarm in the background and then...the call cut off". Manny looked at Joe, he could see his eyes were red from crying and lack of sleep and his face looked thinner and with a hollow expression. Allison looked like she was on the verge of tears, her face was also tired and eyes sunken from worry. Manny gave a side glance to his wife who nodded for him to follow her "We'll be back in a minute, I promise" Manny followed Lily round the corner and out of earshot of the two eldest Dubois's. Manny sighed "I've never seen them like that", "Yeah, I know" Lily replied "What do you think we should do?", Manny looked down at his feet and back up, unsure of what to do "Umm..I should call the Mayor, tell him what Joe and Allison told me and see if he can rally up a search party". Lily looked at Manny "Yeah, and I'll call Lee and we can check on the flight see if it made it in first, when was it supposed to land?", "Five or six at latest I think Joe said, and it's now..." Manny paused looking down at his watch "Five past seven". Lily sighed. "If They're right and something happened to this plane, then it's not just Bridgette but a lot people like other passengers, her friends and teachers". "Right" said Lily defiantly "You call Lynn and I'll call Lee, get the engine running as soon as". Just as Manny and Lily turned to go round the corner, a clicking sound was heard and they both looked round to be greeted by eight year old Marie, standing in the doorway with her Mr. Snookie held in her hand. "Manny and Lily forced a smile when they saw her not wanting to frighten her. "Hey Marie" they said in unison, "Hiya" said Marie yawning and rubbing her eyes " What are you doing here?". Lily motioned for Manny to get Allison and Joe and she walked forward and knelt down to face Marie. "Well we were just talking to them about some work stuff" Lily looked down and saw the brown teddy bear Marie held "Is this your friend?" she said quickly trying to change the subject, Marie nodded "What's his name?" "Mr. Snookie" replied Marie. "Hes cute" said Lily smiling at the eight year old girl. Just as she said this Allison walked around the corner and up to Marie, lifting her up and holding her in a tight embrace. "Hey sweetie, what are you doing up so early?" said Allison in a soothing voice, "I couldn't sleep cause I heard voices. Where's Bridgette?" Marie replied. "She'll be back soon" Allison soothed holding Marie tighter and letting her head rest on her shoulder. With that, Manny and Lily said goodbye to Allison and Marie and told Joe they would phone before heading out the front door and into their car.